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Supernatural: Phantom Traveler

Sam and Dean are called in to investigate a mysterious airplane crash, and soon realize that a demon was responsible. It intends to eliminate the survivors of the crash, and is willing to kill hundreds to achieve its goal.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x4
Production Number: 2T6904
Airdate: Tuesday October 04th, 2005

Director: Robert Singer
Writer: Richard Hatem

Alternate Airdates:

DK (TV3+) Jan 29, 2006
PT (AXN) Oct 30, 2006
FR (TF6) Dec 11, 2006
IT (RaiDue) Mar 06, 2007
DE (Pro7) Nov 05, 2007
NL (Net 5) Jul 27, 2008


Guest Stars
Brian MarkinsonBrian Markinson
As Jerry Panowski
Jaime Ray NewmanJaime Ray Newman
As Amanda Walker

Co-Guest Stars
Daryl ShuttleworthDaryl Shuttleworth
As Captain Chuck Lambert
Fred HendersonFred Henderson
As Security Guard
Kett TurtonKett Turton
As Max Jaffe
Paul JarrettPaul Jarrett
As George Phelps
Amanda Wood (1)Amanda Wood (1)
As Flight Attendant
Ingrid TeschIngrid Tesch
As Bonnie Phelps
Kelly-Ruth MercierKelly-Ruth Mercier
As Woman Passenger
Dana PembertonDana Pemberton
As Man in Restroom
Benjamin AyresBenjamin Ayres
As Homeland Security Man #1

Christopher RosamundChristopher Rosamund
As Co-Pilot
Jeffrey Dean MorganJeffrey Dean Morgan
voiced John Winchester
Main Cast
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Sam Winchester
Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
As Dean Winchester


At an airport, a nervous passenger, George Phelps, goes to the restroom while he waits for his flight. Another man comes in and notices him trying to calm down, and tries to assure him about the odds of dying in a plane crash. George isn't reassured. As he washes his face, a black smoke-like substance flows in through the air conditioning grille and flows into the man's eyes...

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Episode Notes
When the number to Dean's cell phone is called in real life you hear this message: "This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, please leave a message. If you are calling about 11283, page me with your coordinantes."

Dean hums "Some Kind of Monster" by Metallica to calm him down on the plane.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Black SabbathParanoidSam and Dean Head to the Airport to Investigate
MetallicaSome Kind of Monsterhummed by Dean Winchester when on the airplane
Nichion Sounds LibraryLoad Rage 
RushWorking Manthe Winchesters drive to the airport

Episode Quotes
Dean: Did you get any sleep last night?
Sam: Yeah, I got a couple of hours.
Dean: You're a liar. See, I was up at 3 and you were watching the George Foreman infomercial.
Sam: What can I say, it's riveting TV.

Sam: Never? You're never afraid?
Dean: No, not really.
(Sam pulls the long knife out from underneath Dean's pillow)
Dean: That's not fear. That's precaution.

Sam: Yeah, he told me. It was a poltergeist?
Co-Worker: (overhearing) Poltergeist? Man, I love that movie!
Jerry Panowski: Hey, no one's talking to you. Keep walkin'.

Sam: Homeland Security. It’s pretty illegal, even for us.
Dean: Yeah, well, it’s something new. You know, people haven’t seen it a thousand times.

Dean: (on his Homeland Security disguise) Man, I look like one of the Blues Brothers.
Sam: No you don't. You look more like a seventh grader at his first dance.

Sam: What is that?
Dean: It's an EMF meter. It reads electromagnetic frequencies.
Sam: Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is. But why does that one look like a busted-up Walkman?
Dean: (smugly) Because that's what I made it out of. It's homemade.
Sam: Yeah, I can see that.

Amanda: This is Amanda Walker.
Dean: Miss Walker. Hi! This is Doctor James Hetfield from St. Francis Memorial Hospital. We have a Karen Walker here.
Amanda: My Karen?
Dean: Nothing serious, just a minor car accident, but she was injured so...
Amanda: Wait, wait, that is impossible. I just got off the phone with her.
Dean: You what?

Sam: Are you okay?
Dean: No, not really.
Sam: Why? What's wrong?
Dean: Uh, I kind of have this problem with...
(makes flying gesture)
Sam: Flying?
Dean: It's never really been an issue until now.
Sam: You're joking, right?
Dean: Do I look like I'm joking?!? Why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam?!

Sam: Are you humming to Metallica?
Dean: Calms me down.

Sam: If she's possessed, she'll flinch at the name of God.
Dean: Uh, nice.
Sam: Hey?
Dean: What?
Sam: Say it In Latin.
Dean: I know!
Sam: Hey?
Dean: What?!?
Sam: Uh, in Latin it's "Cristo."
Dean: Dude, I know! I'm not an idiot!

Dean: Sam, this plane is going to crash, okay? So quit treating me like I'm freakin' four!
Sam: You need to calm down.
Dean: Well, I'm sorry. I can't!
Sam: Yes, you can.
Dean: Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help-yoga crap. It's not helping!

Dean: Maybe the thing's just not on the plane.
Sam: You believe that?
Dean: Well, I will if you will.

Dean: All right, this is gonna sound nuts, but we just don’t have the time for the whole the-truth-is-out-there speech so...

Episode Goofs
While on the ground, the plane's registration number was C-GBBP, but while in flight the number was shown as C-GUTV.

After the 9/11 hijackings, nowadays, with all of the security, it's impossible to board a U.S. plane within a half an hour of its take off.

Cultural References
Dean: Man, I look like one of the Blues Brothers.

In the movie Blues Brothers, the main characters wore black suits, black hats, and sunglasses.

Dean: Hi, This is Dr. James Hetfield.

James Hetfield is the lead singer of the band Metallica, whose music is often used in the series.

Flight 401

Sam and Dean make several references to Flight 401, a plane that crashed in the Everglades in December of 1972 and its parts were re-used in other planes. In the planes with 401's parts, sightings of the ghosts of the pilot and the co-pilot were often reported.

Dean: This goes way beyond floating over a bed or barfing pea soup.

Dean is referencing the 1973 film The Exorcist in which a young girl becomes posessed.

Dean: We don't have time for "the-truth-is-out-there" speech, so...

This is a reference to The X-Files, in which at the end of the opening sequence, this phrase is seen on the screen.

Phantom Travelers

Though the Phantom Traveler is portrayed as a pilot in this episodes, in history Phantom Travelers were often hitchhikers on lonely back roads. Dating back to the 1600s, Phantom Travelers target specific types of transportation, most of which have some sort of tragedy associated with them. No matter the form of transportation, Phantom Travelers have one thing in common: their spirits can appear and disappear from out of nowhere.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorEric Kripke
Executive ProducerMcG  |  Eric Kripke  |  Robert Singer
Co-Executive ProducerRichard Hatem  |  John Shiban
Supervising ProducerPhilip Sgriccia
ProducerCyrus I. Yavneh  |  Peter Johnson
Associate ProducerTodd Philip Aronauer
Production DesignerJerry Wanek
EditorPaul Karasick
CastingRobert J. Ulrich  |  Carol Kritzer  |  Eric Dawson  |  Heike Brandstatter  |  Coreen Mayrs
First Assistant DirectorGreg Rousseaux
Second Assistant DirectorVictor Landrie
MusicJay Gruska
Music SupervisorAlexandra Patsavas
Costume DesignerDiane Widas
Key GripHarvey Fedor
Set DecoratorGeorge Neuman
Property MasterChristopher Cooper
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerGary D. Rogers  |  Dan Hiland
GafferChris Cochrane
Director of PhotographySerge LaDouceur
Story EditorRaelle Tucker  |  Sera Gamble
Stunt CoordinatorLou Bollo
Production ManagementGeorge A. Grieve
Sound MixerDonald Painchaud
Key Makeup ArtistShannon Coppin
Visual Effects SupervisorIvan Hayden
Visual Effects ProducerScott Ramsey
Key HairstylistJeannie Chow
Special Effects SupervisorRandy Shymkiw
Special Effects Make-upJoel Echallier
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