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Sam continues to have haunting dreams and convinces Dean to return home for the first time. There, the brothers have to deal with painful memories, but their feelings are put on hold when the current residents experience the same phenomena that Sam had dreamed about. But before they can stop what's happening now, Sam and Dean have to face their mother's death first.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 2T6908
Airdate: Tuesday November 15th, 2005

Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: Eric Kripke

Alternate Airdates:

PT (AXN) Dec 04, 2006
FR (TF6) Jan 08, 2007
IT (RaiDue) Apr 04, 2007
DE (Pro7) Dec 17, 2007
NL (Net 5) Aug 31, 2008


Guest Stars
Jeffrey Dean MorganJeffrey Dean Morgan
As John Winchester
Samantha SmithSamantha Smith
As Mary Winchester
Loretta DevineLoretta Devine
As Missouri Moseley

Co-Guest Stars
Don ThompsonDon Thompson
As Mr. Guenther
Jerry RectorJerry Rector
As Joe the Plumber
Main Cast
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Sam Winchester
Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
As Dean Winchester


In Lawrence, Kansas, Jenny is looking at a photo of herself and her husband, when her daughter Sairie comes in and complains that there's a monster in her closet. Jenny checks and assures her that there's nothing there. She then puts Sairie to bed and assures her that the three of them, including Sairie's brother Ritchie, will all be happy there despite Sairie's misgivings. As Jenny goes, her daughter asks her to prop the chair in front of the closet doorknobs...

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Episode Notes
This is the first appearance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) in scenes that aren't flashbacks.

This episode was originally entitled "The Journey Home".

Loretta Devine, who guest stars as Missouri the psychic, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who guest stars as John Winchester, also worked together on the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy as guest stars in the episodes "Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response" and "Losing My Religion".

Episode Quotes
Dean: All right. I've been cruisin' some websites and I think I found some candidates for our next gig. A fishing trawler found off the coast of Cali, its crew vanished. And, uh, we got some cattle mutilations in west Texas. Hey! Am I boring you with this hunting-evil stuff?
Sam: No, I'm listening. Keep going.
Dean: And here, a Sacramento man shot himself in the head. Three times. Any of these things blowin' up your skirt, pal?

Dean: Just slow down would ya. I mean first you tell me that you've got the Shining, and then you tell me that I've got to go back home, especially when . . .
Sam: When what?
Dean: When I swore to myself that I would never go back there.

Dean: (leaving John a voicemail) Dad, I know I've left messages before. I don't even know if you get 'em. But I'm with Sam, and we're in Lawrence, and there's something in our old house. I don't know if it's the thing that killed Mom or not... but... I don't know what to do. So whatever you're doing, if you could get here... please. I need your help, Dad.

Missouri Moseley: Oh, you boys grew up handsome. (to Dean) And you were one goofy-looking kid, too.

Missouri Moseley: Sam, oh honey. I'm sorry about your girlfriend. And your father... he's missing.
Sam: How'd you know all that?
Missouri Moseley: Well, you were just thinking it, just now.
Dean: Where is he? Is he okay?
Missouri Moseley: I don't know.
Dean: Don't know? Your supposed to be a psychic, right?
Missouri Moseley: Boy, you see me sawing some bony tramp in half? You think I'm a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can't just pull facts out of thin air.

Missouri Moseley: Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I'm going to whack you with a spoon.
Dean: I didn't do anything.
Missouri Moseley: Well, you were thinking about it.

Missouri Moseley: That an EMF?
Dean: Yeah.
Missouri Moseley: Amateur.

Missouri Moseley: Don't you worry-–Dean's going to clean up this mess. What are you waiting for, boy? Get the mop. (Dean glares silently) And don't cuss at me!

Episode Goofs
When Richie climbs into the refrigerator, the shot shows the childproof latch closing and locking him in the refrigerator. Later when his mother is frantically looking for him and realizes he's in the refrigerator, the latch is clearly unhooked but she pretends to unlatch it anyway.

Cultural References
Visual: Dean chopping down the door and his face is framed in the hole

This part of the scene is a reference to the the 1980 horror film, The Shining. In the film, Jack Nicholson's character's face is framed by a door that he too chopped a hole in with an axe.

Dean: Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubinstein thing.

Zelda Rubinstein is an actress from the 1982 movie Poltergeist who played Tangina Barrons, a clairvoyant.

Episode References
Upon returning home, several references are made to their mother's death which occured in the "Pilot" episode of the series. Later in the episode when Sam is getting the children away from the spirit, he tells the older girl to get out of the house with her siblings in the exact same way that Sam's father told Dean to get out of the house in the Pilot.

Connection to Home

This episode is a good example of the brothers' closeness to their home. Though they were forced to leave the home after their mother's violent death, they still feel strong ties and a need to help the current residents of the house. Despite being haunted by memories of their mother's death, as well as Jessica's, the brothers work together to save their childhood home.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorEric Kripke
Executive ProducerMcG  |  Eric Kripke  |  Robert Singer
Co-Executive ProducerKim Manners  |  John Shiban  |  Richard Hatem
Supervising ProducerPhilip Sgriccia
ProducerPeter Johnson  |  Cyrus I. Yavneh
Associate ProducerTodd Philip Aronauer
Production DesignerJerry Wanek
EditorDavid Ekstrom
CastingRobert J. Ulrich  |  Carol Kritzer  |  Eric Dawson  |  Heike Brandstatter  |  Coreen Mayrs
First Assistant DirectorGreg Rousseaux
Second Assistant DirectorVictor Landrie
MusicChristopher Lennertz
Music SupervisorAlexandra Patsavas
Costume DesignerDiane Widas
Set DecoratorGeorge Neuman
Transportation CoordinatorMark Gould
Property MasterChristopher Cooper
Script SupervisorPam Lawrence
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerDan Hiland  |  Gary D. Rogers
Director of PhotographySerge LaDouceur
Story EditorSera Gamble  |  Raelle Tucker
Stunt CoordinatorLou Bollo
Production ManagementGeorge A. Grieve
Sound MixerDonald Painchaud
Key Makeup ArtistShannon Coppin
Visual Effects SupervisorIvan Hayden
Visual Effects ProducerScott Ramsey
Key HairstylistJeannie Chow
Special Effects SupervisorRandy Shymkiw
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