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Their Red-Headed Stepchild - Recap

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With Krista voted off to Redemption Island, for the Ometepa tribe: Ashley, Grant, Phillip, Natalie, Boston Rob, and Andrea. For the Zapatera tribe: Mike, Stephanie, Ralph, Julie, Steve, Sarita, and David remain in the game. On night 13, Krista goes into Matt’s camp and she tells that she is going to give him a run for his money. Both are religious and Krista says that whatever the outcome, it is God’s will.

Day 14

At Zapatera, Stephanie is not happy and Steve wants to know why Stephanie voted for him to be kicked out. She is blunt and says that it is because he is the weaker of the players and that she is sorry if she offended him. Steve tells that Stephanie is basically tightening the rope around her neck to get voted off. Meanwhile on the Ometepe tribe, the girls say that they should have a beach day and Ashley and Natalie take turns cutting their leg hair and helping them groom each other while Philip and the other tribemates pitch in and help out. Philip tells them that they are going to have to take turns to mend the fire. Philip is getting tired of the fact that Natalie and Ashley are still in the game when they are not doing anything to make it comfortable for anyone. Philip says that he is their “red headed step-child”.

On Redemption Island, they get the Bible in their tree mail and it is Krista’s luxury item. They get ready for the duel and tell that it is in God’s hands. They bond on the beach and pray. Andrea and Natalie from Ometepe and Julie and Mike from Zapatera are the witnesses to the duel. They are going to us a grappling hook to get three bags that have balls inside to figure out a maze. The game begins and it looks like Krista is going to win, but she drops it at the end. Matt wins the duel again and stays alive in the competition. Krista goes home and gives Matt the Bible. Andrea sees that Matt had a connection with Krista and realizes that Matt is a huge threat in the competition.

Day 15

At Zapatera, Zarita is complaining about her tooth hurting her because she feels that she got bacteria in her cavity. Julie thinks that Sarita is being a little “princess” and is just complaining. Even Ralph says that it is nasty to put something in her mouth to clean her teeth. He says that she is going to get sent home on her own. David talks to Stephanie and says that she may not have a lot of time and should attempt to be in the group. Stephanie lies down to think and knows that she is going to have to pretend to like the rest to stay in the game. On the Ometepe tribe, Philip is gathering wood and everyone is lying around. Rob and Grant are helping out and Philip talks to the girls and tell them that they are not helping out when they should Ashley takes offense and says that Philip doesn’t talk to them like he does with the guys. Philip says that it because they help out. Philip tells that it is not a beauty pageant. Rob takes Philip to the side and says that they are girls. Rob says that he wants Ashley and Natalie to stay annoying because no one is going to give them $1 Million.

Back on Zapatera tribe, Stephanie sits down with Steve and apologizes for putting his name down. She tells that she wanted to put Sarita’s name down and says that Sarita is the weakest competitor right now. Immunity Challange Time and the tribes are playing for a trip to the highest point of the island and have a picnic and immunity. Jeff asks if there is a rivalry and Philip says that he is going to be bringing both the Lion and Gorilla. Two tribe members shoot balls to the other tribemates to catch them. First team to 5 is the winning team. Right off the bat Grant scores and Mike rips his shirt trying to stop him. However, it is no use and Ometepe Tribe wins the immunity and reward. They go to their reward and enjoy a feast and Rob sees the clue to the immunity idol. He has Grant grab it. They walk off and Rob and Grant are caught by Philip who thought he was in their alliance too. Philip says that Hell hath no fury like a Lion and Gorilla when he feels that he has been provoked.

Day 16

At the Zapatera tribe, they are all upset that they have to head to tribal council and David says that he has lobbied to keep Stephanie in because she is the stronger player. David says that putting the 6 strongest through and Sarita says that she knows what is going on and says that she is not going to scramble. Stephanie talks to Julie and says that Sarita is the weaker person, but Julie says that the tribe trusts Sarita more than Stephanie. David says that he is sick of losing and it is all about winning. Julie comes up and Steve asks who she is voting for. Steve says that Stephanie and Sarita are both equally weak. Mike says that they have to think about who is going to be in the next challenge with them.

At Tribal Council, the Zapatera tribe sit down and Jeff brings up the challenge that they through and David says that things would have been different. Ralph says that he could have done better as a shooter. Stephanie interrupts Sarita and says that Sarita was shaking in her boots when she found out that it was going to be a contact challenge and that is why she sat out The voting begins and then votes are tallied up: Sarita 2 Stephanie 3. The next person voted off to Redemption Island is Stephanie.