I'm No Dummy - Recap

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With Jay Byars out of the competition only Christina Cha, Greg Smith, M.D., Leif Manson, Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, Sabrina Thompson, Kimberly Spradlin and Troyzan Robertson remain to survive on the island. On Night 23, the tribe gets back to camp and Troyzan feels that he is next in line. The women come clean about the plan and Alicia gets an attitude with him. Troyzan has the determination now that he is going to have to win every Immunity Idol Challenge.

Day 26

Troyzan talks to Chelsea and tells her that he has more of a right to be in the game and she says that Jonas took it like a man when he was eliminated and says that Troyzan needs to do the same. However, he says that he is not going to take this lying down. They get tree mail and it is money for a Survivor Auction. They are excited that they are going to be able to get something good.

They get to the auction to buy rewards for themselves. Doughnuts and Iced Coffee goes for $160 to Chelsea. Next, Chips with Salsa and Margarita go for $400 to Sabrina. A Protein Shake and Bananas go for $100 to Leif. A Survivor Shower goes for $40 to Kim. A BLT Sandwich, Chips and an Iced Tea go for $180 to Kat. A Peanut Butter and Chocolate bowl go for $240 to Kim. Tarzan says that he is using the money to repair his shocks on his Jeep. Alicia buys letters from home for $500. She says that her dad has never written her anything. Tarzan buys a letter from his family too. Troyzan says that he is alone he buys an advantage to the next Immunity Challenge for $420. Kat buys a hidden item for $160 and it turns out to be a cake for the entire tribe, the auction ends.

Troyzan opens the advancement and reads that he will be moved automatically to the next round in the Immunity Challenge making it that much easier to win the challenge. He decides to stir up the rest of the tribe members by looking around for an imaginary idol. The girls are upset that Christina had the chance to buy the advantage away from Troyzan and decided to not out-bid him. The girls think that Troyzan is looking for a secret Idol and they scramble to find it too. Troyzan pretends to put something in his pocket and they feel that he found a secret Idol.

Day 27

Immunity Challenge Time and the tribe are going to have to untie knots to move to the next round. Troyzan automatically moves to the next round with his advantage. The three people joining Troyzan in the next round are Tarzan, Kim and Christina. They move to the next round where they have to knock out targets by bouncing coconuts. Tarzan knocks out his three and moves to the next round and so does Tarzan. They line up their shots and they both get their first target. However, at the end of the challenge, it is Troyzan who wins the Immunity. He gloats that he won and that he will beat them all. They don’t like the fact that he won and tell him that he has a cocky attitude.

Day 28

The defeated tribe members talk to Troyzan and Tarzan says that he likes Troyzan, but didn’t like that he doesn’t show that he is humble that he won. Troyzan says that they would be doing the same thing if there were 7 people coming after them to vote them out. They tell him that he doesn’t have to do that because it makes him seem like he isn’t going to get the votes. Troyzan goes up to Tarzan and Leif and tell them that they can make a move if they can get Christina and Alicia on board to take Kim out of the competition and be able to make a game changer. They are unsure what they are going to do.

Tribal Council Time and Troyzan says that he had to win to make sure that he stays in the game. He reveals that they have a secret plan to vote Kim out if people would step up and take control. Sabrina and Troyzan have an argument and Troyzan calls her a liar when she says that he has to tell the truth in everything. He points out that she told Jay that he was safe and that he was blindsided. Christina says that there is a plan like that, but it comes down to whether or not anyone can trust that they are not going next. They vote and the votes are tallied. It is Leif with 3 votes, Kim with 2 votes and Tarzan 3 votes. The 10th person voted out of Survivor is Leif Manson.