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What Game did Sam play, to win back Deans youth Easy Anonymous• Chess
• Monopoly
• Poker
• Cribbage
sam and dean tried 2 save a werewolf that sam fell in love with what was her name Easy Anonymous• amy
• jessica
• maddison
what is dean's biggest secret, the one that he asked himself when he went into the future to check it was really him Medium Anonymous• some girl showed him her undies. they were pink and satiny and he kinda liked it
• he is gay with sam
• he is actually a leviathon
• he is sexy
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2004
• 2005
• 2006
• 2007
On what network does the show air Medium msd85• ABC
• The CW
How many episodes were in the fourth-sixth seasons Medium msd85• 20
• 21
• 22
• 23
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 13
• 14
• 15
• 16
How many episodes were in the first & second seasons Medium msd85• 21
• 22
• 23
• 24
What are the names of Dean's girlfriend and her son that he lives with while he thinks Sam is trapped in Lucifer's cage Medium msd85• Liza & Bill
• Laura & Brad
• Lisa & Ben
• Linda & Barry
Many aspects of the Leviathan monsters are direct references to the work of what famed horror author Medium msd85• Stephen King
• H.P. Lovecraft
• Richard Matheson
• Edgar Allan Poe
Who are the main villains of season 7 Easy msd85• Leviathans
• Angels
• Old Ones
• Demons
Who absorbed all the souls in purgatory at the end of season 6 and thus became God for a brief time in season 7 Easy msd85• Crowley
• Lucifer
• Raphael
• Castiel
"Fallen Idols" guest star Paris Hilton previously appeared alongside Jared Padalecki in what horror film Easy msd85• Friday The 13th Remake
• Repo The Genetic Opera
• House Of Wax
• Cry Wolf
"Shut Up Dr. Phil" guest stars James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter previously starred together in what series Easy msd85• Buffy The Vampire Slayer
• Both Buffy & Angel
• Angel
• Charmed
What classic rock song has been used for the montage at the beginning of every season finale Medium msd85• Carry On My Wayward Son
• Freebird
• Don't Fear The Reaper
• Back In Black
Who ends up as Michael's vessel in the season 5 finale Easy msd85• Dean
• Bobby
• Sam
• Adam
What was wrong with Sam after he came back from Hell in season 6 Easy msd85• He was an imposter
• He had become a demon
• He had no soul
• He was still possessed by Lucifer
Castiel knocking down the walls Death placed around Sam's memories of Hell leads to him hallucinating conversations with who in season 7 Easy msd85• Michael
• Lucifer
• John Winchester
• Jessica
Which is the biggest reason why Sam was addicted to demon blood Medium Anonymous• The Devil made him do it
• Ruby gives it to him during sex
• It makes him feel strong and powerful
• It is very nutritious
What item of Dean's does Castiel borrow to help him locate God Easy tvlover2008• His keychain
• The Colt
• His amulet
• John's journal
Both Mary Winchester and Jessica were killed on the same date (November 2nd) but 20 years apart. Medium tvlover2008• True
• False
What was Sam's LSAT score Hard tvlover2008• 174
• 186
• 147
• 168
What are bad spirits called Easy tvlover2008• Revenge Spirits
• Spiteful Spirits
• Avenging Spirits
• Vengeful Spirits
What item is sprinkled at the entrances of doorways and on window ledges to keep out demons Medium tvlover2008• Holy Water
• Rock Salt
• Communion Wine
• Table Salt
What is the name of the storage facility where John Winchester rented a unit Medium tvlover2008• Castle Storage
• Hideaway Storage
• Treasured Storage
• Keepsake Storage
What was the name of the saloon run by Ellen and Jo Medium tvlover2008• Haskell's Roadhouse
• Ellen's Roadhouse
• Hunter's Roadhouse
• Harvelle's Roadhouse
What are the signs that appear in a city before a demon comes called Easy tvlover2008• Signs
• Omens
• Signals
• Prophecies
Who was responsible for Sam drinking and becoming addicted to demon blood Easy tvlover2008• Azazel
• Lilith
• Lucifer
• Ruby
What song is playing on the radio the morning that Sam has to keep reliving over and over again in the episode Mystery Spot Medium tvlover2008• The Power of Love
• Heat of the Moment
• Back in Time
• Only Time Will Tell
What herb allows a person to enter another persons dreams Medium tvlover2008• Devil's Root
• Sleep Root
• Dream Root
• Demon Root
What is the name of the mystical symbol used to immobilize or control a demon Easy tvlover2008• Devil's Snare
• Devil's Trap
• Devil's Grip
• Devil's Knot
What is the name for the invisible dogs sent by the demons to collect the human soul Medium tvlover2008• Demon Hounds
• Demon Dogs
• Hell Hounds
• Hell Dogs
What is the name of the FBI agent who hunted Sam and Dean in several of Season Three's episodes Medium tvlover2008• Detective Ballard
• Detective Sheridan
• Detective Henricksen
• Detective Reid
What was the name of the demonic virus that infected the town of Rivergrove Medium tvlover2008• Croatoan
• Croctoan
• Croatian
• Cromian
What 3 things did John give Azazel in exchange for sparing Dean's life Medium tvlover2008• His life, his journal, the Colt
• His life, Sam's life in 10 years, the Colt
• His life, the Colt, the last bullet
• His life, his eternal service, the Colt
In the Wicked episode, what is responsible for putting the children into comas Medium tvlover2008• Tulpa
• Rugaru
• Shtriga
• Wendigo
What was the name of Ed Zeddmore's and Harry Spangler's website Medium tvlover2008• Hell Hounds Lounge
• Hell Hounds Lair
• Hell Hounds Lab
• Hell Hounds Living
Who was Dean's first love Medium tvlover2008• Lisa
• Madison
• Jessica
• Cassie
What illness does Dean contract that makes the infected drop dead from fright in the episode Yellow Fever Medium tvlover2008• Demon Fever
• Ghost Sickness
• Ghost Fever
• Demon Sickness
What is the name of the asylum Sam and Dean investigate in Rockford, Illinois Easy tvlover2008• Rosedale
• Roosevelt
• Rosedell
• Rosemont
What is the name of John Winchester's psychic friend Medium tvlover2008• Mississippi
• Maine
• Missouri
• Michigan
What fictional disease did Sam and Dean diagnose Audrey's teddy bear with in the episode Wishful Thinking Medium tvlover2008• Bear Pox
• Candy Disease
• Teddyitis
• Lollipop Disease
How many seals need to be broken in order to free Lucifer from hell Easy tvlover2008• 6
• 66
• 666
• 6666
What was the name of the doctor who was obsessed with finding the key to eternal life Medium tvlover2008• Benton
• Burton
• Belton
• Beldon
Who held Dean's contract Easy tvlover2008• Bela
• Meg
• Lilith
• Ruby
What is the name of Ed Zeddmore's and Harry Spangler's reality show Easy tvlover2008• Ghostchasers
• Ghosthunters
• Ghostbusters
• Ghostfacers
How many years did the Crossroads Demon give Dean when he sold his soul to bring Sam back from the dead Medium tvlover2008• 2
• 11
• 1
• 12
How do you get rid of a spirit Easy tvlover2008• Salt and burn the earthly remains
• Perform an exorcism
• Bury the earthly remains on holy ground
• Sprinkle holy water on the earthly remains
How many bullets were originally made for the Colt Medium tvlover2008• 7
• 9
• 11
• 13
What was Sam's college major Medium tvlover2008• Medicine
• Law
• Business
• Engineering
What ivy league university did Sam attend Medium tvlover2008• Harvard
• Stanford
How old was Sam when Mary died Easy tvlover2008• 6 months old
• 4 months old
• 8 months old
• 2 months old
Who was responsible for the death's of Mary Winchester and Jessica Easy tvlover2008• Meg
• Alistair
• Lilith
• Azazel
In the episode Jump the Shark, Sam and Dean learn they have a brother named Adam. Easy tvlover2008• False
• True
What creature starts out human and then metamorphoses into a human flesh eating creature Medium tvlover2008• Rugaru
• Wendigo
• Djinn
• Shtriga
What color are Lilith's eyes Easy tvlover2008• Black
• White
• Red
• Yellow
The episode Monster Movie was shot in black and white as an homage to the classic monster movies Easy tvlover2008• False
• True
What is the name of the motel Sam and Dean check into in the episode The Monster at the End of this Book Medium tvlover2008• The Tour Door
• The Red Door
• The Toreador
• The Trap Door
Sam and Dean usually use these celebrity names as aliases Easy tvlover2008• Directors
• Actors
• Rock Stars
• Writers
What is Jo's full name Medium tvlover2008• Jolynn Beth Harvelle
• Joanna Beth Harvelle
• Joan Beth Harvelle
• Jo Beth Harvellle
From Season 2 on, how is each show recap started Easy tvlover2008• Before
• Yesterday
• Previously
• Then
In Season 1, how was each show recap started Medium tvlover2008• 22 years ago
• 20 years ago
• 21 years ago
• 23 years ago
What is Chuck Shurley's pen name Medium tvlover2008• Carter England
• Carver Edlund
• Carver England
• Carter Edlund
Who is Michael's true vessel Medium tvlover2008• Adam
• Dean
• Chuck
• Sam
Throughout the series a numbered room is always this number Hard tvlover2008• 237
• 337
• 137
• 437
Which state are both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from Medium tvlover2008• Tennessee
• Kansas
• Texas
• Kentucky
What is the Latin inscription on the barrel of the Colt Medium tvlover2008• I, Maleficus (Evil be gone)
• Advocatus diaboli (The devil's advocate)
• Apage Satanas (Begone, Satan)
• Non Timebo Maia ( I will fear no evil)
When is Dean's birthday Easy tvlover2008• June 24th
• July 24th
• January 24th
• November 24th
When is Sam's birthday Easy tvlover2008• May 2nd
• April 2nd
• March 2nd
• August 2nd
who pulled dean out of hell Easy Anonymous• sam
• adam
• castiel
What is the middle name of Ben in "The Kids Alright" Hard Anonymous• Alan
• Edward
• Isaac
• John
whats the name of sam and dean half brohter Easy Anonymous• Adam
• Bobby
• John
• David
whats the name of the hunter that helps the winchester brothers out whlie trying to fight the demons Easy Anonymous• nathan
• bobby
• steven
• noel
What color eye's do Demon have Medium Shannon1983• white
• Yellow
• Red
• Black
What is the younger brother name Easy Shannon1983• Dean
• Jared
• Lucas
• Sam
What is the older brother name Easy Shannon1983• Sam
• David
• Jason
• Dean
When doing spells What is the most common language they use Easy Shannon1983• English
• Russian
• Chinese
• Latin
How did their mother die Easy Shannon1983• stabbed
• Shot
• choked
• went into flames up on the ceiling
Where was the winchester's boys mother killed Easy Shannon1983• Living Room
• Kitchen
• Sam's Nursary
• Her bedroom
What color is Dean's car Easy Shannon1983• Red
• Yellow
• Green
• Black
What's the name of the demon who helps the winchester boys Easy Shannon1983• Lindsay
• Tabitha
• Ruby
• Shelby
What was the name of Sam's girlfriend Easy Shannon1983• Erica
• Amanda
• Jessica
• Amy
What is the winchester's father name is Easy Shannon1983• John
• Jack
• Kevin
• Jared
What is the name of the gun the Winchesters use Easy tikidawg• The Bronco
• The Cannon
• The Colt
What kind of car does Dean drive Easy tikidawg• '67 Chevy Impala
• '68 Mustang
• '72 Comet
• '65 Mustang
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Premiere: September 13, 2005
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