Winner announced! - Recap

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The final episode of the season opens the morning after tribal council. The alliance of Chase, "Sash" and Holly seem strong and before the next challenge, they all agree that "Fabio" is the next to go. He realizes this and talks with Dan about voting out Holly. His situation doesn't look good.

At the challenge, they have to answer multiple choice(2) questions about Nicaragua to get bags of puzzle pieces to assemble. All the survivors get the first question right and head back out. Holly, Chase and "Sash" get it right but "Fabio" doesn't and goes back for the other bag. The alliance is in the lead with all 3 bags and "Fabio" finds it shortly after. Dan comes back the third bag when "Sash" and "Fabio" pull ahead. "Fabio" Finishes first and wins immunity.

When "Fabio" comes back to camp, he attempts to break the alliance. He thinks Holly is a bigger threat than Dan, but Chase refuses to vote for her and later that night at Tribal Council, the alliance of three remains intact. Dan is voted out and joins the jury. Back at camp "Fabio" fakes enthusiasm because he knows that if he loses immunity he will go home.

The morning after Dan is voted out, the final four set off on the Rites of Passage, remembering their former tribe mates until they arrive at the their final Immunity Challenge. It consists of balancing stacks of uneven coins on the hilt of a sword. "Fabio" looks close to losing his stack but recovers. Three coins latter Holly drops a coin from her stack and is eliminated. The next coin, Chase can't get his hand away fast enough and knocks his stack over. The last two keep it together for a while even though "Fabio's" stack is very uneven. "Sash" drops his coins and fails to snatch victory away from "Fabio".

After he wins his third challenge in a row and couldn't be happier. When they return to camp they all talk to him and make a case as to why they should stay. Holly and Chase admit to "Fabio" that if he had not won immunity, he indeed would have been the next to go, while "Sash" lies and says he would have stuck with him all the way.

At the next Tribal Council, "Sash's" lies are exposed to the others and Holly does not survive the vote. The final three men in the game return to camp and the next morning enjoy a huge breakfast with their tree mail. They burn down their shelter and head to the final Tribal Council to answer the jury' questions.

Of the opening statements Chase is ready for the questions, "Fabio" tells the jury that he played a clean game and "Sash" apologizes for backstabbing everyone. Of the questions the first to stand out is Marty who's question is so offensive that none of the guys want to answer it. Purple Kelly helps reveal some of "Sash's" Strategy. Surprisingly "Na's" question triggers an emotional reaction from "Fabio". Allina's questions trigger a debate between the three guys.
last votes and wins Survivor Nicaragua.

We see a few of the votes and I will mention them as they do not show up in the reunion episode. Marty votes for "Fabio" as well as Dan. Alina and Brenda vote for Chase. Back in L.A. Chase pulls ahead with 4 votes against 2 but that's the last he gets as "Fabio" gets all 3 of the