We Did It Guys (Recap of the season so far and previously unseen footage) - Recap

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This episode is a review of what has happened so far into the competition. With 20 Castaways, only 9 survive. This is going to focus on the remaining 9 contestants and how they have survived and the journey others have had. They go back to Day One and right away Jimmy J. and Jimmy T. fight for their spot as leader as they try to build the shelter. At the La Flor tribe, the younger tribe, they tell that they are younger and smarter. By nightfall, the Espada tribe gets their shelter up, but with all the people on it, the shelter breaks.

By Day Four at Espada, they clear up who the leader is and Jimmy J. steps up to the position. Meanwhile at La Flor, Fabio gets pepper in his eye and Naoka tells that he needs bubble wrap around him. They show a clip show of Fabio getting hurt everywhere he goes. By Day 10, Holly starts to talk about to Jimmy T. about the mixing of the tribes and he thinks that she is just being paranoid with everything. While at La Flor, the younger ones are battling the rain. Later in the evening, Marty and Tyrone are fighting about the fire placement and Marty thinks that Tyrone is the weak link because of the fact that Tyrone is a complainer.

When the tribes hit Day 12, they are mixed with the Espada and La Flor and Jane bonds with the younger castaways and she tells that she trained her body to take the pressure of the conditions. She catches the fish, takes one for herself and steals the ambers from the fire to cook the fish for herself. At Espada, the older members have to rethink their strategy because of the new mix of old and young. They have fun and Dan tells that he will be around because no one sees him as a threat.

Around Day 16, Marty starts to be weak with the power and Sash and Marty make their deal and Sash tells Marty to give him the idol. They start to strategize and Brenda and Sash have their own private methods to who is going to be in the final. Finally by Day 19, the two tribes became one “Libertad”. However, Naonka steals food and Holly sees it. Naonka shares a moment with Holly and Holly kicks in the Mother Instincts and Naonka confesses of her crime to the entire tribe. They go out and find the flour.

On Night 21, the tribe shares their talent and Chase singing a song about his dad and Brenda cries a bit. The alliance between Brenda and Sash builds and they agree that they are in the driver’s seat and they are arrogant. However their alliance is going under the knife when the latest tribal member to be voted off is Brenda. This leaves the final 9 and the question is who will become the sole survivor?