Torn and Frayed - Recap

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The angel Alfie is tied up in Crowley's factory, beaten and bloody from the demon's torture. Concentrating, he manages to expel the spike in his forehead that is blocking him from the other angels. Alfie tries to contact Naomi as he hears his torturer Viggo coming but gets no response. Viggo is well aware of what Alfie has been doing and tells the angel that they'll have to put the spike back in.

In Kermit, TX, Sam is at a hotel when Dean arrives. Sam considers slamming the door in his face but finally lets him in. Dean explains that Martin forced the vampire to defend himself and the hunter ended up dead. Sam doesn't believe him and Dean points out that it used to be that his word was enough. However, Sam reminds him that he sent a text message claiming that Amelia was in danger. Dean admits that he was wrong but points out that it wouldn't have been necessary if Sam had trusted him. Sam insists that the issue was trusting Benny and asks if he's done with the vampire. Dean admits that he doesn't know and walks out.

The next day, a mother is taking care of her baby in the park. As it cries, Castiel appears, says that it has an inguinal hernia, and cures it with a touch. The angel then teleports away before the mother can say anything. However, Castiel finds himself in Naomi's office. She explains that Crowley has captured Alfie and tells Castiel to find him and bring him home. When Castiel warns that Crowley will have warded against angels, Naomi tells him to get whoever he needs to help and makes him forget that she contacted him and gave him orders.

Dean is sleeping in his motel room when Castiel teleports in and startles him awake. The angel asks for help rescuing Alfie, claiming he heard his fellow angel's distress call on their heavenly frequencies. All Castiel knows is that Alfie is being held near Hastings, Nebraska, and he needs Dean to help because he's not good talking to people. Dean checks for strange ripple incidents caused by an angel screaming, while Castiel wonders where Sam is.

Sam is watching TV when Amelia visits him. She explains that she saw Sam peeping in his window and assures him that Don is away on business. Sam explains that she thought he was in trouble and checked on her, and Amelia says that she was content until she saw Sam. He offers to leave immediately but Amelia figures that he came because he cared. Sam admits that he does and Amelia says that she does, and they kiss.

Viggo bolts the spike onto Alfie's head and says that they're almost there. The angel begs him to let him go, but Viggo inserts another spike. Alfie screams and a nearby beaker shatters. Satisfied, the demon drills the spike in further and Alfie starts chanting in an unknown language.

In Geneva, Nebraska, a man named Hinckley walking down the street hears Alfie's voice coming from a bush. He examines it and it explodes, knocking him back. When they hear of the incident, Dean and Castiel drive there and visit Hinckley in the hospital posing as reporters. Hinckley explains what happened and recites back the words as best he can. Outside, Castiel explains that Alfie was saying the Enochian word for "obey" but he doesn't know why. Dean figures that they start near the bush and keep searching until they find a lot of demons.

After sex, Sam thinks that they made a mistake. Amelia insists that she has a life and a good husband that she doesn't want to hurt. However, she thinks of Sam all the time and can't let him go. When Sam wonders if she wants him to leave, Amelia says that if he stays then she'll be with him even though it's against what she believes in. However, she tells Sam that if he leaves then he needs to leave for good. Sam admits that it's a big step and they both need to think about it. Amelia agrees to give it two days.

Dean and Castiel check abandoned factories and Castiel spots demons disguised as derelicts outside the ninth one they check. The building is warded against angels and they figure they're badly outnumbered, and Castiel offers to get Sam. Dean refuses, saying that Sam doesn't want to be there, and comes up with a better idea.

Kevin is on Garth's boat translating his half of the tablet when Castiel teleports in with Dean. The Prophet admits that he hasn't had any success yet in translating and Dean asks for more anti-demon formula. Kevin points out the ingredients are hard to come by, but Castiel says that he can get them and asks for a list.

Crowley checks in to check on Viggo and demands results. Viggo asks for a translator and Crowley listens as Viggo forces Alfie to recite more Enochian. Crowley confirms that Alfie is reciting his basic "programming" and drills the spikes in further to find out how he operates.

Dean waits for Castiel and gets a call from Benny. The vampire says that he's underground and thanks Dean for standing up for him. Dean is sure that Benny would have done the same, and Benny asks if Dean is near the Catskills. The vampire admits that he's having trouble trying not to give into his hunger and Dean promises that he'll be there once he finishes his case. Once he hangs up, Dean checks with Kevin, who admits that he put his mother somewhere safe so he could focus. He admits that he can't enjoy a world he has to save and that there's nothing more important.

Sam sits on a park bench and is startled when Castiel appears next to him. Once he explains what is going on, he brings Sam back with him to the boat. Sam tells his brother that he's out once they save Alfie but Dean doesn't want him there. Castiel is sick of the whole thing and tells both of them to stow their crap.

That night, the Winchesters and Castiel drive to the factory. Castiel explains that the brothers have to disable the four wards so that he can teleport in and rescue Alfie, making up the ones that he killed. Before they go in, Castiel gives Sam his angel-killing knife and assures him that it will also work on demons. Dean lures a demon toward him and Sam kills him with the knife. They enter the factory and disable the first ward, and then split up to get the others.

Crowley continues drilling into Alfie's brain and discovers the hardwired orders to protect the Word of God. Meanwhile, Dean finds the second ward and destroys it. Sam finds the third one and takes care of it, but a demon attacks him. By the time he kills it, another demon has found him, but Dean arrives to save his brother. Sam thanks him but Dean just gives him a look and tells his brother to go on.

Alfie keeps talking about the demon tablet and Dean and Sam hear his screams. More demons approach from both sides and the brothers use Kevin's anti-demon explosives on them. Viggo hears the explosions and suggests that they leave, but Crowley tells him to shut up and continues torturing Alfie.

The Winchesters find and destroy the fourth ward, and an exhausted Castiel teleports in. He warns them that the remaining sigils are weakening him but warns that they don't have enough time to get rid of them before Alfie gives in. The angel begins to suffer visions of someone torturing him and crouches back against the wall. The brothers try to get the door open while Castiel has more visions of someone torturing him... Naomi.

Inside the room, Alfie says something and Crowley realizes that he's talking about an angel tablet. The brothers break in just as Crowley teleports away. Viggo fights back with one of the spikes and Dean attacks him, while Castiel begins removing the spikes from Alfie's head. Another demon runs in and Sam fights it, while Castiel sees the torture instruments and remembers Naomi placing similar spikes in his head. Sam knocks his opponent back and Dean finishes him off, and Viggo offers information in return for his life. Castiel teleports away with Alfie while Dean kills Viggo.

Outside, Castiel tells Alfie that he's taking him home. Alfie says that he can't go back and that he told Crowley secrets like Naomi's existence. Castiel doesn't remember Naomi, and Alfie tells him that "they" are controlling them...

Castiel finds himself back in Heaven and Naomi gives him a direct order to kill Castiel. When he is sent back to Earth, Castiel kills Alfie with another knife. Naomi brings him back to Heaven and claims that Alfie was a traitor who told Crowley about the angel tablet. She explains that the angel tablet can seal them off Earth and assures Castiel that he's a hero. Shocked, Castiel wonders what to tell the Winchesters.

As Sam and Dean arrive, Castiel repeats Naomi's words that Alfie was compromised and attacked Castiel, and that he killed his fellow angel in self-defense. As he talks to them, Castiel's eye bleeds but he dismisses it as minor damage. The angel tells the brothers that he has to take Alfie's remains to Heaven, unaware that he's doing so on Naomi's orders so she can determine how much information Crowley extracted from the angel. He thanks the brothers and teleports away.

Back at their cabin, Sam puts up anti-angel wards so that they can talk privately. They wonder who is messing with Castiel and if it might be his fellow angels. However, Dean tells Sam that he'll handle it while his brother goes back to see Amelia. When Sam wonders why, Dean admits that he's jealous of how Sam can separate himself from the job and thinks that at least one of them should be happy. Sam admits that Amelia does make him happy, but there's too much to do. Dean echoes Amelia's words, telling him to make a decision one way or another, and Sam goes to take a walk to clear his head.

In the Catskills, Benny is down to his last bag of blood. Dean calls and tells his friend that he can't make it... ever. He says that it's the end of the line and tells Benny to stay good. Benny thanks him for his help and they hang up.

Dean sits alone in the cabin watching TV.

Amelia goes to Sam's hotel room and discovers that he's gone.

Sam sits down with Dean and they drink beers, eat chili, and watch TV... together.