Don't You Work For Me? - Recap

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With Russell voted out to Redemption Island, for the Ometepa tribe: Ashley, Grant, Kristina, Phillip, Natalie, Boston Rob, and Andrea. For the Zapatera tribe: Mike, Stephanie, Ralph, Julie, Krista, Steve, Sarita, and David remain in the competition. On the night of Tribal Council, Russell goes to Redemption Island and Russell has a cocky attitude that he is going to win the challenge that is going to go on. He says that Redemption Island is his island and he intends to keep it.

Day 9

On the Ometepe tribe, Philip wakes up the other tribemates by cleaning at the crack of dawn. Natalie doesn’t like him. Boston Rob doesn’t like the fact that Philip has his pink underwear and it is gross. Philip says that he is prepared to do what he needs to in order to stay in the game and make it to the merge. At Zepatara, Stephanie and Krista are not having fun without Russell. Ralph decides to show that he has the idol to the other tribemates. They are happy that Stephanie and Krista didn’t have it.

Day 10

Philip gets the mail and they are to have two people go to Redemption Island to watch the battle between Russell and Matt. Sarita and Ralph are to go to the Island too. On Redemption Island, the challenge is that they are going to have to stack a series a block and they have to arrange the tiles to form dominos to release a ball to break a tile. The game begins and they are neck and neck in the duel. Matt thinks that he has it, but falls short. Russell falls short. Matt tries it again and succeeds. Russell is out of the game! Russell cries and is very emotional. He then tells Ralph to show him the idol and Sarita advises that he not show him. Ralph says that he was bluffing and Phillip thinks he knows what kind of person Ralph is. Russell says that he is still in the game through Phillip and Kristina.

On Ometepe, Boston Rob distracts the others so that he can search for the idol and pretends to have a beach day. He says that his stomach is upset and has to try to “relive” himself. He starts frantically searching for the idol and after searching 38 trees, he finds it on top of the 40th. He returns to the other tribemates and pretends that he went to the bathroom.
At Zapetara, Ralph and Sarita get back and they gloat that Russell cried and then decided to out everyone on the tribe. Stephanie is upset that Russell won’t be back. Philip and Kristina get back and Philip tells Kristina that he is going to reveal who has the idol on the other tribe to Rob. Kristina doesn’t think it a good idea but will let Philip bury himself further. Philip tells everyone that he doesn’t know about idols. He tells Rob the truth and try to get Kristina on their side too. Grant and Rob no longer trust Phillip.

Day 11

The tribes get mail and they are going to have to build something. Julie says that they have to win the challenge. Challenge Time and they are playing for Immunity. They are going to have to show that they have been using the tools at the camp and food is the reward and Barbeque set. Zapatera sit out Krista. They begin and Zapatera are ahead of them all and they win the immunity and reward.

Zapetera get back to camp and celebrate with their delicious meal. Ralph is so hungry he offers to lick everyone’s fingers clean. On Ometepe, Philip talks to the tribe and says that they put a good effort and everyone did a good job. Everyone in the tribe is getting tired of Phillip and his constant talking. Natalie thinks that Kristina has the idol because she is not actively looking for it. Boston Rob says that he is going to make them think that Kristina has the idol and keep it from them that he really does. They say that they need to vote Kristina out of the game because she is the bigger threat. They are going to split the vote 2 and 3 and vote Kristina out. However, Ashley really wants Phillip to go home because he is annoying to the tribe. Phillip sees that Boston Rob is not a man of his word and that he shouldn’t trust him at all.

Tribal Council Time and the Ometepe tribe sit down. Kristina says that she is a finder and that she is going to help out the tribe as much as she can. Boston Rob says that she just recently came into the tribe because of her actions. Philip says that he is a doer and that he can be annoying to people who don’t help out. He looks at Kristina when he says this and Kristina says that she is a worker. The voting begins and of course Philip votes for Christina and vise versa. The votes are tallied and it is Phillip with 3 and Kristina with 3. The next to be voted off to Redemption Island is Kristina.