Southern Comfort - Recap

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In Kearney, Missouri, Chester Lew is working on his truck when his wife Mary comes out and accuses him of having an affair. She kicks the jack out from under the truck, trapping her husband underneath, and then drives the car away, dragging her husband to her death.

Sam returns with food and Dean tells him get wind of a case on the police scanner. He's eager to get going but Sam points out that it's the first thing he's said to him since he met Benny. Dean agrees to talk and Sam points out that Benny is a vampire. Dean defends his friend, saying that he's the reason he's out of Purgatory. Sam wonders why Benny is still alive and Dean says that Benny is his friend. They argue over the fact that Dean killed Sam's friend Amy and Dean says that people change. He assures Sam that if Benny slips up and some other hunter kills him, that's it, but he doesn't plan to do it. Dean gets in the car and they head out.

The brothers pull up at Chester's house while Dean tells his brother that Mary blacked out and doesn't remembering killing her husband. Sam wonders why it's one of their cases and Dean figures that decapitations are there thing. They talk to the deputy, identifying themselves as FBI agents, and he says that there's already a Texas Ranger there. They realize that it's Garth and go over. He happily embraces them and admits that he's missed them. Garth has heard that they were back and then takes a call on one of several cell phones. He gives the hunter calling in instructions on how to deal with a monster and then explains to the brothers that he's taken over Bobby's job as advisor to hunters since Bobby died and the brothers disappeared for a year.

Garth says that they need to go back to work and talks to Scott Lew, Chester and Mary's son. He wasn’t aware that his parents were having marital problems or that his mother had a medical condition that would explain why she went berserk. Scott insists that there's no good explanation for what happened and Garth thanks him for his time. The brothers confirm that there are no signs of sulfur or EMF, but Garth finds ectoplasm and figures that they're dealing with ghost. The coroner calls Garth to tell him that Chester had the word "Alcott" carved into his chest by his wife.

The brothers and Garth talk to Mary at the hospital. She doesn't remember much: Charlie's screams, the smell of burnt rubber, and a feeling of anger like she wasn't herself. When Garth asks her if the name Alcott means anything to her, Mary says that Sara went to the prom with Chester in high school. She's clearly angry at the mention of the name and confirms that Sara is still alive. The trio goes to a bar and Garth asks where Dean has been. Dean finally says that he as in Purgatory but refuses to explain further. When they notice all the Civil War memorabilia, Garth explains that Kearney was a border town and the townsfolk were divided on the two sides.

Elsewhere in town, Scott stops to get some food on his way to see Mary. He gets a call from his wife and sees Jeff going into the store, and tells her that he'll be fine. Once he hangs up, Scott uses his asthma inhaler and then goes into the store. Jeff comes over and offers his condolences, and notices that Scott is oozing ectoplasm from his ears. Scott demands his money back, throws hot coffee in Jeff's face, and then beats him to death with a shovel. He looks up into the store mirror and the image of a Confederate soldier appears atop his own reflection.

The Winchesters get to the crime scene and discover the name "Sussex" written on the cooler in Jeff's blood. Garth talks to the sheriff and finds more ectoplasm on the floor. Scott says he was possessed by the same rage as his mother. Dean notices that Garth is wearing Bobby's hat and snatches it off, explaining that he's not wearing it correctly. The deputy shows them the surveillance camera, which shows Scott's face blanked out. Garth says that they should talk to Sara and Sam goes to talk to her, leaving Dean with Garth.

Sam talks to Sara at her home and confirms that she went to prom with Chester and that was it. She admits that she wasn't a good girl but it wasn't meant to be. A week later he eloped with Mary. Sara never talked to them after that because Mary kept Chester on a short leash and never moved on. She figures that Mary viewed her as a reminder of Chester's betrayal. As Sam leaves, he hears a dog barking and remembers...

After making love, Amelia admits that it's been a while since she let herself go. She explains that her husband Don died in Afghanistan eight months ago. He just enlisted without telling her, saying that he wanted to do the right thing, and was sent overseas. They only talked briefly a few times after that and then he died. Amelia couldn't stand all of the reminders and moved.

Dean goes back to the hotel and tries to do some work, while Garth does his own research using Bobby's book. He calls Dean "idjit" and Dean snaps at him, and Garth asks if he's short-tempered because there's something between him and Sam. Garth offers to help out and Dean tells him that he won't be Bobby and should just stop. After a moment, Garth angrily tells him that Bobby belonged to all of them, not just Sam and Dean, and he's trying to pass on what Bobby taught him. Dean discovers that "Sussex" was a business and Scott and Jeff were partners. Jeff ran it into the ground and Scott held a grudge. Sam calls to tell them that Sara is cleaned, while Garth finds an entry in Bobby's book about spectres. Spectres are ghosts that possess people, find out who they're angry about, and force them to act on it. The spectre that Bobby dealt with arose from a desecrated grave, and Garth confirms that a grave was desecrated three days ago. However, there's a problem.

The trio goes to the cemetery where the Unknown Soldier of the Confederate Army is buried. There's a Marine on duty but he leaves at dusk. The trio returns that night and Garth confirms that teens broke in and opened up the coffin. They open up the coffin and discover that the corpse's possessions are still there. They wonder why the vandals didn't take the items with them, and then salt the bones. As they prepare to burn them, Garth insists on saying a few words. Dean says, "We won" and lights the bones on fire.

At the station the next day, Sheriff Harvey tells Deputy Doug to write up the report. Doug hears Scott in his cell, begging for his asthma inhaler. The deputy gets it from evidence but then starts bleeding ectoplasm from his ears. He gets a shotgun and shoots Harvey dead.

The trio gets word of the shooting and checks out the station. They find the ectoplasm and Sam suggests that the spectre may have attached itself to something taken from the grave. They talk to Doug, who explains that one of the other deputies, Karl, tackled him. He took Doug's gun and said he was going to the hospital. Dean tells Sam and Garth to find out about the Unknown Soldier while he tracks down Karl.

At the hospital, Karl takes the shotgun and goes inside.

As they go to the library, Garth offers to talk with Sam about anything he wants. He points out that the brothers are having problems and wanders off while Sam notices a nearby truck.

When Sam wakes up, he discovers that Amelia is trying to get out. She says that she doesn't want Sam to get the wrong idea and asks him to forget what she said. When he wonders why, Amelia says that she doesn't need his pity. Sam insists that it isn't pity and says that she's glad that she told him because now he understands. Amelia doesn't believe him and walks out.

Dean arrives at the hospital and sees the abandoned police SUV.

The librarian tells Sam and Garth that there is one book with a theory on the identity of the Unknown Soldier.

Karl shoots at a male nurse and reminds him that when the nurse was an umpire, he called him out at second. However, Dean catches up to Karl and punches him. However, Karl barely notices, punches him back, and grabs Dean by the throat.

The librarian tells Sam and Garth that Corporal Collins of the Union shot his brother Vance, who served in the Confederate Army. They both lived in Kearney and Vance swore vengeance with his dying breath. Years late, Collins dug his brother up from the battlefield and brought him home, and Vance is the Unknown Soldier. She shows them a photo of Vance and Sam points out that he's wearing a penny on a string around his neck.

Dean tries to get through to Karl, suggesting he tells him what object the spectre is inhabiting. Karl says that there's an unfinished business, sniffs at Dean, and says that the spectre likes him.

The librarian explains that families gave their soldiers a penny so they would always have something to buy food and drink.

Karl slaps the penny into Dean's hand and the spectre goes with it.

Sam calls Dean and gets his voice mail, telling him about the penny. They get back to the motel and find Dean sitting on the bed, ectoplasm leaking from his ears. He aims his gun at Sam and says that his brother should have looked for him when he was in Purgatory.

After the kids take the penny from the tomb, they spend it at the store where Mary got it in change. She killed Chester and later, Scott found the penny. Doug got it from evidence, and Karl obtained it from him before giving it to Dean.

Sam tries to get through to Dean, who tells him to shut up. He reminds Sam that he never wanted to be a hunter and that he's never been honest with him. Sam says that he's made mistakes and Dean points out all of the things he's done and lies that he's told. He says that they were all choices and he never left Sam to die for a girl. Dean gets close enough for Sam to grab him and struggle for the gun. They struggle and Dean knocks Sam done. Garth leaps in the way, saying that Dean doesn't have a beef with him, and reminds Dean that he's been protecting Sam his entire life. When Garth says that Sam had his reasons for not rescuing Dean from Purgatory, Sam brings up Benny and Dean insists that Benny was the only person who hasn't let him down. Garth tells Dean to fight the spectre, but Dean prepares to shoot Sam. As he steps around Garth, Garth punches him, knocking the penny out of his hand. Dean recovers, but Garth picks up the penny and says that everything's fine.

Later, Garth melts down the penny. Dean wonders why it didn't affect Garth and Garth explains that he let all of his issues go with the help of his yogi. He tells Dean to stop being an idjit, reminding him that with Bobby dead, Sam and Dean only have each other. Garth insists on giving Dean a hug and Dean gives him Bobby's hat back. Once they're done, Garth tries to drive off and has to use Bobby's favorite curse to get it going.

Inside, Sam is washing off and remembers.

Sam goes back to Amelia's room and tells her that he doesn't pity her. He explains that the two of them are lot of things but not to be pitied, and that he lost his brother a few months ago. Sam ran, just like Amelia, and she points out that now she pities him. He comes in and offers Sam a drink, and he wonders what they do now. Amelia offers to talk about Dean and Sam says he would like that. He asks if she'd like to talk about Don and says that he'd like that, too.

As the brothers leave, Sam tells Dean that the girl's name was Amelia. When Dean says that he doesn't remember what he said, Sam doesn't buy it and says that his brother has been riding him ever since he got back. He tells Dean to move on and Dean says that he will. As they go, Sam warns his brother that he might be the hunter that ends up killing Benny, and Dean simply says that they'll cross that bridge when they get there.