It's Human Nature - Recap

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With Kat out of the game, it is down to Christina Cha, Greg Smith, M.D., Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thompson or Kimberly Spradlin to win it all. On Night 33 at the Tikiano tribe, the girls are talking about the voting and say that it was crazy. Kim and Tarzan talk and Tarzan starts to give Kim some strategy tips that will help her in the game. However, it is clear that Tarzan is only playing her because he tells Alicia that he is going to take Alicia to the end as well. Tarzan says that it would be good to make it seem as if he is going home too.

Day 35

The tribe gets up and Chelsea and Christina go to tree mail and talk. Chelsea tells Christina that she is going to go on the reward challenge with her because she hasn’t had a chance to go on one in a while. Christina likes the fact that she will finally go on one. Chelsea tells her to not tell anyone about it though. Christina automatically goes to Alicia, Tarzan and Kim and tells them that Chelsea says that she is taking her with her on the reward challenge. This stirs the hornet’s nest and Kim relays to Chelsea everything. Kim was worried that Chelsea might have blown her cover, but after talking to Chelsea, she feels comfortable. Kim says that playing both sides is dangerous though.

Reward Challenge Time and they are going to release three disks to be able to solve a decoder to open a lock. They are playing for a spot on a yacht to be able to have a shower, fresh clothes and a feast. After solving the combination one by one the survivors try. After several failures, Chelsea wins the reward and chooses Kim and Sabrina to go with her. Christina feels betrayed. Chelsea, Kim and Sabrina go to the yacht and enjoy their showers and champagne. Meanwhile on the island, Alicia talks to Tazan and Christina. They all agree that they are voting for Chelsea. Alicia says that Kim might be thinking of other options and they want to be option. Tarzan says that that they should take him to the Top 4 and take out Kim and Chelsea. Back at the yacht, Kim is confident that she is safe and Sabrina is shocked on what pulls Kim has.

Day 36

Tarzan wakes up and starts the fire and shows that he is an asset around camp. Tarzan says that he is ready to fail in the next challenge. The girls get back from the reward and hear Alicia and Tarzan arguing. Chelsea says that they know that they are back in it and away from relaxation. Kim and Alicia talk and realize that they are getting “tarzaned” from him and that they are going to have to take Tarzan out of the competition first. Kim says that he wants to go after Alicia. Christina sits down and he says confirms that Tarzan is trying to work them. Alicia’s “Ghetto Puerto Rican” comes out and says that she is the most powerful player.

Immunity Challenge Time and they are going to have to use fish hooks to get puzzle pieces with one arm behind their back. Then they have to solve a fish bone puzzle. The challenge begins. Alicia gets into the lead, but Kim takes the lead. However, it is Alicia who wins the immunity challenge for once. They get back to camp and Tarzan pretends to hate Alicia and calls her a bitch. Alicia is sitting pretty as she contiplates that Tarzan is going to backstab him. Kim tells Sabrina that she convinced Alicia that Tarzan wants to take her out and that she is going to make sure that it is her, Sabrina and Chelsea in the Final 4. Sabrina likes that, but doesn’t trust Alicia.

Kim sits down with Chelsea and says that she feels that she did enough to make the target go with Tarzan. Chelsea goes up to Sabrina and says that she is not happy that she might be going home before Christina. She tells Chelsea not to think about that and says that she is safe. Alicia goes up to Tarzan and tells him that they are still gunning for Chelsea. Tarzan says that he doesn’t know still because Alicia could be persuaded to change. He says that Kim is a deceiver. Tarzan wears Kat’s panties and tank top around camp and the other survivors are disgusted.

Tribal Council and the tribe talk about what they are doing to make it through the game. Sabrina says that she feels secure and that it is a close game. Tarzan says that he is still in the game by the grace of God and says that he knows that the guys won’t vote for him. Sabrina says that Tarzan wore Kat’s panties on his head and Kat cries a little. Alicia says that Chelsea’s choice to take Kim instead of Christina, but Chelsea says that Christina broke her word and that is why she didn’t take her. They vote. The votes are read. They are Tarzan with 3 votes and Chelsea with 1 vote. The next person voted off is Greg “Tarzan” Smith, M.D.