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Pac-Man Fever - Recap

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Dean wakes up and finds himself sitting in an Army office base dating back to the 50s. he's wearing an Army uniform and discovers that the door is barricaded shut. Dean slides the barricade away and goes outside, and discovers dozens of bloody corpses in the hallway. One of them is holding a newspaper dated 1951, while the signs on the wall say that it's Fort Brennan. A growling figure comes down the corridor and approaches Dean...

24 Hours Earlier

Dean returns to the Letters base with beer as Sam staggers out. He admits that he overslept but insists that he's fine. Sam is ready to go looking for Kevin, but Dean says that he's checked all of the security cameras in the area and they have Garth looking for the Prophet. When Sam insists that he can still hunt, Dean takes him to the firing range and fires a few rounds. He then gives the gun to Sam, who misses the target entirely. Dean warns his brother that the second trial hit him hard and figures that they should sit tight until Sam gets better.

As Sam checks his computer, he discovers that he's received an email from Charlie. She's sent them a case she discovered in the area after tracking their cell phones, but she can't narrow it down to more than 20 miles. The brothers meet her in the forest and Charlie immediately realizes that Sam isn't feeling well. She explains that she was attending a comic book convention in Topeka. The Winchesters take her into the Letters base and assures her that they'll be at the next LARP con. Charlie then tells them that Tom Blake, a checkout clerk disappeared on the way home from his job. He was recently found dead, his organs liquefied, and has been doing some research. Dean leaves to work on it and Sam is too weak to go with him. Charlie volunteers to go with Dean and refuses to take no for an answer.

Dean takes her down to the firing range and she immediately nails the target. He then takes her to get some new clothing and tells her about the Trials. Dean admits that they can't count on Castiel and that Sam is in serious trouble. Charlie talks about how it must be nice having a brother, and admits that she doesn't have any siblings. Dean calls Sam, who insists that he's still fine and cuts him off. Sam goes back to practicing on the firing range and missing.

Charlie and Dean go to see the medical examiner, Dr. Jennifer O'Brien. She asks for their chain-of-custody request and refuses to let them see the corpse without it. Dean asks her for a favor but Jennifer refuses. Once they leave, Charlie apologizes for freezing up and Dean says that they'll break in that night.

Two teenagers are walking home, playing video games on their potables, when they find a corpse. They poke it and discover that the internal organs have liquefied... and come spurting out when they poke too hard.

When Dean and Charlie get to the crime scene, they discover that Sam is already there. He's confirmed that the victim is Jake Hill and Jennifer has already picked up the corpse. Dean tells Sam to leave and, when he refuses, tells Charlie to talk to the witnesses. She talks to the two teenagers, who are impressed with her knowledge of their videogames. Meanwhile, Sam insists that he needs to be out there. Charlie comes back and says that the teenagers saw a blue handprint on the dead man's arm. As Dean walks off, Charlie mentions breaking into the coroner's office and Sam says that it's a great idea. They realize that Dean is driving away, but Sam admits that he stole Charlie's car and they head off.

When Dean gets to the morgue, he finds Sam and Charlie waiting for him. They see a car pull up and Charlie tells them to go on ahead while she deals with it. Charlie then goes into Jennifer's office and she nervously puts away her files. When she wonders what she wants, Charlie bluffs and claims she needs a blank chain-of-custody form. Meanwhile, the Winchesters discover that the body is gone. Sam checks the records and discovers that they've burned the bodies for fear of contamination.

Charlie gets the form and then asks Jennifer about her suit. She gives her some fashion tips and Charlie tags along with her as the doctor goes to the morgue. When they get there, Charlie is surprised to discover that the brothers have escaped.

Back at the Letters' base, the trio tries to identify a monster that uses blue handprints. Dean finds a reference to an offshoot of the djinn that leave their victims with liquefied organs. Their eyes glow blue and they leave a blue handprint on their victims. A silver blade dipped in lamb's blood will still kill them just like a regular djinn. Charlie offers to go out and get some snacks, and both Sam and Dean figure that she seems off.

At her apartment, Charlie takes out several fake IDs and credit cards. She then goes online and transfers funds into her web account. As she works, Charlie hears something moving around and finally goes to investigate. There's nothing outside, but when she turns around she finds Jennifer in the room, her eyes glowing blue.

When Charlie doesn't come back, Sam tries to call her and leaves a voice mail. He confirms that there was no comic book convention in Topeka, and Dean checks her GPS location. The Winchesters go to her apartment and discover that someone has torn the place up. They find a gun and the fake IDs, and according to her laptop she's been making donations to a Gertrude Middleton at the local hospital. Dean goes to the hospital and the nurse informs him that Gertrude has been in a vegetative state for 16 years. She and her husband were hit by a drunk driver when they went to pick up their daughter from a sleepover. Nobody has heard from the daughter since and someone has been donating for Gertrude's care. A couple of nurses have seen someone reading to Gertrude but no one has ever filled out the official log. Once he's alone with her, Dean promises to find her daughter.

Charlie wakes up and finds herself tied up. Jennifer comes in and tells Charlie that she's not going anywhere. The djinn soon realizes that Charlie knows about her kind and explains that her sub-species like the taste of fear in their victims. She followed the scent and figures that Charlie will make a meal for two. Jennifer then rips down her sleeve and grabs Charlie's bare arm, leaving a blue handprint.

Back at the lair, Sam has checked the morgue files and learns that nine years ago, a liquefied corpse turned up. The coroner's new assistant, Jennifer, "accidentally" burned the body.

Charlie warns Jennifer that the Winchester will come for her, but the djinn grabs her again and Charlie screams.

Sam tells Dean that Jennifer faked the CDC records, and they wonder why Jennifer has gotten sloppy after nine years. The records show that Jennifer owns two pieces of property, and one is an abandoned warehouse. The Winchesters go to the warehouse and split up, and Dean finds an unconscious Charlie. Meanwhile, Jennifer attacks Sam and easily knocks him down. She then pulls up her sleeve and prepares to touch Sam, but Dean stabs her from behind.

The Winchesters give Charlie an injection of the antidote but it doesn't work because it's a different type of djinn. Sam figures that they can break the spell from the inside, using African Dream Root. Dean drinks the potion and tells Sam to knock him out, and Sam eagerly obliges.

Dean wakes up in the Army base and looks around, and comes face-to-face with vampire soldiers. A nearby elevator opens and Dean discovers that Charlie is inside, wearing leathers and carrying a gun. She opens fire on the monsters, killing them, and Dean tells her what's going on. Charlie explains that the djinn feeds on fear and the scenario was her worse nightmare. She stole the video game at the age of 12 and distributed it for free, but was arrested. Charlie has been on the run ever since.

Sam eyes the two unconscious bodies.

Charlie tells Dean that there are two djinns and he realizes one of them is still alive.

A teenager enters the warehouse, sees Jennifer, and accuses Sam of killing his mom.

Dean has Charlie tells him about the game while they shoot down more vampires. Charlie explains that every time she beats the levels and saves the patients, the game gets tougher and she has fewer weapons. They lock themselves in a ward and Dean finds one of the patients: Gertrude. He tells Charlie that he knows who it is and explains what they learned about Charlie and her parents. Charlie admits that she sneaks into the hospital whenever she can to read, because her mother read her fantasy novels when she was a child. Dean offers his condolences and Charlie insists that Gertrude isn't gone. As Dean looks around, he sees Sam in the next bed, and they wonder whose nightmare that they're in.

As the djinn beats him, Sam realizes that the boy was the one who messed up, and Jennifer cleaned up for him. Sam manages to grab the knife and kills the young djinn.

As the vampires break into the hospital ward, Dean realizes that they have to break the loop. He suggests that Charlie let go of the fear and let the vampires win. Charlie insists that she's not afraid, but Dean tells her that she's afraid of losing Gertrude... and Charlie's mother is already gone. Crying, Charlie explains that she was scared and called her parents to get her, and blames herself for them being out. She wants to hear her parents forgive her just once, and Dean says that he understands. However, he tells Charlie that she has to let it go.

The vampires break in and Charlie prepares to fire. She finally lowers the weapon and the vampires disappear. Charlie checks the bed and discovers that her mother has disappeared.

Dean wakes up and turns to Charlie, who is also awake. He apologizes but she hugs him, crying.

Later, Charlie is packing to leave and assures Sam that he can get through the trials. They share a hug and then Dean asks what she's going to do next. Charlie says that she's going to go to the hospital and let go for real, and asks if Dean will ever let it go. He assures her that he won't, and Charlie tells Dean that he loves her. They share a hug and Charlie takes off. Inside the base, Sam admits that Dean was right. However, Dean hugs his brother and then says it's time to find Kevin.

At the hospital, Charlie signs in officially for the first time and sits down next to Gertrude. After a moment she takes out a book and reads to her one last time.