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After School Special - Recap

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At Truman High School in Fairfax, Indiana, the jocks and cheerleaders are in the cafeteria discussing Taylor, who’s rumored to have been sleeping around. They refuse to let her sit with them and start chanting “slut.” She goes to another table and sits to a fat girl, April. April says she feels sorry for Taylor, who insults her. April runs off in tears. The next day, Taylor is in the bathroom when April comes up behind her. She tells Taylor she isn’t fat and then slams the girl’s head into the mirror. She then drags the girl over to the toilet and drowns her, as black ooze drips from her eye.

April is being held at a mental institute, and Sam breaks in disguised as an orderly. April says that she doesn’t remember actually trying to kill Taylor, and describes herself as being possessed. Sam asks if she saw any black smoke or smelled sulphur but she admits she didn’t. Sam goes outside to meet with Dean. They figure a ghost or demon is responsible and they have to investigate Truman HS. Dean is reluctant to do so, remembering when they were there for a few weeks when they were traveling with their father.

The Past

Young Sam and Dean arrive at Truman and Sam complains how it’s the third high school they’ve been to in the last few months. Dean tells Sam that he’ll be fine. Sam goes into his class taught by Mr. Wyatt and doesn’t have much to say. As he sits down, he drops a butterfly knife out of his backpack, attracting the attention of nerd student Barry Cook. Barry introduces himself and the kid behind him, Dirk MacGregor, starts picking on him. Sam tells him to back off and Dirk asks if Sam is volunteering to take Barry’s place. Sam says sure and Dirk backs down.

Den saunters into his class and makes fun of the teacher. As he takes his seat, he catches the eye of an attractive blonde, Amanda Heckerling.

The Present

The brothers go undercover: Sam as a janitor, Dean as a gym teacher. Sam checks around the school but hasn’t found any signs of the supernatural.

In Home Ec, a jock demands his homework from a nerd kid. The kid refuses and grabs the jock’s hand and shoves it into a cuisinart on blend. As the students get the jock to the nurse, Sam comes in and sees the kid laying on the floor, black ooze dripping from his ear. The kid has no memory of what happened.

Dean checks the records and discovers there’s been only one death in the school: Barry Cook, who slashed his wrists in the girl’s bathroom where Taylor died. They figure that Barry is the ghost and is getting revenge on bullies. Sam remembers Barry…

The Past

As Barry leaves school, Dirk shoves him down and Sam comes to his aid. Later, Dirk goes after Sam, who refuses to fight back. Mr. Wyatt leads Dirk away while Sam crouches on the floor, gritting his teeth.

Dean is making out with Amanda in a closet. He invites her to a movie and she says she has a curfew, and Dean boasts that he doesn’t have a curfew, he lives in hotels, and does whatever he wants. Amanda wonders if he misses his dad.

The Present

The Winchesters salt and burn Barry’s bones. As they drive back into town, Sam wonders if he might have been able to do something for his friend if they had stayed longer. Dean says it wasn’t his fault what happened to Barry and admits he hated Truman HS. Sam says it wasn’t that bad.

The Past

Dean is angry at Sam for not fighting back, and Sam says that he didn’t want people to think he was a freak. Dean gets a call from their dad John saying he’s going to be out of town another week so they’re stuck there. Amanda wants him to meet her parents, but Dean isn’t interested.

After class, Mr. Wyatt asks Sam to stay. he asks about Sam’s “non-fiction” project, which talks about Sam and his family killing a werewolf. Sam says he made it up and wonders if he’s going to get failed, but Mr. Wyatt gives him an A. He discusses Sam’s home situation and wonders if Sam plans to do what is father does. Sam says he doesn’t want to and Mr. Wyatt says that he didn’t go into the family business. He encourages Sam to do whatever makes him happy.

The Present

Dean drops Sam off at Truman HS and he goes in to talk to Mr. Wyatt. A girl asks him for directions but then calls him Sam and attacks him. Sam pulls out a vial of salt and manages to shove it into her mouth, driving out the ghost. Later, the brothers compare notes and Dean discovers that all the possessed students rode on the same school bus. They check the bus and discover that a new driver started the same time that Taylor died: Dirk MacGregor Sr., father of the bully Sam knew in high school.

The Past

When Dirk goes after Barry, Sam tries top stop him. This time, when Dirk shoves him down, Sam gets back up and uses his training to easily defeat the bully. He calls Dirk “Dirk the Jerk” and walks away as the students chant Dirk’s new nickname.

The Present

Sam and Dean talk to Dirk’s father. He explains that his son died at the age of 18, due to drugs, booze, and depression. Dirk Sr. talks about how the kids picked on Dirk, calling him “Dirk the Jerk.” He admits Dirk had a hard time, but he was troubled because he had to take care of his mother as she was dying of cancer. Sam apologizes and Dean asks if all of Dirk’s body was cremated. Dirk Sr. admits that he kept a lock of his son’s hair, and has it in a Bible on the bus.

Truman HS’s football team is on the school bus with a substitute driver, Eddie: Eddie’s eye is leaking black ooze. Eddie crashes the bus and gets out, and Sam arrives. He has a shotgun and talks to Dirk, who figures Sam won’t shoot the body he’s possessing. Dean comes up behind him and lassos him with rope soaked in salt water. Dean searches for the Bible without success, and Dirk says that they’re bullies just like the kids who picked on him in high school. Sam says that he doesn’t believe Dirk is evil, and that they both took out their frustrations on each other in high school. He wishes that Dirk had lived to see that things eventually get better. Dirk isn’t convinced and breaks the ropes. Sam shoots him with rock salt, forcing Dirk out of the body. He jumps into one of the athletes, who attacks Sam. Dean shoots him without success, and Sam tells him to find the hair. Dean figures out that Dirk hid it on Eddie. He finds and burns the lock of hair and Dirk is sent to his just reward.

The Past

Amanda finds Dean kissing another girl in “their” closet. He half-heartedly tries to cover but Amanda says that she’s disappointed. She figured that Dean was actually a kid who cared, about his brother, but he’s just a sad lonely boy. She walks away as Dean yells that he’s a hero and saves people.

In the hallways, all of the students hail Sam as a hero for taking on Dirk. He basks in the glory… and Dean tells Sam that their father is ready to pick them up. As they drive away, Sam waves to Barry, who is looking sadly down at them from a window.

The Present

Sam finally visits Mr. Wyatt and says that he appreciates the advice he gave him when he was a student. Mr. Wyatt remembers him and asks if he went into the family business. Sam admits that he eventually did after a few years of college. Mr. Wyatt wonders if he’s happy doing it, and Sam doesn’t say anything.

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