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Supernatural: What Is and What Should Never Be

While on the trail of a Djinn, Dean wakes up one night and finds that he is in an alternate reality where Mary never died and John Winchester and his sons never hunted monsters. In this life, Sam is in law school and engaged to Jessica, and Dean has a steady job and a beautiful girlfriend. However, when a strange woman begins following him around , Dean realizes that all of the people that he and Sam saved have died, and has to decide if he wants to stay in his new life or return to reality.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x20
Production Number: 3T5520
Airdate: Thursday May 03rd, 2007

Director: Eric Kripke
Writer: Raelle Tucker

Alternate Airdates:

DK (TV3+) May 19, 2007
AU (Eleven) Jun 18, 2007
PT (AXN) Jul 23, 2007
DE (Pro7) May 06, 2008
IT (RaiDue) Sep 02, 2008
NL (Net 5) Apr 19, 2009
NZ (2) Jun 12, 2009


Guest Stars
Samantha SmithSamantha Smith
As Mary Winchester
Adrianne PalickiAdrianne Palicki
As Jessica
Adrianne PalickiAdrianne Palicki
As Jessica
Michelle BorthMichelle Borth
As Carmen Porter
Michelle BorthMichelle Borth
As Carmen Porter

Co-Guest Stars
Kwesi AmeyawKwesi Ameyaw
As Professor
Kwesi AmeyawKwesi Ameyaw
As Professor
Mackenzie GrayMackenzie Gray
As The Djinn
Mackenzie GrayMackenzie Gray
As The Djinn
Melanie ScrofanoMelanie Scrofano
As Girl in White
Melanie ScrofanoMelanie Scrofano
As Girl in White
Main Cast
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Sam Winchester
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Sam Winchester
Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
As Dean Winchester
Jensen AcklesJensen Ackles
As Dean Winchester


Dean is driving in the Impala when he gets a call from Sam, who is at their motel. Sam says that a police car has pulled off outside and figures the cops are after them. The police drive away and Sam checks to see if his brother has found anything about a recent batch of missing victims. His older brother says that he hasn't turned up anything, and Sam figures that they're after a Djinn, who is sucking out the victims' life force and is hiding in ruins. Dean goes to check out a likely site and hangs up before Sam can object...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Lynyrd SkynyrdSaturday Night SpecialDean and Fantasy Sam go hunting
RamonesWhat A Wonderful WorldDean mows the lawn

Episode Quotes
Dean: See? Nothing to worry about.
Sam: Yeah, being fugitives. Freakin' dance party.
Dean: Hey, man, chicks dig the danger vibe.

Dean: My god, Barbara Eden was hot, wasn’t she? And way hotter than that Bewitched chick.
Sam: Are you even listening to me?
Dean: Umm, yeah.

Dean: The Djinn, it attacked me.
Sam: The gin? You were drinking gin?
Dean: No, ass-hat, the Djinn, the scary creature, remember?

Dean: Let me ask you a question. When you put me into bed when I was little, what did you always tell me?
Mary: Dean, I don't understand.
Dean: Just answer the question.
Mary: I told you angels were watching over you.
Dean: I don't believe it.

Professor: Son? You been drinking?
Dean: Everybody keeps asking me that. But, uh, no.

Dean: That lawn looks like it could use some mowing.
Mary: You want to mow the lawn?
Dean: Are you kidding me? I'd love to mow the lawn.
Mary: Knock yourself out. You'd think you've never mowed a lawn in your life.

Carmen Porter: What do you say later we get you a cheeseburger?
Dean: Oh God yes. How’d I end up with such a cool chick?
Carmen Porter: I just got low standards.

Sam: You know, I'm not asking you to change. I don't know. I guess we just don't really have anything in common, ya know.
Dean: Wait, whoa whoa whoa. Yes we do, Yes we do.
Sam: What?
Dean: Hunting.
Sam: Hunting? I've never been hunting in my life, Dean.
Dean: Yeah, well, then we should go sometime. I think you'd be great at it.

Dean: I'm dating a nurse? That is so... respectable.

Dean: (talking to John's grave) All of them. Everyone that you saved, everyone Sammy and I saved. They're all dead. And there's this woman haunting that's me. I don't know why. I don't know what the connection is. Not yet anyway. It's like my old life is, is coming after me or something, you know? Like it, like it doesn't want me to be happy. Of course, I know what you'd say. Well, not the you that played softball, but... You'd say, "Go hunt the djinn. Hey, it put you here, it could put you back. Your happiness for all those people's lives. No contest, right?" But why? Why is it my job to save these people? Why do I have to be some kind of hero? What about us, huh? What, Mom's not supposed to live her life? Sammy's not supposed to get married? Why do we have to sacrifice everything, Dad?

Sam: Look, whatever stupid thing you're about to do, you're not doing it alone and that's that.
Dean: I don't understand, why are you doing this?
Sam: Because you're still my brother.
Dean: Bitch.
Sam: What are you calling me a bitch for?
Dean: You're supposed to say "jerk."
Sam: What?
Dean: Never mind.

Sam: What's in the bag?
Dean: Nothing.
Sam: Nothing?
Dean: Yeah! Nothing!
Sam: Fine! (grabs the bag)
Dean: You don't want to do that!
Sam: Oh really? What the hell is this?!
Dean: Blood.
Sam: Yeah I can see that it's blood, Dean, but what the hell is it doing in here?!
Dean: You don't really want to know.

Sam: You're having some kind of psychotic breakdown.
Dean: I wish.

Sam: (to Dean, about to stab himself) Look, this isn't a dream, all right. I'm here with you, now, and you are about to kill yourself, Dean.
Dean: No, I'm pretty sure. Like, 90 percent sure. But I'm sure enough.

Dean: You should have seen it, Sam... our lives... you were such a wussy.

Sam: I thought it was supposed to be this perfect fantasy.
Dean: It wasn't. It was just a wish. I wished for Mom to live. Mom never died, we never went hunting, and you and me just never... ya know.
Sam: Yeah. Well, I'm glad we do.

Dean: You had Jess. Mom was gonna have grandkids.
Sam: Yeah, but Dean, it wasn't real.
Dean: I know, but I wanted to stay.

Dean: Ever since Dad... all I can think about is how much this job has cost us. We’ve lost so much; we’ve sacrificed so much...
Sam: But people are alive because of you. It’s worth it, Dean. It is. It’s not fair, and y’know it hurts like hell, but it’s worth it.

Episode Goofs
While Dean is in the cemetery, his voice is heard but his lips don't move.

When Dean goes to visit Mary he's not wearing a jacket, but when he arrives at her house he has it on.

Cultural References
Episode Title: What Is and What Should Never Be

"What Is and What Should Never Be" is the title of a Led Zeppelin song.

Dean: Well, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Dean is quoting a line from the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Dean: My God, Barbara Eden was hot, wasn’t she? And way hotter then that Bewitched chick.

Barbara Eden starred as a genie in the 1960s series, I Dream of Jeannie. In Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery starred as Samantha Stephens, a witch.

Dean: Aunty Em? There's no place like home.

Aunt Em and the line "There's no place like home" are both from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.

Episode References
While Dean is watching television, a memorial for the Flight 424 crash is shown. During "Phantom Traveler", Sam and Dean stop the plane from crashing.

The scene where Dean surprises Sam at Sam's house is word-for-word the same as in the "Pilot" episode.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorEric Kripke
Executive ProducerJohn Shiban  |  Robert Singer  |  Eric Kripke  |  Kim Manners  |  McG
Co-Executive ProducerPeter Johnson
Supervising ProducerPhilip Sgriccia
ProducerCyrus I. Yavneh
Consulting ProducerBen Edlund
Associate ProducerTodd Philip Aronauer
Production DesignerJerry Wanek
EditorAnthony Pinker
CastingEric Dawson  |  Robert J. Ulrich  |  Carol Kritzer  |  Coreen Mayrs  |  Heike Brandstatter
First Assistant DirectorJohn MacCarthy
Second Assistant DirectorKit Marlatt
MusicChristopher Lennertz
Music SupervisorAlexandra Patsavas
Costume DesignerDiane Widas
Set DecoratorGeorge Neuman
Property MasterChristopher Cooper
Script SupervisorPam Lawrence
Supervising Sound EditorMichael E. Lawshe
Re-Recording MixerBill Jackson (1)  |  Dennis Kirk
Director of PhotographySerge LaDouceur
Stunt CoordinatorLou Bollo
Post Production CoordinatorJohn Mabry
Production ManagementGeorge A. Grieve
Sound MixerDonald Painchaud
Executive Story EditorRaelle Tucker  |  Sera Gamble
Key Makeup ArtistShannon Coppin
Visual Effects SupervisorIvan Hayden
Visual Effects ProducerGrant Lindsay
Key HairstylistJeannie Chow
Special Effects SupervisorRandy Shymkiw
Original CastingPatrick Rush
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