Reap What You Sow - Recap

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With Christine sent out to Redemption, for the Savaii Tribe: Whitney, Keith, Dawn, Mark, John, Elyse, and Jim and on the Upolu Tribe: Edna, Sophie, Albert, Rick, Mikayla, Stacey, and Brandon are still in the game to continue with getting the $1 Million. On Night 3 on Redemption Island, Christine goes up to Semhar and they introduce themselves to one another. Semhar asks about the other tribe and Christine says that Coach doesn’t like her. Semhar says that they are going to have to survive. On the Upolu tribe, they get back and Mikayla is shocked that Brandon doesn’t like her and she doesn’t know why.

Day 6

On Upolu, they get tree mail and are told to have two people to watch the duel that is going to go down on Redemption Island. Coach and Stacey are going to go. They arrive and Ozzy and Elyse are for the Savaii tribe. Jeff comes out and tells the two Survivors that they are going to have to balance a totem. The winner will continue on their quest for the $1 Million. The challenge is ready, but Semhar quotes spoken word to calm her nerves. The challenge finally begins and Semhar and Christine move the totem up on another stick. After the third pole, Semhar drops her totem and is eliminated from the competition. Christine stays alive in the competition. Jeff tells the others watching that they can share whatever they want with the tribes.

Day 7

At the Upolu tribe, Brandon says that God was chastising him and says that he doesn’t want to lie to anyone anymore. He sits down and reveals that he is Russell Hantz’s nephew. He claims that he is not like that at all and that he feels bad about lying to everyone. Brandon goes off with Coach and he says that he did the right thing. However, Coach is going to be more cautious now around Brandon. On Savaii, the tribe are fishing and Papa Bear is scared that he, Dawn and Cochran are next. He says that they are not in the group of five and it is nt good. Ozzie tells Kieth that he has the idol and Kieth tells Whitney that Ozzy has it. 0Back on Upolu, Mykayla goes up to Brandon and wants to know what she did wrong. He ignores her and loses his temper with her and says that he wants to stay out of the drama. Coach doesn’t like that Brandon is stirring up things again.

Immunity Challenge Time and Jeff says that they are going to be playing for the reward of beverages and cookies and another clue to the idol. They are going to have to walk over the planks and then have to get cloths to organize into a puzzle to form their tribe’s colors. Both teams hit the water and get to their cloth pieces. Ozzy has some issues with the team not giving him the line, but they manage to get them all. However, Upolu catches up and they manage to get their puzzle pieces out first. Savaii can’t even get their cloths up before Upolu solves the puzzle. Upolu wins the immunity and reward.

Day 8

At Savaii the tribe is departed and Papa Bear doesn’t like that he might be going home. Ozzy goes up to the other tribe members and says that he doesn’t want to drag it out and they are going to vote for Papa Bear. Cochran is told this and they tell that they are going to tell Papa Bear that they are going to vote for Cochran. However, Papa Bear isn’t dumb and says that he has to look for the idol. He runs into the forest and Elyse sees him. She tells Jim that Papa Bear ran into the forest. They look for him and in the forest, Papa Bear makes a false idol and puts it in his underwear. He gets back to camp with a smile on his face.

Tribal Council Time and Cochran says that he has been helping and doesn’t understand why people don’t know that he is good at camp and Papa Bear says that Cochran is not that strong in challenges. Papa Bear lays it out and says that Dawn, Cochran and him are in their own group and tells Jim that he better watch out because he is in the group of 5 and will go home later. They vote and afterward, Cochran with 1 vote, Papa Bear with 3 and Jim with 1 vote. The next person voted out to Redemption Island is Papa Bear.