Freaks and Geeks - Recap

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A couple park on a dark road overlooking the river and make out. A van pulls up nearby and someone runs past the parked car. The girl, Krissy, looks around nervously but her boyfriend Aidan assures her it's nothing. Someone runs past again and the trunk suddenly flies open. When Aidan tries to start the car, nothing happens. He gets out of the car and runs off, and a vampire shatters the window and yanks Krissy out of the car. Aidan comes up behind the vampire and decapitates him with a knife, and another girl, Josephine Barnes, runs up with a crossbow. Krissy tells them that the next time one of them can be the bait, and Aidan confirms that it's "him," and they have one down and two to go.

Sam and Dean arrive in town and go to the local police station. They're up on a report of two dead women who appear to have been killed by vampires. Dean suggests that Sam might want to take a break because of his illness. Sam says that he's fine and asks if Dean is emotionally okay after Castiel beat him up. Dean isn't interested and they go inside. The sheriff explains that both victims were female, 21, and drained of all blood. Then the night before, they set up a security cam at the local makeout spot and picked up footage of the three teenagers decapitating the vampire. They don't have an ID on any of them and the sheriff figures that it's a cult. Dean zooms in on the image and recognizes Krissy. He tells the sheriff to call off the APB and asks for the footage, claiming that they're working a federal investigation.

Outside, Dean tells Sam that Krissy Chambers was one of the teenagers. Her father said that he was going to retire and they wonder if he knows what Krissy is doing. The brothers set out to find her.

Krissy checks in to a hotel after bribing the clerk. Once she's in the room with Aidan, he starts to hold her but she claims she has a boyfriend. He doesn't believe her but Krissy doesn't care. Josephine comes in and they go over footage from ATM cameras showing that the next vampire on their list checked into 215 at the hotel. Aidan puts on a camera and goes out with Josephine while Krissy monitors them on her laptop.

Josephine and Aidan find blood in the hallway near the vampire's room and Aidan picks the lock. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean break into Krissy's room... and she draws on them. She recognizes Dean immediately and insists that she doesn't need help. They explain that they bribed the clerk more, and Krissy tells them that her father is dead. She says that they've got it and orders them out. When they wonder what she's doing, Krissy explains that they're after a vampire.

Aidan and Josephine break into the room and find the vampire's victim tied to the bed. He comes after them and Sam and Dean arrive with Krissy. The vampire leaps out the window and Krissy and Aidan chase after the vampire while Josephine calls an ambulance. Dean runs out after them just as Krissy shoots down the vampire with darts filled with dead man's blood. As Dean prepares to kill the vampire, Josephine runs up and says that the vampire broke into a house three months ago and killed three family members. The vampire says that he doesn't know what she's talking about, but Joseph says that they were his family. He begs them to spare him, but Josephine decapitates him as Sam and Dean stare in shock.

Krissy assures Josephine that it's over, and Dean tells Krissy that they need to talk privately. Once she's sure that Josephine is okay, Krissy goes off with Dean and explains that her father successfully quit the hunting life. However, she woke up one morning and found her father dead, murdered by a vampire. Dean offers his condolences and Krissy explains that Josephine and Aidan also lost family to the same nest of vampires that killed her father. Dean says that she's too young to be hunting and asks if she has any family, and Krissy says that she has an aunt in Cincinnati. When Dean prepares to haul her there, Krissy says that Victor Rogers is helping them get revenge and will object. When Dean points out that they screwed up, Krissy figures that it might be time for the public know and tells Dean that she doesn't need saving.

When Dean goes back to the car, Sam has talked to the other two teens and learned about Victor. He reminds Dean that they met a hunter named Victor a few years back in Spokane, and decide to talk to him. They drive back to the teens' house, a quiet home in the suburbs. Victor greets them, remembering when they met, and then tells Josephine to prepare for her test. He sends Aidan to clean his room and Krissy to fill out a report, and then offers the Winchesters a drink. Victor explains that the teens go to school and try to have normal lives. When Dean objects, Victor insists that he's giving them a normal life and wants the next generation of hunters to be better than them. He points out that Martin, Bobby, and Garth all have their issues, and Josephine, Aidan, and Krissy are the cream of the crop. Once they get their revenge, they'll be better hunters then any of them.

As Sam and Dean leave, Sam points out that the teens have a pretty good life. Dean doesn't believe that hunters can have a real life and suggests that they hunt the nest so that the teens won't be in danger. He figures that there was something wrong about the girl at the hotel and goes back to talk to her while Sam stays and watches the house. As Dean pulls away, a vampire pulls up nearby in a blue van.

The next morning, the kids are preparing for school and Victor invites Sam to sit down with them for breakfast. Victor promises to pick them up after school as they leave, and asks Sam if he has any kids. Sam says that he doesn't and isn't sure if he wants any. Victor shows him a photo of his family and explains that a wendigo killed them, and tells Sam that the kids can have a better life.

At the hospital, Dean talks to the victim, Connie. She explains that the man who grabbed her was Jimmy Day, a local hero who served in Afghanistan. Jimmy came back a few weeks ago and wasn't the one who abducted her. A man in a hoodie pulled up to her in a blue van and abducted her. When Connie woke up, Jimmy was the only one in the room and said that he was sorry.

Sam looks at the photos of the family but is interrupted when Victor pulls the three kids out of school. He's found the vampire that killed Krissy's dad and is ready to move in. He shows them security footage of the female vampire, confirmed by police sketches and witness accounts. One of the photos shows the vampire wearing her dad's necklace. Sam notices something off about the photos, but Krissy insists that it's her father's killer. Dean calls and Sam takes the call privately. He explains that Jimmy was only a vampire for a month, but Josephine's family was murdered three months ago. Sam tells his brother that the surveillance photo didn't have a time stamp on it and wonders if Victor is lying or just wrong. As Dean hangs up and heads back to the hotel, Sam looks out the window and sees the blue van parked nearby. As he goes to the next room, he discovers that the teenagers have already left. Sam shows Victor the van and explains their suspicions, and Victor says that it's time to go hunting.

At the hotel, Dean pays the clerk to discover who checked into Room 15. The clerk says that it was a man in a hoodie but doesn't know if he drove a blue van. He directs Dean to a rack of fliers and explains that the man took a flyer for a lodge that is closed for the season.

Sam and Victor check out the van and discover that it's empty. They move into the nearby park looking for the man in the hoodie.

Dean drives to the lodge and searches the place. He finds a battered woman lying on a bed and she begs Dean to make it go away. He turns on the light and she complains about the brightness, baring her fangs. Dean demands answers and she says that a man in a blue van grabbed her and dragged her there. Krissy, Josephine, and Aidan come up behind Dean, guns drawn.

Sam and Victor spot the man and close in. However, Victor knocks Sam out from behind and then nods in satisfaction to the other man, who bares his fangs.

Dean tells the kids to put the guns away so they can talk, but Krissy wants to know why he's with the vampire who killed her father. He explains that the vampire didn't kill Krissy's father and puts away his knife, and explains that the woman has only been a vampire for a day or two. Dean also points out that vampires don't beg for their lives but Aidan isn't impressed. When he dares Dean to do something about it, Dean easily disarms him. Krissy figures that the vampire still deserves to die, but Dean says that they can cure her if they kill her maker. Aidan doesn't buy it but Dean asks if they want to kill an innocent girl, and promises Krissy that they'll get the vampire who really killed her father.

Sam wakes up in the house and finds Victor and his vampire, Seth, sitting there. Victor turns over the furniture and explains that when his kids arrive home, they'll find Sam dead in the living room. He figures that once they realize the vampires killed Sam, they'll be more determined than ever to become hunters. Victor angrily insists that he doesn't have to justify himself to anyone and explains that they're in a war that they're losing. Now he'll do what he has to so that they can survive, and tells Sam that he can't understand what it is to be a father and watch his children die.

Dean comes in with the teens and Seth bares his fangs. Victor insists that Sam and Dean are trying to destroy them, but Aidan asks if Victor knows the vampire. The hunter says that it's complicated, but Dean says that it isn't and explains that the vampire has been turning new victims and setting them up. Victor admits that the vampires didn't kill their families, and Seth boasts that he killed them all. Victor insists that he did it to give them motivation, but says that despite the tragedy they will be ready for the future. The hunter asks them to come with him, but Krissy refuses and her friends agree.

Seth grabs Aidan and takes him hostage, and Victor says that they're leaving. Josephine attacks Victor, distracting him long enough for Krissy to draw her dart gun and shoot Seth with two darts of dead man's blood. She draws her revolver and prepares to shoot Victor, but Dean says that they don't kill people. Sam warns her that it will end badly no matter what, and she pulls the trigger. The hammer click on empty chambers, and Krissy drops the bullets on the floor. When Aidan wonders if they're going to let Victor live, Krissy says that they'll let him live alone without family and friends. As Dean cuts Sam free, Victor grabs a gun... and shoots himself.

The next day, the teens treat the vampire, curing her. Dean tells Krissy that he's proud of her and Sam gives her her father's necklace. He goes outside and Dean offers to take her to Cincinnati. However, Krissy plans to stay with her friends and become hunters rather than let everything they learned go to waste. Dean figures that she's staying for Aidan and Krissy angrily denies it, and says that Josephine will be 18 in a few months. They won't go looking for monsters, but they'll deal with any that show up. Dean says that it's okay and admits that she's old enough to make her own decisions. Meanwhile, he'll send Garth to check on them from time to time. Krissy gives him a kiss on the cheek and says goodbye. Aidan comes over and Dean tells him that if he tries anything, Dean won't kill him: Krissy will.

As the brothers get in the car, Sam figures that things went as well as they can. Dean says that they have to shut the gates of Hell because now that the kids are hunters, there's only one way out. He figures if they seal off Hell, they might really have a chance at a normal life.