You Started, You're Finishing - Recap

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With Brenda gone from last episode only Benry, Chase, Jud (Fabio), Naonka, Kelly S., Sash, Jane, Dan, and Holly remain from the original 20 contestants. On Night 27, the castaways get back to camp and Kelly S. tells that she is a little nervous now that Brenda is out and doesn’t know where to turn. Holly and Naonka talk about the fact that she knows that Naonka is a trusted alliance to be with. Chase tells that he has a chance but you can never know with the game.

Day 28

The day starts off raining and everyone is miserable. Naonka and Kelly S. complain about how the rain na dhow it is really hard on them. Naonka is anemic and the cold is causing her great amounts of pain. Kelly S. is not used to having so much rain and it is taking a toll on her body. Both girls are bound set to want to quit the game. Meanwhile, Benry and Fabio talk about how Naonka and Kelly S. are wanting to go home already and that they are not going to have to vote anyone out tonight. Benry tells that he doesn’t want anyone in camp that is going to be crying of the weather and pain of surviving.

Reward Challenge time and they are going to be tethered together and have to release Gulliver (a stuffed giant man) from the ropes, carry him through a variety of obstacles without dropping him, and be able to cross the finish line. Up for grabs today is a trip to the Survivor cinema for a sneak peak of “Gulliver’s Travels” and enjoy popcorn, nachos and other movie food. The race begins and the blue team is ahead with untying the dummy, but the Yellow team gets Gulliver free first. They get to one of the final obstacles and they are neck and neck! Blue team wins the reward. After the reward challenge Naonka and Kelly S. tell that they are going to want to quit after Tribal Council. Jeff is shocked and tells them to take the afternoon to think it over. Jeff tells that since the castaways’ equipment was ruined and tarp burned, if one person from the Blue team gives up their spot, they get to take back a new tarp and more rice. After everyone looks at Naonka and sees that she is not moving, Holly gives up her spot.

At Libertad, everyone thanks Holly for giving up the ultimate reward for the tribe and tell that they are thankful. They get their extra tarp up and Holly walks off with Kelly S. and tells that quitting is for losers and that she needs to suck it up, but Kelly S. has her mind made up already. Meanwhile, Benry, Chase, Naonka, and Dan enjoy their reward and everyone is upset that Naonka did not give up her spot on the reward challenge since she is going to go home.

At tribal council Jeff tells that Kelly S. and Naonka wanted to quit this afternoon and takes on Holly’s advice of never quitting and talks to Jane and she tells that life is not easy. Naonka tells that she survived for 28 days and tells that she is happy with the fact. At the topic of her not giving up her spot and giving the campers a new tarp and more food, she tells that she wanted to go out with a bang. Jeff asks if Naonka feels that she had a chance to win the Million dollars. She tells that she did have a shot at winning the game and the jury laughs. Naonka tells that she is going to quit. Kelly S. tells that she is going to quit as well. No one gets voted out tonight because of the fact that Naonka and Kelly S. decided to quit. Their torches are “snuffed” as Naonka refers it as and are left as a reminder that they are quitters.