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In Lost Creek, Colorado, Tommy Collins looks nervously outside of the cabin where he's staying with his girlfriend Shelly. She's surprised that Tommy came up with her, but notices that he's distracted. Tommy looks out into the night and remembers when he was attacked by a Wendigo years ago. As he kisses Shelly, Tommy hears a growling noise. He tells her that it's a Wendigo and tells Shelly to go to the bedroom while he lights up an acetylene torch. However, he collapses to the ground, his ears bleeding, as the growling noise echoes in his head. Tommy finally falls to the floor as his head explodes.

At the Letters base, Sam and Dean are researching demonic possessions in an attempt to complete the third trial. Castiel comes in and admits that his wound isn't healing as quickly as he hoped. He realizes that Sam is getting worse and asks about the third test, and Sam says that he has to cure a demon, although they don't know of what. Dean brings in what little food they have and offers to go on a run, and ignores Castiel's offer to help. The angel apologizes for everything, and Dean points out that he ignored them and then lost the angel tablet because he didn't trust Dean. Dean tells him that an apology won't cut it.

Sam finds a reference to Room 7B and the brothers go there. As they check it out, Sam suggests that Dean take it easy on their friend. They look for files on Case 1138, a Class 5 Infernal event in St. Louis in 1957. A note on the file simply said that the case was "weird." As Dean sees some drag marks in the dust, Sam finds the file. His brother pulls away the shelf, revealing a secret chamber. There are manacles on the wall and an enormous devil's trap on the floor. They open the file and find a film reel.

The brothers set up a projector and watch with Castiel. A woman, Josie, is filming a priest, Simon, who is performing a new type of exorcism. When Josie catches her reflection in a mirror, the brothers realize that it's Abaddon's host body. The exorcism begins and Simon and another priest perform the ritual. They realize that the manacles holding the possessed woman are the same ones they found in the chamber. The older priest cuts his hand and forces the demon to drink his blood, forcing the demon out. He tells Josie to stop filming and the movie ends. Sam points out that they changed the words of the exorcism and finds a reference to the older priest, Max Thompson. He died in 1958 but Simon is still alive and living in St. Louis. Sam figures that it's worth a drive and Dean orders Castiel to stay behind because they don't need his help and can't trust him.

In St. Louis, Father Simon explains that Father Thompson believed that a demon could be saved. He thought that he could away a demon's taint, restoring its humanity. However, Simon doesn't know what happens to the demon afterward. He explains that the demon escaped into the world, and Simon gave up rather than face more of Thompson's experiments. A few months later, something tore Thompson apart. Sam coughs up some blood and asks to use the restroom. Once he leaves, Dean tells Simon that Sam isn't well and that he plans to get rid of every demon for good despite his condition.

Castiel goes into town to shop and makes a mess of things. The clerk finally comes over and complains, and Castiel tries to pay. When Castiel discovers that they're out of pie, he grabs the clerk. Metatron teleports in and tells Castiel that they need to talk. Once he introduces himself, Metatron tells Castiel to call him Marv in public, and explains that Kevin has told him all about him. They're both free thinkers and wanted by Heaven, and suggests that they get a bite to eat. Metatron figures that things are a mess and tells Castiel that Naomi is only one of several archangels that are trying to take over. Castiel admits that it's his fault but he's failed, and Metatron says that Heaven needs them to rescue everything. He wants to shut down Heaven until they work their problems out, and teleports away to get crepes.

Back at the Letters base, Sam discovers that Castiel is gone. Dean checks the files and discovers that Thompson recorded all of his tests. They watch the reel of the last test, on August 3, 1958, as Thompson works with Peter Kent, who was possessed by a demon three weeks ago. Thompson asks the demon how it felt to eat Kent's children and then injects him with a syringe. According to the files, Thompson purified his blood by confession and then injected it into the demon. As the trial continues, the demon continues to boast of how it enjoyed eating Kent's children, and Thompson keeps giving him injections. The demon finally begs him to stop and Thompson throws holy water on him. The demon burns and Thompson begins his special exorcism ritual. He feeds the demon his blood and again asks how it felt to eat Kent's children. The demon says that he's sorry and Thompson says that he's a man again and has been saved. Dean wonders if they can recreate the exorcism and Sam says that they have everything they need. When he wonders how they'll get a demon, Dean says that they can use one that they already have.

Castiel catches up to Metatron at a restaurant and the Scribe of God says that he wrote down how to close the Gates of Heaven. He wants to seal the angels off and stop the fighting from spilling onto Earth. However, Metatron admits that he's not strong enough to complete the tests. He wants Castiel to supply the muscle and Castiel agrees. However, Metatron warns him that the first trial will involve cutting the heart out of their waitress. She's a nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel. She's the only one on Earth, and Metatron tells Castiel that he'll have to decide what is more important: the waitress, or their Heavenly family.

Sam and Dean dig up Abaddon's body parts and go to work with needle and thread. Once they're done, Abaddon greets them and promises to kill her. They point out that they didn't attach her hands and remind her that the bullet with the devil's trap is still in her mouth. Dean explains that they're going to consecrate the ground around her and force her to confess. Abaddon knows all about Thompson because she's the one who killed him to make an example. Thompson told her about Josie Sands and Abaddon took her body to infiltrate the Men of Letters and kill them.

As they talk, Crowley calls Sam on his cellphone. They tell Abaddon that Crowley is now running Hell and step outside to take the call in private. Crowley tells them that they should read the Denver newspaper and Dean brings it up on his phone.

Back in the warehouse, Abaddon concentrates and controls her hand, which is in a nearby box. It crawls out of the box.

Crowley sends Sam and Dean an address and hangs up.

Abaddon's hand jumps onto her shoulder and then reaches up and pulls the bullet out of her mouth.

The Winchesters confirm that Tommy Collins died in a freak accident, and Sam remembers that they saved Tommy Collins from a Wendigo seven years ago. Dean figures there's nothing they can do and the brothers go back inside, only to discover that Abaddon has escaped. As Sam finds the discarded bullet, Crowley sends them a text message to Prosperity, IN. The Winchesters worked a case there and figure that it's a trap, but Sam figures that if it involves demons then they can get a new specimen.

The brothers drive to Prosperity and discover that the house belongs to Jenny Klein, a woman they saved from witches. They find Jenny's body in the kitchen, charred to a crisp. Crowley calls and tells them that he's killing everyone they've ever saved, one at a time. He's been using the Carver Edlund books to find out who they've saved, and tells the Winchesters that he's going to kill one former victim every 12 hours until they bring him the tablet. Crowley figures that they'll try to stop him so he gives them an address and invites them to try and save his next target, who is at a hotel in Indianapolis.

Castiel and Metatron approach the waitress' house and watch as she goes out.

Sam drives to the hotel and discover that the next target is Sarah Blake, who they saved seven years ago.

Castiel and Metatron approach the waitress, who can sense what they are. She insists that she's not an abomination and that she just wants to live her life. Castiel apologizes and approaches her with his blade, and the nephilim throws him around. Metatron tries to attack her without success, but Castiel manages to grab the blade and stabs her in the back.

Sam tells Sarah what is going on and that Crowley will kill her at the stroke of midnight. There's a knock at the door and Sam lets Dean in. He has their equipment and they set up with devil's trap, an exorcism trap, and holy water. Sam promises that they'll keep her safe and Sarah trusts them, saying that they've done it before.

As the brothers secure the room, Sam notices that Sarah is wearing a wedding ring. She talks about her husband, Ian and their eleven-month-old daughter Bess. Sam half-heartedly congratulates her and Sarah asks what he's been doing. He admits that he's pretty much the same, but Sarah says that he's clearly different. She says that he's more focused and confident and figures that he finally grew up.

The room phone rings and Crowley counts down to zero. The clock strikes midnight and Sarah falls to the floor, choking. Crowley tells the Winchesters that there's nothing they can do about it. Sam realizes that it's a hex bag and the brothers search for it. As they search, Crowley promises that he'll keep demons away from them so they can't complete the trials, and figures that he'll take away the one thing that lets them justify their lives.

Sarah dies and Crowley says that he'll keep killing people until he runs out of victims or the Winchesters give up the tablet. The demon hangs up and Dean throws the phone at the wall. It shatters, revealing the hex bag inside.

Back at the Letters base, Dean asks Sam if he's okay. He says that he knows that it's bad but they have to stick to the plan. Sam points out that Crowley won't let any demons near them and figures that they should take the deal. Dean tells his brother that they'll figure it out and get it done, and asks if Sam is with him. Sam doesn't respond.