Never Say Die - Recap

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With Leif Manson out of the competition, Christina Cha, Greg Smith, M.D., Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, Sabrina Thompson, Kimberly Spradlin and Troyzan Robertson are in it to win the Million Dollars. On Night 27, Tarzan says that the smartest thing to do is stick with the girls. Kim says that she can’t believe that Troyzan threw her name out there. Troyzan says that he is the only man left because Tarzan has gone to the girl’s side. He is ready for any challenge.

Day 28

They get tree mail and they are told that there is going to be a reward challenge that is going to have to be shared with another. Kat goes up to Kim and says that she hasn’t had a reward yet and therefore deserves one. Kim tells her that if she wins, then she will choose Kat and if Kat wins, for her to choose Kim to go with her.

They get to the reward challenge and they have dolls hanging on three ropes. For each question right, the survivor gets to cut one rope each time. The winner will be taken to an island to enjoy a picnic. They get to Question Time. First Question: Who doesn’t deserve to be there? Christina. Tarzan goes up to Kat’s doll, Kim goes up to Troyzan’s, and Chelsea goes up to Tarzan’s. Second Question: Who would they trust with their life? Kim. Christina goes up to Chelsea’s, Chelsea goes up to Troyzan’s and Alicia takes out Troyzan’s doll. Third Question: Who needs a wake up call in life? Kat. Sabrina hits Tarzan’s, Tarzan hits Chelsea’s, Kim takes out Tarzan’s. Christina goes up to Sabrina’s, Chelsea goes up to Christina’s and Alicia takes out Chelsea’s doll. Fourth Question: Who is the biggest poser? Troyzan. Kim goes up to Sabrina’s, Christina goes up to Kim’s, Kat goes up to Alicia’s, and Sabrina goes up to Alicia’s. Fifth Question: Who does the least for the tribe? Sabrina. Christina goes up to Kat’s, Alicia takes Kat’s doll out and Kim takes Sabrina’s doll out. Sixth Question: Who would they like to be trapped on an island with? Kim. Alicia goes up to Christina’s and Kim takes Christina’s doll out. The Final Question: Who don’t they want to see ever again? Troyzan. Kim takes out Alicia’s doll and Kim wins the challenge. Afterward, Kim chooses Chelsea and Alicia despite the promise she made to Kat. Troyzan makes the observation that Kim, Chelsea and Alicia are the top dogs in this.

Kim, Chelsea and Alicia get to their island for their picnic and Kim doesn’t know if she is enjoying this. She says that they are going to have to do some damage control. She says that this could be where the tides turn for her and she starts to worry whether this is going to come back and bite her. Meanwhile, Kat says that she is pissed and Troyzan starts to plant the seed of doubt. He tells Kat that she needs to grasp the reality of it and says that she needs to wake up. She doesn’t want to hear that and Troyzan says that the girls are taking advantage of her. Sabrina tells Kat not to allow Troyzan to get in her head and that she is going to be fine. Sabrina goes up to Troyzan and Christina to see where Christina is on this flip-flopping to vote Kim out and Christina is game for it. Sabrina sees who’s side Christina really is.

The girls get back to camp and Kat is still upset about Kim not taking her in the reward. Kim and Kat talk and Kim says that she adores Kat and that she is playing the game. She says that she wishes that she didn’t win the challenge. Kat tells her that she was sure that she was going to go on the challenge and that and Kim realizes that this wasn’t the most strategic move.

Day 29

The rain is upon the Tikiano tribe and they see a pig. They get some rope and they are getting ready to kill the pig. They run after it and it proves to be harder then it looks. Kim says that this is good for her because the tension is off her. Immunity Challenge time and they are going to have to slide and collect rings. First round starts and it is Chelsea vs. Alicia. The first winner is Chelsea. Next it is Kat vs. Sabrina. The next winner is Kat. Next is Troyzan vs. Tarzan. The winner is Tarzan. Next is Christina vs. Kim. The winner is Kim. The second round begins and it is Chelsea vs. Kat. The winner is Chelsea. Next is Tarzan vs. Kim. The winner is Kim. The final round and it is Kim vs. Chelsea. The winner of the Immunity is Kim.

The tribe gets back to camp and Troyzan is bummed out. However, he says that he is not counted out yet. He goes up to Sabrina and she says that he knows the odds. Kim says that they have to split the votes just in case that Troyzan has an idol. Kat says that she doesn’t know what to do because she is not a follower. Sabrina tells Christina what is happening and she doesn’t like that Christina might go home if Troyzan reveals an idol. Alicia says that Christina is like her Special Education students and she is going to do whatever they tell her to do. Christina reveals that her name is getting written down. Troyzan sees an opportunity to get the votes in his favor.

They get to Tribal Council time and Troyzan says that there are three strong and Sabrina says that they all haven’t talked. Chelsea says that they all had to think of the Final Three since Day One. Alicia laughs when Christina says that she is a lucky girl and says that she doesn’t deserve to be there. Troyzan says that everyone knows that Christina is on the bottom and says that the girls are crazy if they think that they are in it. Kat says that she is not going to go down as a weak player or a follower. Troyzan feels comfortable. The votes are read and it is Chelsea with 1 vote, Troy with 3 votes and Christina with 3 votes. The next person voted out is Troyzan.