I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here - Recap

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Sam and Dean drive across the country and discover that everyone is dismissing the fall of angels as a meteor shower. Dean is unusually silent and finally tells Sam that none of it is any of their business. Sam figures that they'll have to deal with it and wonders what the real problem is. His brother tells him that something happened back in the church and Sam is dying. Sam doesn't believe it and turns away...

And Dean sits at his comatose brother's side in a hospital room. On the news, video of the "meteor shower" plays. Later, the doctor tells Dean that Sam is in bad shape and Dean says that it wasn't supposed to happen. He realizes that Sam will die. When the doctor says that it's in God's hands, Dean snaps at him and says that God has nothing to do with it. Dean goes to the hospital chapel and prays to Castiel. When he gets no answer, Dean prays to any angel that will respond, asking for their help and promising to pay any price.'

Across the country, angels hear Dean's prayer as he tells them where they can find him. They all leave whatever they're doing and head to the hospital.

In his coma, Dean tells Sam that he's got a plan to fight and tells Sam to hang on. Dean explains that Sam is in a coma and they're in his head. Sam admits that he stopped doing the trials so he wouldn't die, and Dean promises that they'll get justice later but for now they need to focus on saving Sam. He says that he's working on a plan, and Sam wonders if he's supposed to fight at all if Dean has no idea how to fight. Bobby appears in the back seat and agrees with Sam.

In Longmont, Colorado, Castiel is walking down the road when he hears people screaming in his head. He jumps out of the way of an oncoming truck just in time and scrapes his hand, and stars at his hand in surprise as it bleeds. Castiel tells the driver that he heard angels in his head and asks if he has a phone. The driver says that there's no signal there and offers him a lift, and Castiel agrees.

Dean argues with Bobby, who says that every time one of them dies, the other one does something stupid to bring them back. When Dean says that he's driving because Sam put him in charge, Bobby appears in the front seat with them and then teleports Sam to a forest so they can talk.

The driver drops Castiel off at a convenience store and offers him some money. Castiel reluctantly takes it and goes inside, unaware that a woman is watching him from a nearby truck. A biker is using the pay phone and Castiel tells him to hang up. When he says that he doesn't want to hurt the man, the biker dares him to try. Castiel touches his head but nothing happens. The woman approaches him and says that she met him in Heaven, and her name is Hael.

A woman enters Sam's room and Dean wonders if she's an angel. She introduces herself as Kim Schortz and says that she's a grief counselor. When Dean says that he isn't grieving, Kim says that it's a good time to talk about the inevitable. Dean insists that nothing is inevitable, but Kim says that it doesn't look good and asks if he has a direct line to the angels. Considering, Dean admits that he doesn't but remembers that he has Crowley in the trunk of the Impala. He walks down to the parking garage and knocks on the trunk. Before Crowley can respond, an angel grabs Dean and says that he's going to help him. The angel asks where Castiel is and starts to beat Dean when he doesn't answer.

Another angel, Ezekiel, arrives and stops the first angel. He advises compassion rather than wrath and tells the angel to disarm. The angel punches him instead and Ezekiel fights back. As they struggle, Dean grabs the discarded angel blade and kills his attacker. He asks Ezekiel who he is, but the angel says that he's there to help... and then passes out from his injuries.

Hael tells Castiel of how she experienced her fall and worries about what lies ahead. Castiel tells her that there's nothing to be afraid of and suggests that the angels can finally do what they would like to do rather than what they've been ordered. Hael remembers having built the Grand Canyon and says that she'd like to see it, and Castiel takes her to go see it.

When Ezekiel wakes up, he finds himself in a circle of burning holy oil. Dean demands answers and Ezekiel introduces himself. He warns that other angels are on their way, but there are some that still believe in their mission and consider Castiel a friend. Ezekiel admits that he was wounded in the Fall but offers his aid to Dean.

Bobby tells Sam that he has to let go of fighting and looking for loopholes because it isn't happening. When Sam wonders if he should just die, Bobby reminds him of all the people that he's saved and how he's saved the world.

Ezekiel and Dean go to Sam and the angel tries to cure him. The angel says that he should be able to heal, but Sam is too weak for him to do much. Castiel calls Dean on his phone and explains that Metatron tricked him. Dean tells him what happened and Castiel explains that Metatron took his grace. When Dean tells his friend that Ezekiel is there, Castiel says that he's a good soldier and he's on his way. Dean tells him to lie low and to look out for himself rather than help Hael. Castiel refuses to abandon the angels and insists that he's fine.

The hospital shakes and Dean tells Castiel to get to safety. He then goes to Sam's room and Ezekiel tells him that they have to move Sam. Dean refuses to risk endangering his brother by moving him and draws sigils on the wall.

Castiel explains the situation and Hael says that she needs help. As Castiel starts to walk away, she knocks him over the head.

Once Dean completes the sigils, Ezekiel warns him that the angels are there. Dean tells Ezekiel to save Sam and goes out. The windows explode around Dean as he runs down the hallway and pulls the fire alarm to get everyone out.

Castiel wakes up and finds himself in a stolen truck. Hael is driving and has an angel blade on hand. She insists that she couldn't let Castiel leave and points out that it's all his fault. As they drive, Hael insists that the two of them are going to become one. Castiel realizes that she plans to possess his vessel because her body is wearing out. Hael figures that when the two of them are truly together then she can learn to like it on Earth.

As Dean tries to get Kim out, one of the angels arrive. When Dean prepares to defend himself, Kim grabs him and hoists him up in the air.

Bobby leads Sam to a house and tells him to come in. However, Dean arrives and stabs Bobby in the chest, "killing" him. He insists that Bobby had to go, but Sam says that it's over and there's nothing left to fight for. He asks Dean what his plan is, and Dean punches him, insisting that he'll keep fighting and trying and giving a damn. Sam tells him that what he is hoping for is in the house. Dean says that he can't fight for him if Sam won't fight for himself. Sam says that it's okay and Dean fades away. After a moment, Sam turns and goes to the house.

Kim and the other angel drag Dean down the hall and demand to know where Castiel is. The second angel grabs a fire axe to break down the warded door while Kim beats on Dean.

Sam enters the house and finds Death waiting for him.

As the angels hack through the door, Dean offers to tell them where Castiel is. They hesitate long enough for him to draw a glyph of banishment and activate it. Once they're gone, Dean goes into the room and finds Sam flatlining. Ezekiel admits that he's too weak to do anything and warns that it's too late. The angel says that there's no good way to save Sam, and Dean asks for the bad ones. Ezekiel says that he can fix him from the inside by taking him as a vessel. Dean refuses and Ezekiel agrees to abide by his decision, but Dean figures that Sam would rather die than be possessed. Ezekiel nods in understanding and starts to walk out, but Dean tells him to wait. He asks for proof of how bad Sam is and Ezekiel touches both of them and lets Dean see what his brother is experiencing.

Death says that he had to come in person to collect Sam because he considers it an honor. He congratulates Sam on a game well-played, and Sam says that he needs to know one thing. Sam asks him to promise that this time it will be final and he'll stay dead and no one else gets hurt. Death promises that it will happen.

Ezekiel breaks the link and Dean wonders what his brother is doing.

Castiel realizes that Hael isn't wearing her seat belt and puts his on. He grabs the wheel and swerves the car off the road.

Ezekiel explains that he'll heal Sam and himself when they merge, and then he'll leave. He admits that it's the best of a bad situation, and says that Sam would agree to do it if Dean asked.

Castiel wakes up and discovers that Hael was thrown through the windshield. He staggers out and picks up the angel blade, and then walks over to where Hael is laying, he legs broken. Castiel says that he plans to help the angels, but Hael tells him that the angels want him dead. She promises to protect him if they're together, but Castiel says that he doesn't want it and starts to walk away. Hael promises to tell the angels where he is so that they can hunt him down. Castiel tells her to stop but she refuses, and Castiel kills her.

Death tells Sam and starts to lead him away. However, Dean appears and begs Sam not to shut him out. Death says that it's Sam who has to decide if it's his time to go, and Dean reminds Sam of his promise at the church that they would always be together. Sam finally agrees and asks what he should do, and Dean touches him. With that, Ezekiel enters Sam's body.

Later in the aftermath of the explosions, the doctor comes to check on Sam and discovers that both he and Dean are gone. Ezekiel's abandoned vessel is lying on Sam's bed, and has no idea where he is or what happened.

Dean and Ezekiel in Sam's body walk to the Impala. Ezekiel says that it will take a while to repair all of the damage done to Sam's body. He explains that when Sam wakes up, he won't know that Ezekiel is inside of him. However, Sam can eject him anytime he chooses if he knows of Ezekiel's presence and chooses not to accept him. When he does, he'll die if Ezekiel hasn't finished his healing. Dean realizes that he has to lie to his brother about what happened rather than risk the certainty that Sam would accept the angel, and Ezekiel says that he can erase all of Sam's memories of what happened.

Castiel goes to a Laundromat to clean up his clothing, using the last of the money the truck driver gave him. As he starts to put the money in, he notices a vending machine nearby. Thirsty, he steals some clothing and buys a bottle of water. Outside, he gulps down water for the first time.

That night, Sam wakes up in the Impala as Dean drives across the country. Dean quickly confirms that his brother doesn't remember anything that happened since the angels fell. Sam confirms that he's feeling better and Dean assures his brother that he knew he would pull through because he's capable of anything. After a moment, Sam says that they have work to do.