The Buddy System - Recap

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With Matt paying the price for trusting Rob and getting sent back to Redemption Island, Ashley, Grant, Phillip, Natalie, Rob, Andrea, Mike, Ralph, Julie, Steve, and David are left in the game. On night 21 on Redemption Island, Matt talks about how he feels like a moron and how naïve he was. He prays to God saying that if it is his will to be on Redemption Island again, he will be.

Day 22

On the Murlonio tribe, Mike and David talk about how Rob’s blindside was strait from a mob movie. Mike says that he thought it was genius on Rob’s part. Julie doesn’t think that it was good and says that it was cold blooded to do that to Matt. Ralph goes up to Ashley and asks if he is on the chop block and Ashley and Natalie don’t tell him anything about what they are thinking. Rob meets with the old Ometepe tribe and they form a strong alliance with each other and Rob tells that they are not going to tell anyone who they are voting off. Rob says that he is in charge with the tribe and that they don’t know what they are doing.

Immunity Challenge Time and Philip has a feather on his head. They are going to have to retrieve a club and break a tile. The first 6 move will move on to the next where they have to spit water into a tube. The first 3 will move on to solve the puzzle and the winner gets the immunity. Grant, Rob Ralph, Mike, David, Julie are moving on. The first 3 to the final round are: Grant, Mike, and David. The winner of the immunity is Grant.

They get back to camp and David and Mike see that the flagpole has been moved. They start digging around the flagpole but there is nothing there. The old Ometepe tribe race over and grab shovels and dig around. The old members of Zepetara tribe laugh as they dig for nothing. Rob starts to think that they have a new idol that they are going to be able to use. The old Ometepe tribe tells each other that they are going for Mike in the tribal council.

Tribal Council Time and Philip has the feather still and tells that he had a vision that the former Ometepe will live long in Survivor Lore and David calls him crazy and tells that he needs to stop the charade. The votes are tallied: 5 Phil 5 Mike. Next person to go to Redemption Island is Mike.

Night 22

At Murlonio tribe, they talk about the loyalty that Philip has to the tribe and Rob says that he is going to keep Philip in the game because he is the most loyal and craziest of the players. However, Rob says that he can see that Philip is playing the game smart and says that Philip and Natalie are coming to the final three.

Day 23

It starts raining early and Philip says that he is playing the crazy and he is going to make something happen when it is time and says that it is not that time yet. Ralph talks to David and says that they have to do something to get in good with the tribe. David warns against it and Ralph tries to talk to Philip and Andrea. However, they tell that they don’t want to talk to him about getting Rob out of the game and that they have their own alliance.

Immunity Challenge Time and this time they are going to have to hang from a bar and the last to fall wins. As for the cheese burgers that are sitting on the tables, Jeff has them draw either a black rock or white rock. Philip and Steve are eating cheeseburgers because they took the white rocks and that means that they are not fighting for an immunity idol. The game begins and Rob falls first. After 20 minutes, they switch to legs and Julie, Grant, and Ralph. David is the last of the old Zapatera tribe. After 45 minutes into it, David falls and the three old Ometepe girls agree to let Andrea take the immunity idol and stay in.

Day 24

At the Murlonio tribe, Rob says that he is happy that one of his old tribe won and Ralph says that they caught a lot of fish. Rob says that the fish are no good because they are not good. Julie says that Rob just doesn’t want his tribe to eat the fish that the old Zapatera tribe caught and says that it is like a Cult over on his tribe. Grant comes over and tries some of the fish that they are offering despite Rob’s orders and says that if there is fish, he is going to eat it no matter what people say.

Tribal Council again and Philip is still wearing the feather and says that their alliance is called Stealth-R-Us. He says that each has a role in the game and that they are going to be victorious with no one going to bring them down. The votes are tallied: 4 votes for Rob and 5 votes for David. The 10th person voted off to Redemption Island is David. With Matt, Mike and David now on Redemption Island, next week is going to be interesting.