It's Gonna Be Chaos - Recap

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With Troyzan Robertson voted off, only Christina Cha, Greg Smith, M.D., Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, Sabrina Thompson, and Kimberly Spradlin remain on the island to battle it out for the prize in the end. On Night 30, the remaining tribe members are happy that Troyzan is gone. Kim says that there is a relief of pain in her stomach now that a big threat is gone. Right away, the girls are already thinking of the next person to vote off and that is Sabrina. This is because she is the bigger threat now.

Day 31

The next day, Sabrina and Alicia go get Tree Mail and find a Sprint box. They know what it is and watch it with the tribe. Sabrina’s brother, Tony, Alicia’s sister, Leticia, Chelsea’s Dad, Ken, Christina’s Dad, Sung, Kim’s sister, Beth, Kat’s cousin, Robby and Tarzan’s wife, Terri all talk to them through the Sprint phone and tell them that they love them very much. Christina says that her father has up to 5 years left to live and that she doesn’t have much time with him. They are happy that they are going to be spending time with their loved one.

They get to the reward challenge and the family members come out. Kat is the most enthusiastic in seeing her cousin. They are going to have to be tethered to their loved ones as they make their way through the course. The first one through gets to spend time with their loved one! The challenge is on and it is neck to neck with Kim, Chelsea and Kat. However, it is Kat & Robby who win the reward. She is happy that she actually won a challenge. Kat chooses Kim and Alicia to join them. The other tribe members are upset and feel that Tarzan and Christina should have went through with her because of their loved one’s back-story.

The loved ones go to their own island and enjoy some food and Margaritas. Kim talks to Beth and tells her that Alicia isn’t going to get votes and Kat isn’t going to win at all. She thinks that it is great to be where she is and that she is not worried. She starts to think that her original three should be modified a bit. Back at the tribe, Sabrina is really upset that Kat didn’t pick Tarzan or Christina because it was clear that was how it was going to go down. However, they say that she is naïve and that she doesn’t know how to play the game. The tribe members all agree that Kat needs to go home next.

Day 33

The girls get back and Kim starts to think that maybe she should try to win all the remaining immunity challenges based on the fact that she could go home at any time. Immunity Challenge time and this time they are going to be standing over a ledge over water and they are going to have to hold on until the end. The challenge begins and after 10 minutes, Sabrina is out. Tarzan drops next. After 20 minutes, Alicia drops. Chelsea drops out too. Christina decides to drop out too. After 1 hour, the winner of the challenge is Kim. Kat is upset because Kim wins all of them.

They get back to camp and Sabrina says that was brutal. The tribe starts to scramble and Alicia tells Kim that Kat is more of a threat than Sabrina because she held in until the very end. She says that she doesn’t want to have to compete against her in challenge if that is the case. Kim has different feelings with that and says that she thinks that Sabrina is the bigger threat. Kat talks to Alicia and says that the blindside that they are going to perform on Sabrina is going to be great.

They get the Tribal Council and the tribe starts to talk about how things went for the reward challenge and how Kat made a mistake. She blames her decision on the fact that she is 22 and that she is still naïve. However, there are several members of the tribe that don’t think that and say that she is the bigger threat. Kat, still thinking that she is safe, says that a blindside would be cool. The votes are read and it is Sabrina with 1 votes and Kat with 3 votes. The 12th person voted out is Kat Edorsson.