Goodbye Stranger - Recap

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Dean makes his way through a factory, gun drawn, but Castiel knocks him down, breaks his arm, and stabs him in the chest. The lights come on and Naomi comes out and congratulates him on his quick, brutal murder. She tells Castiel that he's ready and looks at the dozens of other Dean corpses lying on the floor around them.

At the Letters headquarters, Dean goes through their collection of weaponry while Sam does research. As he works, he coughs briefly, spitting up blood, but conceals it from Dean. Dean finds the Men of Letters' porn collection but Sam calls him over and explains that dead bodies have been showing up across the Midwest. Each victim was burned on their hands, eyes, and feats, nailed through the hands, and had their organs liquefied. None of them have any connection to each other and Sam figures that it's a case for them. As he goes to get ready, Dean notices a bloody tissue in the garbage.

Sam and Dean talk to the husband of the most recent victim, Ann Morton. He explains that something happened to her a week ago and she was out of sorts. Ann's husband takes her to the workshop and shows the brothers the model town that that she made. She muttered about orchards and he followed her to the elementary school where she dug up the earth straight down for 15 feet. The husband finally confronted her and discovered that she was on the phone. Her eyes turned black when he confronted her, and Mr. Morton assumes that he imagined things. He went to the bar and when he came back, Ann was dead. Now Mr. Morton blames himself for his wife's death and is moving out to live with his sister.

The brothers wonder why demons would possess somebody and make them dig dirt, and wonder who is killing demons. They check with the spouses of the other victims and confirm that the victims acted the strange way as Ann. The Winchesters go to talk with Wendy Rice, the last person to talk to Ann before she changed. Wendy explains that she had never met Ann before and that the woman called her to find an old map of the city. Ann said that she was looking for an old orchard, and Wendy explains that the town was wiped out by floods a hundred years ago. She has done a dissertation on the town's history and had recreated the town map. Wendy points out the Jakubiak Orchard on a map she's made and tells the Winchesters that Ann set up a time to meet but never showed up. She also tells them that Ann's assistant called that morning to ask if he still had the map.

There's a knock at the door and Wendy finds three men on her doorstep. Their eyes turn black and they charge in and attack the Winchesters. One of them grabs the map and runs off while another one leaps into Wendy's body. She runs out the back and Dean goes after her, but Castiel teleports in and grabs her, and then kills the demon fighting Sam.

Castiel binds the Wendy demon in a Devil's Trap and prepares to interrogate her, but the brothers ask where Castiel has been. Dean admits that he prayed to Castiel and Castiel says that he's been hunting demons. At the same time he confers with Naomi in Heaven, and she tells him to tell the Winchesters the truth so they can get them closer. Castiel tells the brothers that he's been looking for the demon tablet and has learned that Crowley is looking for Lucifer's Crypt. He claims that they're looking for a parchment that would let them decipher the half of the table that Crowley has without the help of a Prophet. The Crypts were lost over time and Crowley's demons have been possessing locals with some knowledge of the area. Castiel abruptly gets up and goes to interrogate the demon in the kitchen. The brothers realize that something is wrong with the angel and has been since he escaped Purgatory. Sam wonders why Dean was praying to him, and Castiel calls out that he can hear them.

The brothers go out to the kitchen and the Wendy taunts them. Castiel stabs her in the hand with a holy knife and asks who told her about the Crypts. She says that they have a hostage, one of Crowley's pets, and she knows where all of the Crypts are. The Wendy demon tells them which hotel the hostage is at and Sam asks about the parchment that Castiel mentioned. The demon has no idea what Sam is talking about and Naomi orders Castiel to kill it before it can say anything more. Castiel then tells the Winchesters that they need to get to the hotel immediately and teleports away.

When the Winchesters arrive at the hotel, they see bursts of holy light from upstairs. By the time they get there, Castiel has killed the demons guarding the hostage. They go to the next room and discover that the hostage is... a bloody and beaten Meg. Once they free her, Meg admits that she was telling the demons the locations of the Crypts, but only giving them general locations. She lied to buy herself time so she could get free despite the cost in innocent lives. The demons haven't found anything yet and Castiel killed them off one at a time. Despite that Crowley sent more demons.

Castiel checks in with Naomi and asks if he has to kill Meg. The angel admits that working with a demon is unclean but Castiel suggests that they can use her and Naomi agrees.

Meg says that Crowley is looking for the angel tablet, and Castiel claims that it's the first time he's heard about it. Dean doesn't believe it. Before he can pursue the matter, Meg points out that the demons will come back to torture her. Sam and Castiel agree and ask if she'll help, and Meg asks for a map.

The group goes back to the Morton house and Meg examines Ann's model of the town. She pinpoints where the Crypt is but admits that she doesn't know where it is now. Meg goes to check her wounds and Castiel goes with her. As he bandages them, Meg asks if he back to normal and Castiel assures her that he is and that he remember everything... including their last time together.

After discussing how Castiel is lying to them, Sam checks the online maps and confirms that the Crypt is beneath an abandoned building. Dean wonders if they can trust Meg and Castiel, and Sam points out that they don't have a choice.

Meg admits that she misses the simplicity of the Apocalypse, and now it's messy because she's kind of good and Castiel is kind of bad. She suggests that they make love later and Castiel actually understands what she's talking about. Before he can follow up, Sam and Dean come in and say that they're heading out.

The surviving demon comes back to the hotel room and calls Crowley. He says that he hasn't found the Crypt and he's the only one left, and Crowley teleports in. Crowley points out that the demon has screwed up and then kills him.

The foursome approaches the abandoned building and Dean suggests that Sam stay outside with Meg while he and Castiel go in. When Sam objects, Dean tells him that he saw the bloody tissue and explains that he called Castiel after the first trial. Castiel tells Sam that he's damaged in ways that he can't heal and tells him to stay and watch Meg. Dean gives Sam the demon-killing knife and goes in with Castiel. As they search, the angel explains that he doesn't know if what Sam is suffering from will prove lethal. They find a hidden door and Castiel opens it.

As Sam and Meg ward the building, Sam admits that they didn't search for her after she was shot up fighting the Leviathans. Meg asks about the trials but Sam refuses to tell her. She wonders if Sam is okay with dying for the trials and says that she knows from the time in his body, he just wants to have a normal life. Sam admits that she's right and tells him that he spent the last year with someone and he knows that a normal life is possible. Meg is impressed that a woman could have gotten Sam off of hunting.

Dean and Castiel enter the Crypt and Castiel contacts Naomi. She tells him to tell Dean that the chamber is empty, but Castiel warns her that the container is warded against angels and Crowley's demons will get there before reinforcements can arrive. Naomi tells him to handle it.

Castiel points out the urn within the container and Dean pries it open with a dagger. Once he takes the tablet out, Castiel offers to take it to Heaven. Dean points out that it has to go to Kevin for translation. The angel hastily corrects himself and offers to teleport to Kevin with the tablet. Dean, realizing that something is wrong, says that he'll take it to Kevin. In Heaven, Castiel insists that he can reason with Dean but Naomi tells him to kill the Winchester.

Dean reminds Castiel that finding the other half of the demon tablet is the priority, and Castiel finally tells him that he won't let him take the angel tablet. As Dean asks how he got out of Purgatory, Naomi tells Castiel that he's killed Dean a thousand times and now he has to do it for real and bring the angel tablet to Heaven. Meanwhile, Dean continues asking how Castiel escaped and Castiel draws his knife.

After Sam finishes telling Meg what he went through, she admits that she gets it. They hear a car pulling up and realize that they have company.

Dean tries to get through to Castiel, who attacks him. As Dean fends him off with the tablet, Naomi continues to order Castiel to kill Dean. The angel wonders what Naomi has done to him and she tells him to just let his vessel do what it has to. She tells him that after he destroyed much of Heaven and killed thousands of angels, she fixed him.

The demons arrive and attack Sam and Meg.

Castiel hesitates and then slams Dean back.

Meg and Sam finish off the demons.

Dean tries to fight back but Castiel breaks his arm and the tablet drops to the ground.

Crowley teleports in to confront Sam and Meg.

Castiel beats Dean bloody and the Winchester finally tells him to kill him because he won't get the tablet otherwise. In Heaven, Castiel begs Naomi to stop him but she refuses. Castiel continues beating Dean, who says that he knows the real Castiel is inside. He tells the angel that they're family and they need him. Naomi tells Castiel that he has to choose, angels or Winchesters... and Castiel lets Dean go and drops his knife. He picks up the tablet, which glows with a light bright enough to shine in Heaven, and Naomi realizes that her puppet is gone.

In the Crypt, Castiel heals Dean of his injuries and apologizes.

Sam figures that the wards will keep Crowley out long enough for Dean and Castiel to get the tablet. Crowley draws his knife and Meg tells Sam to go and save Dean. Once he leaves, Crowley explains that the Winchesters plan to kill all the demons, and Meg is glad to hear that Crowley will die.

Castiel tells Dean about Naomi and admits that he doesn't know what broke the connection. He tells Dean that he only knows that he has to protect the tablet from Naomi, and from Dean, and then teleports away. Sam runs in and tells Dean that they have to go.

Crowley picks up the beaten Meg only to realize that Sam and Dean have gotten into the Impala. Meg points out that Castiel isn't with them, meaning he's teleported away with the tablet. She manages to stab Crowley in the shoulder and he rams his blade through her stomach, then watches as the Winchesters drive away. He goes down to the chamber and finds Naomi waiting for him. Crowley suggests that he make a deal with her but she teleports away without a word.

As they drive away, Dean is angry that Castiel is out of control and insists that he won't put up with any more lies. Sam apologizes and Dean tells his brother that he needs to be honest with him from now on. He assures Sam that he'll do what he can for him.

An angel informs Naomi that they've found nothing.

Castiel gets on a bus and heads cross-country with the tablet, smiling in satisfaction.