Season 16

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Season 16

234 :16x01 - You Guys Are Dumber Than You Look

10 Ultra fans head off to the Rock Islands of Palau, Micronesia to face ten former castaways. The new castaways arrive with no idea that they will be facing the former contestants, breaking into two separate tribes.
Guest Stars: Parvati Shallow as Herself (Contestant) | Jason Siska as Himself (Contestant) | Kathleen Sleckman as Herself (Contestant) | Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth as Himself (Contestant) | James Clement as Himself (Contestant) | Erik Reichenbach as Himself (Contestant) | Eliza Orlins as Herself (Contestant) | Cirie Fields as Herself (Contestant) | Ami Cusack as Herself (Contestant) | Amanda Kimmel as Herself (Contestant) | Jonathan Penner as Himself (Contestant) | Chet Welch as Himself (Contestant) | Alexis Jones as Herself (Contestant) | Joel Anderson (1) as Himself (Contestant) | Michael Bortone as Himself (Contestant) | Yau-Man Chan as Himself (Contestant) | Mary Sartain as Herself (Contestant) | Jon Dalton as Himself (Contestant) | Jeff Probst as Himself (Host) | Tracy Wolf as Herself (Contestant)

235 :16x02 - The Sounds of Jungle Love

Exile camp will have two visitors, one from each tribe, who have a chance at locating the hidden immunity idol. Amanda and Ozzie steam up the favorites' beach with a bit of passion, as turmoil hits the fans' camp. Tribal council sees a member voted off.

236 :16x03 - I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing!

This week's reward features a physical battle which calls for the castaways to tackle each other in the water to win. Meanwhile, it's time for Cirie to pick between two alliances, and a third castaway will be voted out at tribal council.

237 :16x04 - That’s Baked, Barbecued and Fried!

One castaway replaces the immunity idol with one he has carved himself after finding the true idol on Exile Island. A fourth castaway is voted from the island.

238 :16x05 - He’s A Ball Of Goo!

This week's reward challenge takes it's toll on the castaways as several are injured during the play, and one hurt player may be forced out of the game. Meanwhile, one tribe feasts on shark meat after a female castaway catches it while fishing for food. Tribal council sees one more castaway eliminated.

239 :16x06 - It Hit Everyone Pretty Hard!

Jonathan may be forced to leave the island due to a serious infection. Meanwhile, Jake discovers Ozzy's phony immunity idol on Exile Island he had created, and Ami struggles over whether to remain loyal to her alliance.

240 :16x07 - Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store

After the reward challenge, one castaway is torn between staying true to their tribe or going home to their loved ones. Meanwhile, one of the Survivor Favorites takes an eager Fan under his wing, causing others to worry about this new bond

Source: CBS

241 :16x08 - Lost Puppy Dog

The women of one tribe are plotting to remove the strongest of men from their team. One isolated castaway will do anything possible to remain in the game. When the loyalty of a teammate is questioned, one female contestant is reduced to tears. Another castaway is voted off during tribal council.

242 :16x09 - I'm in Such a Hot Pickle

It's time for the tribes to merge into one, and Amanda is becoming jealous over a fan's flirting with Ozzy. Meanwhile, Eliza finds the phony immunity idol. One more castaway is eliminated from the island.

243 :16x10 - I Promise...

The reward challenge finds the castaways competing at indulging at a feast, followed by a show on Yap Island. Tribal council finds another contestant voted off the island.

244 :16x11 - I'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face

What started as flirtation between Parvati and James soon turned into frustration after Parvati cast a vote against Ozzy. One Castaway believes being sent to Exile will be a blessing. A female contestant plots to spin a web and devour her first victim as a self proclaimed Black Widow.

245 :16x12 - I'm Gonna Fix Her!

The castaways families are brought to the island for a reunion. James may need to leave the game early due to an infection. Another member is voted off the island.

246 :16x13 - If it Smells Like A Rat, Give It Cheese

Erik, the last remaining male, is being wooed by a few of the women to assure them to make the final four. The tribal council votes off another castaway.

247 :16x14 - Stir the Pot

The season 16 has finally reached the finals, as the last immunity challenge and tribal council is held. Later, the jury questions the finalists before voting on the winner.

248 :16x15 - The Reunion

The winner of season 16 is revealed, as the 20 castaways reunite to discuss their experiences while on the island.
Classification: Reality
Genre: Adventure | Competition
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 31, 2000
Episode Order: 15
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