Trojan Horse - Recap

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With Mikayla sent to Redemption Island, for the Savaii Tribe: Ozzy, Whitney, Keith, Dawn, Cochran, and Jim and on the Upolu Tribe: Coach, Edna, Sophie, Albert, Rick, and Brandon are still in the game to show that they are the Survivor. On Night 16, the Upolu tribe do not like the fact that Brandon had another outburst and Rick says that they need to watch out for that and Coach says that it is to kill or be killed.

Day 17

The Duel is underway and Christine and Mikayla are told that they are going to take a crate apart and build a bridge. Afterwhich they are going to have to build puzzle. The two girls are neck to neck. They work on their individual puzzles and Mikayla thinks that she has it, but she doesn’t. Christine gets it first and stays alive in the competition. Ozzy sees the winning streak and says that it would be smart to send someone to beat Christine.

Ozzy and Cochran talk and Ozzy says that they might be smart to send someone to Redemption Island to beat out Christine and be able to move back into the game. He says that he is willing to go in himself and Cochran likes the new side to him. At Upolu, Coach prays and practices Tai Chi. Later, he goes up and organizes the tribe together. He says that they need to get the Idol and Coach pretends to not know where it is. They pray and Sophie feels a little sick that Coach prayed that God help them find the idol when the Idol is in his pocket. The tribe get together and look for it. Coach and Sophie get the tree mail and get a clue into the next immunity challenge. It is all about painting each other to be twins and partnered up with that person. Coach shows Brandon the Idol and they all celebrate.

Immunity Challenge time and Jeffs says that the winning tribe will gets to see the new movie “Jack and Jill”. They are going to have to get through a maze by the voices. Coach and Rick and Jim and Cochran are callers. Savaii takes a lead, but loses it with Upolu going ahead of them. Ozzy and Whitney are caught on their line and lose the big lead that they once had. Upolu gets to the end of it and start to arrange the masks. Coach and the rest begin to pray again. Upolu wins the challenge and prays together. Ozzy is upset and says that they now have to go to tribal.

Upolu gets to the Survivor Cinema and enjoys an endless amount of hotdogs and unlimited amount of candy. Coach gets the message and says that it is about family and says that he is ready to play the game. That night, Savaii talks about the fact that they lost and that Cochran should man up and take the road to Redemption to prove that he has what it takes to be a member of the tribe. Cochran is confused because earlier, Ozzy was saying that he would take the punishment so that they would be able to have him win and get back in the game. The tribe tells Cochran that he can do this and that it is really his way to redemption with them. Cochran doesn’t like the idea that he is getting set up for failure.

Day 18

Dawn and Cochran talk and she says that Cochran is going to be able to redeem himself with the tribe. Cochran says that he is not confident enough to be able to go with it. Ozzy wakes up and says that he had a dream that he was going to Redemption Island as a way of redeeming his own personal journey and that he needs this. He gives the Idol to Cochran to hold on for him until he gets back. However, Keith doesn’t like the idea that Ozzy, their strongest player, is going to go away without them knowing for a fact that they are not going to another challenge.

Tribal Council time and they sit down and talk about what the plan is. Jeff says that it is a risky move because they could be dooming themselves and Ozzy could lose the challenge and be out of the game. This would leave the tribe without their strongest player. Ozzy gives Cochran the Idol and tells him to give it back when he comes back. The survivors vote and it is unanimous that Ozzy with the 3 votes is voted off to Redemption Island. He says that it is good to leave on his own terms to vows to take Christine out of the competition and return to the game.