Perception is Not Always Reality: Season 24 Winner is announced! - Recap

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With Greg “Tarzan” Smith M.D. out of the running for the $1 Million, Christina Cha, Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thompson and Kimberly Spradlin only remain in the competition. On Night 36, the girls get back to the tribe and Kim says that it is good to have the girls around. Alicia feels that Chelsea and Sabrina are going to go next and says that she has played a great game.

Day 37

The next day comes and Kim and Sabrina get the tree mail. Sabrina talks to Kim about who they should get rid of next and Kim says that they need to vote out Chelsea because people are going to vote for her. Sabrina says that it is about honor. Kim says that that should take Christina because she is not going to get any votes. Sabrina thinks that it is kind of fishy. Alicia says that she would love it if Chelsea doesn’t win immunity.

The Immunity Challenge comes up and the girls are going to have to race across the balance beam maze and collect puzzle pieces. When they solve the puzzle, they will have clues to the combination lock. The race is on and Alicia and Chelsea are through the maze first, but the other girls catch up. They get going on the puzzle and it is between Kim, Alicia and Chelsea are ahead. Kim solved it and reads it. She makes her way to the top but is wrong. Alicia moves up and she is wrong too. Kim tries again and fails. Chelsea comes up and fails. Kim ultimately manages to win.

The girls get back to the Tikiano Tribe Camp and Kim says that winning feels funny. She goes off with Chelsea and she tells Kim that they need to vote Alicia out. Chelsea says that Kim could win it. She expects Kim to play the Idol for her. Kim talks to Sabrina and they agree on Sabrina. Alicia says that she feels confident and says that she’s got this. Christina says that Kim would be a fool not to vote out Chelsea.

They get to Tribal Council. Alicia says that the vibe was quiet and says that there were no scrambling. Chelsea says that it is easy to take a person off to the side. She says that they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kim says that it is difficult even though they have a choice before. Jeff says that everyone has been loyal because they got rid of the men. Alicia says that she has been with Kim from Day One. Chelsea says that Kim will lose respect if she votes the wrong way. Kim doesn’t play the Idol. The votes are read and it is Alicia with 2 votes and Chelsea with 2 votes. The next person voted out of the game is Alicia Rosa.

The girls get back and Christina says that she got played. She feels on the outs. She says that she would be great to be in the Final 3. Chelsea says that Sabrina may not be the best person to take to the end.

Day 38

Christina says that she has to win immunity. She reads the tree mail and they are told that they have to pick up name plates where Courtney, Nina, Matt, Bill, Monica, Colton, Jonas, Michael, Jay, Leif, Troyzan, Kat, Tarzan and Alicia have their nameplates for the remaining Survivors to pay homage to in a ceremonial burning.

The Final Immunity Challenge comes up and Chelsea, Christina, Kim and Sabrina come up for the challenge. They are going to have to maneuver bowls around to stack 10 of them. Kim has an early lead, but Christina takes catches up with Kim. When the wind comes it scares Christina. Kim wins the Final Immunity! Kim is guaranteed a spot in the Final Three.

They get back to camp and Kim says that it feels awesome to know that it isn’t her name on the chopping block. Christina talks to Kim and says that she at least made it to the Final Four. Kim goes up to Chelsea and says that she had thought that she was going to take Chelsea and Sabrina until the end, but now is second guessing herself.

They get to Tribal Council and Kim says that she it was a quiet afternoon. Christina says that she is going to go home because she cannot break up the alliance that Kim, Chelsea and Sabrina have. Kim says that she wouldn’t have just let go of the competition if she was in Christina’s place. The votes are counted and they are 1 vote for Sabrina and 2 vote for Christina. The final member of the jury is Christina Cha. This means that Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thompson and Kimberly Spradlin are the Final Three.

Day 39

Chelsea, Kim and Sabrina wake up and Sabrina is emotional. She says that she got laid off from teaching in the toughest of neighborhoods. She says that this is anyone’s game. They make their way to a feast laid out for them. Chelsea says that she didn’t expect to be sitting in the Final Three. She says that she has made some great friends and it isn’t about the money only. It is about the adventure. The girls toast to each other. Kim says that she was recently divorced and says that she has gained confidence back.

They get to Tribal Council and the jury comes in. Jeff congratulates the Final Three girls and says that the power shifts to the jury. Opening statements begin and Chelsea is up first. She says that every single tribal council was hard for her and she tells her that she became a hard-ass because she couldn’t play the game with her heart. She says that she trusts how they will vote. Kim says that she looked at this game as Poker and wanted to strategize from the start to the finish. She says that sending home people was hard, but she thought about her family. She says that it is a game. Sabrina says that her strategy coming in was balance. She knew that she truly showed that she wasn’t a threat. She says that she couldn’t separate the game from emotion. She mentions the fact that she was laid off.

Now it is the jury’s turn. Jonas starts it off and says that when he addresses them he wants them to say Yes, Master Jonas. He laughs and says that Sabrina says that she was bad. He says that Chelsea is the hottest girl there. Chelsea says that it was her idea to take Kat out. Kim says that not picking Christina was crazy. Kim says that she felt that if she plays the right game then she will win. Christina comes up and asks who she would take out and Kim says that she would take Chelsea out. Christina asks Chelsea why she hates people and she says that she doesn’t, she just played with her head. Jay comes up and says that congratulations. He says that Sabrina’s “take it easy” approach was confusing. Sabrina says that it is about balance. Jay says that he respects honesty. Mike comes up and asks if Kim perfected the art of blindsides. Kim says that she picked him to vote out because she had to make the choice. Mike says that everyone knows that she was the one who blindside them. Tarzan comes up and says that he wanted to thank the girls for keeping him. He gets emotional with how the meeting his wife was amazing. Chelsea says that his and his wife’s romance for each other opened her eyes to what she wants.

Leif stands up and talks to them. He says that it was hard getting voted off and says that he wanted to ask why it went down. Kim says that he couldn’t trust him. Sabrina says that she knew that Leif was going and that she couldn’t tell him. Alicia comes up and says that she had her pawns and says she would have had the better chance to win if she wasn’t voted out. Troyzan comes up and says that he doesn’t hate them, but says that Kim played a great game. He asks Kim about when she made the move to demolish his chances. She says that it was when they voted out Jonas. Kat comes up and says that all three of them hurt her. She wanted to say that when she was little, she has to have open heart surgery so that she can have children. She says that she is going to choose the person who played the best game. She tells the jury to do the same.

The voting begins and afterward, Jeff says that they will see them in the United States for the final reveal. The scene changes and they all are back in New York City. Jeff comes in with the votes. He wishes the three girls good luck. The votes are read and it is 4 votes for Kim and 2 votes for Sabrina. The winner of Survivor: One World is...Kim Spradlin!!