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Survivor 21 Reunion show - Recap

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The reunion show kicks off with the contestants from Survivor Nicaragua and Jeff reads the final votes: Fabio with 4 and Chase with 4. The winner of Survivor: Nicaragua is…Fabio! They show a little clip of Jud “Fabio” Birza’s journey and Jeff returns and asks how Jud adapted to the nickname “Fabio”. Jud tells that it was just a nickname that the contestants gave him and that was his identity. He played the game smart and Jeff asks if he has always been like that. Jud tells that he has been crazy for a while. He tells that he has family who are artists and there is something you can work with in the forest. Jeff shows a picture of Jud in his modeling. He tells that his life is going to change. He tells that he is going to start a production company and communications and art.

He moves on to Chase, the runner-up and asks if he was really wishy-washy and Chase tells that the game is about stabbing people in the back. Chase tells that he and Brenda cuddled a little bit, but it didn’t go further than that. They had a little “showmance”. Jeff turns to Sash and talks about how his alliance crumbled and asks if he thought about giving the immunity idol to Brenda and he tells that Naonka told Sash that Brenda was going for him and going to flush out the idol. That was the deciding factor. Jeff says sorry to Sash because he told him during casting that he would be voted off quickly and he made it to the end. He asks Chase if Survivor has made it hard for him to do his music and he tells that it hasn’t helped because record producers don’t care about that. Jeff gives Chase a guitar and tells him to sing a song that he wrote.

After the break, they talk with Jimmy Johnson and he tells how Survivor saved his life because when he tried out, he was on his way to the airport when the Survivor doctor called and told that he had a clogged artery. He went home and got into shape and tried out again because he was healthy again. They show that Terry Bradshaw is in the audience and he tells that Jimmy was always determined, but had no chance to get far in the game. Jeff talks to Holly about the incident with the alligator boots being submerged in the sand and ocean and Holly tells that everything Dan said just got under her skin. She gives Dan a gift of Ostrich boots and Jeff tries to get how much Dan makes per year because he always talks about what he has and he redirects the question and focuses that his boys are there in the audience.

They talk to Jane as one of the most popular because of her fitness. She tells that she worked hard to get in shape and started total gym, running and swimming. She practiced many days to start a fire. Jane talks about how Marty, Tyrone and Coach “fluffed” her off and Marty tells that it was all about the game. They admit that they still don’t really like each other. They talk about the “villain” Naonka. They talk about how she pushed Kelly B. and Naonka tells that she was playing the game. She tells that she didn’t look at Kelly B. as someone to show pity and Kelly agrees that she signed up for the same game. Jeff talks about how the drama about how Naonka was going to lose her job. She tells that they shouldn’t be judged with their profession with the show. She quit because she had enough of the weather. Jeff talks to Naonka’s mom, Xena. She tells that she is not surprised with her daughter because she told her to go out there and win. She watched week to week and was surprised.

They get back from a break and Jane wins the good player award of $100,000 and Jane tells that she makes $50,000 a year. Jeff turns to Shannon to see if he can redeem himself and Shannon tells that his comment of Sash being gay was justified until he met his girlfriend. He quickly moves on to Wendy Joe and she tells that her husband was wrong because she didn’t talk, sing, or hide and was voted off. He goes to Jimmy T. and he tells that he learned a lot and knows that he can’t play with his heart, but with his mind. He talks to Alina and she tells that it was fun no matter what and she would do it again. Jeff tells that Survivor is a family and shares a story of Boston Rob and Amber’s marriage. He talks to Rob and he tells that they just had their second baby. He tells that they work together well. They take a moment and share some information on operationsmile.org and Jeff shows that Survivor is going to have Redemption Island in February. The one voted off is going to have a second chance to get back into the game. Stay tuned for that!