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Supernatural: Everybody Loves a Clown

Sam and Dean receive a message on their father's cell phone from a woman named Ellen and head out to find her. They discover that Ellen is the owner of a roadhouse that serves as a meeting place for hunters. Meanwhile, a circus clown is targeting young children who will let him into their home so he can brutally murder their parents.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x2
Production Number: 3T5502
Airdate: Thursday October 05th, 2006

Director: Philip Sgriccia
Writer: John Shiban

Alternate Airdates:

DK (TV3+) Nov 12, 2006
UK (E4) Feb 11, 2007
PT (AXN) Mar 19, 2007
FR (TF6) Sep 17, 2007
DE (Pro7) Dec 17, 2007
IT (RaiDue) Jun 24, 2008
NL (Net 5) Nov 08, 2009


Guest Stars
Alona TalAlona Tal
As Jo Harvelle
Chad LindbergChad Lindberg
As Ash
Samantha FerrisSamantha Ferris
As Ellen Harvelle
Alec WillowsAlec Willows
As Clown / Barry Papizian / Rakshasa

Co-Guest Stars
David Stuart (1)David Stuart (1)
As Evan's Dad
Colin NaplesColin Naples
As Small Clown
Ken KramerKen Kramer
As Mr. Cooper
Julius ChappleJulius Chapple
As Nora's Dad
Lexie HuberLexie Huber
As Nora's Mom
Quinn LordQuinn Lord
As Evan
Alexis LlewellynAlexis Llewellyn
As Second Little Girl
Dean RedmanDean Redman
As Second Girl's Father
Kirsten WilliamsonKirsten Williamson
As Second Girl's Mother
Main Cast
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Sam Winchester
Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
As Dean Winchester


In Medford, Wisconsin, the Cooper Carnival sets up shop. A young girl, Nora, laughs at the clowns, while her father admits that he's always hated clowns. His wife tells him to hush and let Nora enjoy herself. As they tour the carnival, Nora notices a clown standing off to one side. She waves to him and he waves. but disappears when Nora points him out to her parents. They figure she made it up. As the family drives home, Nora sees the clown standing on the side of the road as they pass. She tries to point him out to her parents, but they've gone too far past. In bed that night, Nora is lying awake when she sees a shadow on the lawn. She looks down and sees the clown standing below. She goes downstairs and waves to him through the patio door, and then lets him in and takes his hand...

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Episode Notes
This episode was in memory of Peter Ellis who directed "Bloody Mary" and "The Benders". Peter passed away in April of 2006.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Captain & TennilleDo That to Me One More TimeDean and Sam arrive at the roadhouse
The Chambers BrothersTime Has Come Todayopening recap
Three Dog NightShambalaDean works on the Impala

Episode Quotes
Sam: We've been at Bobby's for over a week now and you haven't brought up Dad once.
Dean: You know what? You're right. Come here. I'm gonna lay my head gently on your shoulder, maybe we can cry, hug, maybe even slow dance...

(driving a minivan)
Dean: This is humiliating. Feel like a freakin' soccer mom!

Dean: Oh God, please let that be a rifle.
Jo Harvelle: Nah, I'm just real happy to see you.

Dean: Was there an article in Demon Hunters Quarterly that I missed? I mean, who are you? How do you know about all this?

Dean: You got to be kidding me, this guy's no genius, he's a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie.
Ash: I like you.
Dean: Thanks.

Ash: You ever been struck by lightning? It ain’t fun.

Dean: Hey man.
Ash: Yeah?
Dean: By the way, uh, I dig the haircut.
Ash: (stroking his mullet) All business up front, party in the back.

Dean: You still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on the television.
Sam: At least I'm not afraid of flying.
Dean: Planes crash!
Sam: And apparently clowns kill.

Dean: Excuse me. We're looking for a Mr. Cooper. Have you seen him around?
The Amazing Papazian: What is that? Some kind of joke? (removes his glasses, revealing he's blind)
Dean: Oh God, I'm sorry...
The Amazing Papazian: You think I wouldn't give my eye teeth to see Mr. Cooper, or a sunset, or anything at all...?
Dean: (to Sam) Want to give me a little help here?
Sam: Not really.
Small Clown: Hey, Barry, is there a problem?
The Amazing Papazian: Yeah, this guy hates blind people.
Dean: No, no I don't...
Small Clown: Hey, buddy, what's your problem?
Dean: Nothing, it's just a little misunderstanding.
Small Clown: Little? You son of a bitch...
Dean: No, no, no, I'm just... can somebody tell me where Mr. Cooper is? Please?

Mr. Cooper: You two have never worked a show in your lives before, have you?
Dean: Nope. But we really need the work. So... and ah, Sam here's got a thing for the bearded lady.

Second Girl: Mommy, Daddy, they shot my clown!

(abandoning the minivan)
Sam: You really think they saw our plates?
Dean: Don’t wanna take the chance. Besides, I hate this freaking thing anyway.

Sam: No, no, no. That’s not what this is about, Dean. I don’t care how you deal with this, but you have to deal with it, man! Listen, I’m your brother, all right? I just want to make sure you’re okay.
Dean: Dude, I’m okay! I’m okay, okay? I swear, the next person that asks me if I’m okay, I’m gonna start throwing punches!

Sam: Well, before we go stabbing things into Cooper, we’re gonna wanna make damn sure it’s him.
Dean: You’re such a stickler for details, Sammy.

Jo Harvelle: Am I going to see you again?
Dean: Do you want to?
Jo Harvelle: I wouldn’t hate it.

Ash: Where you guys been? Been waiting for ya.
Sam: We were working a job, Ash. Clowns.
Ash: Clowns? What the f...
Dean: (interrupts) You got somethin' for us, Ash?

Ash: If this fugly bastard raises its head, I'll know. I mean I'm on it like Divine on dog dookie.

Sam: Where did you learn to do all this?
Ash: MIT. Before I got bounced for fighting.
Sam: MIT?
Ash: It's a school in Boston.

Sam: You're right.
Dean: 'Bout what?
Sam: About me and Dad. I'm sorry that the last time I was with him I tried to pick a fight. I'm sorry I spent most of my life angry at him. I mean, for all I know he died thinking that I hate him. So you're right. That what I'm doing right now is too little...too late. I miss him, man and I feel guilty as hell. And I'm not all right. Not at all. But neither are you. That much I know. I'll let you get back to work.

Episode Goofs
When Sam and Dean rescue the girl, the room Sam is hiding in has the lights off. When Dean fires at the clown, the room is lit. When the camera cuts back to Sam and the girl, it is mostly dark.

During the scene when Sam and Dean are walking down the road, Sam's cell phone alternates between being and not being in his right hand.

When Dean supposedly opens the steam pipe, by turning the handle down, he is actually closing it. A handle perpendicular to a pipe closes the valve, it doesn't open it.

After Sam stabs the clown, Dean pulls out the knife and throws it on the ground. In the next shot, Dean is shown pulling the knife out again.

Near the ending scene, Dean is drinking a beer in a bottle. When the camera switches angles, Dean's hand changes from being at the bottom of the bottle to the neck of the bottle.

Cultural References
Dean: You still bust out crying whenever you see Ronald McDonald on the television.

Ronald McDonald is the clown mascot of the fast food restaurant McDonalds.

Sam: Look! Five-oh!

Sam identifies policemen talking to carny workers as "five oh." The hit series Hawaii Five-O (1968) told stories policemen who worked the nation's 50th state. In the past decade or so, the term "five-oh" has become a pop culture and urban synonym for police.

Dean: I know what you're thinking - Why'd it have to be clowns?

Dean's line is a reference to a line from the Indiana Jones series of films: "Why'd it have to be snakes?".

Ash: I mean I'm on it like Divine on dog dookie.

Divine is a drag queen who ate dog feces in the film Pink Flamingos.

Episode References
Sam: At least I'm not afraid of flying.
Dean: Planes crash!

Dean's fear of flying is a reference to the episode "Phantom Traveler".

Other Episode Crew

CreatorEric Kripke
Executive ProducerKim Manners  |  John Shiban  |  Robert Singer  |  McG  |  Eric Kripke
Co-Executive ProducerPeter Johnson
Supervising ProducerPhilip Sgriccia  |  Matt Witten
ProducerCyrus I. Yavneh
Consulting ProducerBen Edlund
Associate ProducerTodd Philip Aronauer
Production DesignerJerry Wanek
EditorAnthony Pinker
CastingRobert J. Ulrich  |  Carol Kritzer  |  Eric Dawson  |  Heike Brandstatter  |  Coreen Mayrs
First Assistant DirectorJohn MacCarthy
Second Assistant DirectorKit Marlatt
MusicChristopher Lennertz
Music SupervisorAlexandra Patsavas
Costume DesignerDiane Widas
Set DecoratorGeorge Neuman
Property MasterChristopher Cooper
Script SupervisorPam Lawrence
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerDennis Kirk  |  Bill Jackson (1)
Director of PhotographySerge LaDouceur
Stunt CoordinatorLou Bollo
Post Production CoordinatorJohn Mabry
Production ManagementGeorge A. Grieve
Sound MixerDonald Painchaud
Executive Story EditorSera Gamble  |  Raelle Tucker
Key Makeup ArtistShannon Coppin
Visual Effects SupervisorIvan Hayden
Visual Effects ProducerGrant Lindsay
Key HairstylistJeannie Chow
Special Effects SupervisorRandy Shymkiw
Special Effects Make-upToby Lindala
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