Bad Day at Black Rock - Recap

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In prison, a man comes to see hunter Gordon Walker and tells him on the demon release from the Hell Gate. Gordon doesn’t believe that the Winchesters tried to stop it and tells the man, Kubrick, to kill Sam.

Sam and Dean are on the road and discussing the female demon, Sam, who offered her help. Dean doesn’t believe she plans to help them but they’re interrupted when they get a call on their father’s old phone. Sam is informed that someone broke into their father’s container in Buffalo.

Kubrick is working with another man, Creedy, and preparing to track down the Winchesters. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean go into the container and find a lot of old items, as well as indications someone broke in and survived a couple of booby traps. They also find cursed boxes built to contain cursed objects, and notice that one is missing.

Two men, Grossmen and Wayne, are debating whether to open the box, which they stole on behalf of a woman. They open it and find a rabbit’s foot. Wayne picks it up but they’re interrupted when another man, Foster, arrives and offers his help tending to Wayne’s shotgun wound.

The brothers track the thieves to Wayne’s apartment in Connecticut, where he’s busy winning poker against Grossman and realizing the rabbit foot gives him luck. Sam and Dean arrive with guns but Wayne fights back and starts winning with a series of lucky breaks. Grossman chokes Sam, who manages to grab the rabbit foot… and starts winning. Wayne points a gun in his face… but it’s empty. He trips and knocks himself out, and Grossman KOs himself as well.

The brothers grab some food while Dean has Sam start scratching lottery tickets… and winning big. Back at the apartment, Wayne wakes up and tries to get Grossman up… and trips over a bottle and impales himself on a meat fork.

Sam calls Bobby who reveals it’s a cursed item. Once someone touches it, they get good luck until they lose it, and then they die of bad luck. They keep winning more in lottery tickets and win a free meal as millionth customers at a restaurant.

While Kubrick and Creedy put out the word and look to get some food, a waitress pours coffee for Sam and checks him out. As she walks away, Sam spills the coffee and knocks another customer down, and they realize the rabbit’s foot is gone. They go after the waitress, unaware that she’s removed her wig. Meanwhile, Creedy are checking out on-line menus and spot Dean and Sam’s photo at the restaurant web site.

Dean and Sam visit Grossman and want to know who hired him, and Dean figures Grossman isn’t willing to be responsible for killing other people indirectly. While Kubrick and Creedy try to catch up to them, Dean calls Bobby who knows about Bela, who hunts cursed items and lives in Queens. Dean drops Sam off for safety at a motel, unaware that Kubrick and Creedy are parked nearby.

In Queens, Bela is at her apartment negotiating to sell the rabbit’s foot, being careful not to touch it. Dean gets past her security system and gets the drop on her, ending up in a Mexican standoff. Meanwhile, back at the motel the heater breaks down, bursting into flame. Sam knocks himself out dealing with it, and Kubrick and Creedy spot him. Meanwhile, Dean tries to appeal to Bela’s sympathy but she’d rather sell it for money. when that fails, he manages to grab the rabbit’s foot and the good luck protects him as he escapes.

Kubrick figures Sam was involved with the demons and beats him up for the information, figuring they’re doing God’s work. Dean arrives and says it’s just luck, and puts down his gun. Dean then tosses a pen into the muzzle of Kubrick’s gun, ducks Creedy as he runs into a wall, and knocks out Kubrick with a remote control.

The brothers head to a cemetery to destroy the rabbit’s foot by burning but Bela shows up with a gun and demands it. When Dean tries to call her bluff, she wounds Sam and threatens to kill him if Dean doesn’t turn over the cursed item. He tosses it to her and she instinctively catches it, and is forced to destroy it before the curse catches up to her. She stalks off, angry, but as Dean and Sam leave they realize that she stole their lottery scratch tickets.

At the prison, Kubrick goes to Gordon and tells him he now believes that Sam is the Adversary, and God wants him to destroy Sam. Gordon agrees, and they start to plan how to get Gordon out of prison.