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Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All - Recap

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With Wendy gone from last episode only Brenda, Benry, Alina, Chase, Jud, Naonka, Kelly S., Shannon, Kelly B., Sash, Jimmy J., Jill, Jane, Tyrone, Marty, Yve, Dan, Holly, and Jimmy T remain of the twenty that were before. On the night of Day 3 on “Estada”, Holly is going to have to rethink things because she doesn’t know where she stands as a tribe member or not.

Day 4

Last three days, no one has slept a wink and they are tired of it. Jimmy J. starts giving people duties to be able to fix the bedding so that they could be able to sleep. Right away, Jimmy T. doesn’t like not being able to take the lead and gets up and walks away. At “La Flor”, Naonka talks to Sash and he feels that it is all about the minorities this year and that Kelly B. is a charity case. She says that it is going to hurt them in the end. They make an alliance together and they feel strong about it. Back in Espada, Jill is eating snails and has gathered a whole bucket of them. Holly tells that they can’t eat snails because of the fact that they are not good. She takes the bucket of snails and dumps them out. Everyone is upset.

Later that day, everyone is still mad with Holly for taking the snails away and dumping them out. Holly starts to hear bad remarks aimed at her and she doesn’t like it at all. In retaliation, Holly decides to take it out on a tribal member. She heard Dan talk the most and decides that she is going to take Dan’s dress shoes and fill them up with sand and put them in the water. She feels good at what she does.

Day 5

At the “Espada” tribe, Dan wakes up and notices that his Alligator shoes are missing and everyone start looking for them. Dan tells that they cost him $1,600 and everyone is upset for him. Holly hides in the corner during the time. Off on her own, Holly comes to the conclusion that she wants to play the game fair and not to do things to people out of spite. She decides that she will go up to the tribe and tell the truth. Holly comes clean that she took the shoes and Dan tells that if she was a guy, he would punch her. She apologizes to the tribe and tells that she is going to fly strait. Jimmy T. tells that he forgives her, but it is harder for Dan of course. Meanwhile at “La Flor”, Naonka lost one of her socks and tells that someone stole her sock. Out of frustration, she takes a pair of socks that were laying around.

Alia tells that there is a lot of high school drama going on in the tribe and the socks that Naonka took belonged to Jud. He confronts Naonka about it and she starts arguing with him and denies it. At “Espada”, Holly is taken to the side and Jimmy J. talks with her. She says that she can’t take all the name calling and that she can’t do it. She tells that she wants to go home, but Jimmy J. tells that she is like a NFL player wanting to quit the team and he tells Holly to hold it back for a little bit and she will change her mind. She decides to stay for the tribe.

Today’s challenge is an obstacle course and it is a ball collection and toss. They are playing for an Immunity and Reward. Fishing gear or a Tarp are the choices. “Espada” has the Medallion of Power and they use it for the advantage with one ball in the bucket and one team player out. The game begins and the older team and younger team go neck to neck to see who is going to win the Immunity this time. “La Flor” seem to have the advantage when they get all four balls on the board before “Espada”. However, the extra ball helps “Espada” and they win and they are safe from being voted off. They decide to take the Fishing gear as well.

Day 6

“Espada” are celebrating their win and they open the fishing gear. In the midst of it all, they find a clue to an idol. Everyone is together trying to figure it out and the hunt is on for it. Jill decides it wise to make an alliance with Marty and tells him to get the idol. She tells where it should be and he starts digging around. After a little bit of digging, Marty finds the idol. However at “La Flor”, it is a different story. They aren’t celebrating, but they talk about their weakest player. Naonka, who thought Kelly B. was the weakest player with her prosthetic leg, found out that Kelly B. represented for the tribe. In a group, Shannon tells that Brenda is the biggest threat and that they are going to have to vote her off. Chase is with two alliances and he is having a hard time choosing a side. Meanwhile, Naonka and Brenda want to take out Shannon and Brenda tells that Chase is on her side.

Tribal Council time and “La Flor” enter. Shannon tells that the competition has been brutal and Shannon and Chase get into an argument and Shannon tells that it is because Chase’s “girlfriend” Brenda got him wrapped around her finger. They start arguing more and more and Jeff tells that he has never heard so much arguing in a tribe. He moves on to the others and they tell that they have their issues and Shannon gets called out over and over. He loses a lot of people’s vote when he calls Sash gay. The voting commences and Jud votes Brenda off thinking and of course Brenda votes out Shannon. Sash votes Shannon. The votes are tallied and the person voted out is Shannon. It is clear that the biggest threat to the tribe is the tribe itself.