Meta Fiction - Recap

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Metatron is in his study typing Supernatural stories, and talks about what gives a story meaning. He's decided to let the reader choose.

The Story of Metatron

Dean takes a shower and then looks at himself in the mirror. He glances down at the Mark of Cain on his arm and fingers it.

In the main room, Sam is charting reports of demon sightings. When Dean comes in, Sam tells him that there's been no sign of Abaddon. He notices Dean rubbing his arm and asks if he's okay, and Dean insists that he's fine.

Castiel enters an abandoned building, ripping his coat on a piece of metal, and passes through a door with bloody handprints on it. He is following an unearthly warbling sound and inside finds a dozen corpses and a glowing sigil on the wall. It stops glowing and warbling when Castiel notices it, and he takes a photo. A badly wounded woman comes up and tries to stab him, and Castiel easily deflects the blow. The woman identifies herself as Hannah and says that she heard the sigil as well, and it sounded like Heaven. Hannah followed the tone and found the dead angels in the room, but says that it felt safe there. The door slammed shut and a strange angel came in and said that he worked for the new God, Metatron. The angel told them to join forces with Metatron and return to Heaven, or die. Hannah and the others that refused were attacked.

Castiel heals her wounds and she realizes who he is, and asks if he's going to lead them against Metatron. He says that he's no leader, but vows to find Metatron and make her pay. Hannah wants to help, and Castiel asks her the name of the angel who attacked her and the others.

Once he has the information, Casteel calls Sam and Dean and tells them that Gadreel was the one who killed the angels. They figure that Metatron stopped the creation of Prophets, and wonder how Gadreel can take angels back to Heaven. Sam suggests that they find Gadreel and beat the answers out of him, and Castiel works out how to send the sigil to them from his phone. Castiel says that the components to create the sigil, griffin feathers and fairy bones, were odd and Sam says that he'll see what he can find. When Dean speaks up, Castiel asks how he's doing and admits that life on the road smells. Meanwhile, Sam checks police reports and discovers that the same sigil was reported at several crime scenes. He gives Castiel the locations and they realize that Gadreel is heading north. They narrow it down to two towns and they split up to check them out. As Castiel prepares to leave his motel room, the lights flicker. Meanwhile, Dean remembers that they worked a case in the town they're heading for, Ogden, and go to look up his number.

At a shop in Ogden, Gadreel enters and asks the owner if he can procure griffin feathers. Gadreel has seen the hunter signs on the shop and knows he can get them. The shopkeeper gets some out and Gadreel asks if he has fairy bones as well.

The lights in Castiel's motel room flicker again and the TV comes on by itself. An episode of Casa Erotica comes on and Gabriel appears on the screen. The screen goes black and Gabriel appears behind Castiel and says that he needs Castiel's help. Castiel realizes that Gabriel faked his own death, and Gabriel explains that he hid in Heaven until the Fall. Metatron sent his minions after Gabriel because he considers him a threat and he's been on the run ever since. A few weeks ago, Metatron found and played the Horn of Gabriel. Castiel explains that Gadreel is using the Horn, and Gabriel says that he plans to kill Metatron.

Sam and Dean arrive at the hunter's shop and go inside. They find the owner, his eyes burned out.

As they hit the road, Castiel calls Dean and Gabriel takes the phone. He leaves a message for Dean explaining that they're heading to the bunker. Castiel wonders what Gabriel has seen and the angel describes the chaos among the angels as well as the battle between Crowley and Abaddon. Gabriel notes that most angels can't handle free will, and they're not like the two of them. Castiel insists that he's just a soldier, and Gabriel explains that he finally plans to step up and lead like he was always meant to do.

As they drive, Gabriel suggests that they pull over for gas. They go inside and a truck pulls up out front. Gabriel says that they're Metatron's minions and locks the door.

Gadreel is in back of the shop getting into his car when he spots Sam down the street. Sam spots Gadreel's car and calls Castiel for help. Gadreel confronts him but Dean drops a lighter and ignites the holy oil circle that the angel is now standing in.

Castiel says that they're going to fight, but Gabriel says that he plans to hold them off long enough for Castiel to escape and then take his place as leader of the angels. Castiel wonders what happens if he fails, and Gabriel tells him that he won't... and they can't. They share a hug and Castiel thanks his fellow angel. As he puts his blade away, Castiel notices that his coat is no longer ripped from earlier. He then asks Gabriel if any of it was real. The minions break in but Castiel refuses to believe any of it. Gabriel snaps his fingers and makes the minions disappear, and says that all of it is true. He asks Castiel to hear Metatron out but admits that he doesn't know how the script goes except for his part. As Gabriel prepares to leave, Castiel ask if he's really dead, but Gabriel just smirks and snaps his fingers...

... and Castiel finds himself bound and gagged, in Metatron's study. Metatron stops his typing and asks Castiel what makes a story work.

Sam and Dean tie Gadreel up and Sam demands to know how long he's been working for Metatron. Gadreel taunts Sam, saying that he knows him from when he was in him, and refuses to talk. Sam beats him until Dean stops him.

Metatron ungags Castiel and pulls a thread from his coat. He then touches Castiel's forehead and explains that he's performing a retcon. Once he has put every TV show, book, and movie that he's ever read into Castiel's mind, Metatron explains that the universe is made up of atoms, not stories, and talks about how he created a villain. When Castiel what he means, Metatron tells him that he had Gadreel kill all of the defiant angels except Hannah. Castiel wonders if Metatron can take angels to Heaven, but Metatron refuses to answer and insist that Castiel has to become the leader of angels. When Castiel still refuses, Metatron picks up one of the Supernatural novels and explains that Castiel is the villain in his story, and he is the hero.

Dean and Sam talk privately and Dean insists that they need Castiel. According to Castiel's GPS, he's in the same town where he called earlier. Dean tells Sam that he needs to go find Castiel, and that he can't deal with Gadreel because he's too close to the situation. Sam reluctantly agrees and leaves, and Dean turns to Gadreel and says that he's going to pay for what he did to Sam and Kevin.

Metatron tells Castiel that he likes him because he's the only one with any spunk. He left Castiel human in the hopes he'd have a good life, but he screwed that up. Now Metatron wants Castiel to lead the angels against him. They'll die but Metatron will save Castiel. When Castiel refuses, Metatron asks about the grace he stole. Castiel says that it's fine, but Metatron tells him that it will soon burn him out. In return for Castiel's cooperation, Metatron will provide him with endless energy. Metatron's assistant comes in and says that there's a problem with Gadreel.

Dean tortures Gadreel with his angel blade and offers to kill him quick if he tells him how Metatron plans to return the angels to Heaven. Gadreel asks Dean if Sam would do anything for him. When Dean says that he would, Gadreel says that he knows Sam wouldn't trade his life for Dean's, and Sam has felt that way all of his life. The angel calls Dean a sad needy bottom feeder and Dean punches him, but Gadreel continues. Dean finally lunges forward but stops himself just in time. Gadreel begs him to do it, and Dean realizes that the angel would rather die than sit in the chains for eternity. He walks off, leaving Gadreel to stay imprisoned.

Sam follows the GPS signal to Castiel's motel room and goes in.

Dean goes to a nearby public restroom and prepares to wash the blood off his hands, setting his cell phone down.

Sam enters Castiel's room, gun drawn, and finds Castiel's cell phone on the desk.

Dean looks at himself in the mirror for a moment and then washes his hands.

Metatron appears behind Sam and offers him Castiel for Gadreel.

Dean looks at the Mark of Cain.

Metatron warns that Castiel will die if Sam doesn't bring Gadreel there at 6 the next night, and then teleports away.

Dean leaves his cell phone behind and goes back to Gadreel... unaware that Sam is trying to call him.

Sam drives back to Dean and discovers that Gadreel is gone. He calls to Dean and finds him sitting nearby. Dean's hands are covered in blood and Gadreel is lying nearby, unconscious. Sam tells his brother that Metatron is offering a trade, and Dean says that they can't trust him. However, Sam figures that it's the first time that they'll know where Metatron is and they can trap him.

The next night, Sam and Dean wait in the parking lot. Metatron finally appears, well aware that they were setting a trap for him. He positions himself where they want him and dean takes out a lighter and ignites the holy oil. After over-emoting for a moment, Metatron chuckles and blows out the fires. When they try to stab him, he easily casts them back and opens the trunk, blowing away the anti-angel sigil on the lid. Metatron's minions bring Castiel up and hand him over, and Metatron says that he plans to enjoy watching them try and stop him even though they don't have a chance.

That night, Sam and Dean point out that for all practical purposes, Metatron is God. Dean wants to try and find out how Metatron can access Heaven and use it against him, and Castiel agrees. The angel realizes that there's something different about Dean and pulls up his sleeve. Seeing the Mark of Cain, Castiel wonders what he's done and Dean says that he's doing what he has to. As Sam goes after his brother, Castiel tells him to keep an eye on Dean.

Gadreel goes to Metatron's office and assures his superior that the way home is safe. Metatron admits that his story didn't work out as planned so now he has to rewrite. Gadreel wonders if the Winchesters capturing him was part of his plan, and Metatron admits that it was a surprise. All he does is set up the characters and see where they go. However, Metatron knows how it all ends. Once Gadreel leaves, Metatron puts on a record and goes back to work.

Dean drives through the night and Sam watches him nervously.

Castiel returns to his room and pulls down his photos and maps. He then draws a sigil on the door and waits. Soon Hannah and the other angels arrive and Castiel goes out to lead them.

Metatron continues working on his story, and ends for the moment with a "To be continued."