Season 24 Reunion Special! - Recap

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The Reunion Special of Survivor: One World is underway and Kimberly Spradlin has been named the winner of the competition. Jeff Probst asks what the big moves were and Kim says that it was about getting a personal connection with every one. Jeff asks who voted for Kim and it was Jay, Mike, Tarzan, Alicia, Christina, Kat and Jonas. Jay says that he agrees with the connection of it. Jeff says that the big move was getting guys vote off guys. Jeff asks Matt why he gave up the Idol to the women. Matt says that he wasn’t a part of that and Jeff realizes that it was Mike who agreed with allowing the Idol to be given to the girls. Mike says that it just had to happen that way because he thought that he was safe. Tarzan says that subliminally he had a plan and thinks that he knew what he was doing. Chelsea says that Kim has a graceful look and you believed her. Sabrina says that the women were a mess and was glad that Colton got rid of the macho guys. Troyzan says that people play in fear and not everyone knew the game well. Kim says that she didn’t know that she would have won. Jonas says that he would have been out there more if he would have another shot at this.

They focus the attention to Colton and Jeff reads his quotes. He says that he said what he said and he admits that he feels he was very mean. Jeff asks him if he is really a racist and bigot. He says that he isn’t and that his friends were not happy with the way he acted. He says that when he left though, everyone said that it got boring. Bill says that Colton’s comments were mean. Colton says that it made him look ignorant. Jeff talks to Colton’s mother and she says that is not who he is. She says that he was trying to play a game and she apologizes to those he offended. She says that she still loves him. Jeff walks back to where Mayim Bialik is and she says that there are a lot of complexities to Colton, but there are a lot of aspects of Colton that would have been entertaining. He goes up to another audience member and they don’t compare him to Russell Hantz though. Colton apologizes to all he offended.

Jeff talks to Greg “Tarzan Smith and asks where the nickname “Tarzan” came from. He says that he was 8-years-old. Jeff asks about his job and he is a great surgeon. He says that he was a great surgeon. Jeff says that his love of his wife. Jeff goes up to Tarzan’s wife, Terri. She says that they have care and respect for one another and can’t lie to each other. Jeff asks Kat about her crazy behavior. She says that her spirit comes out when she is around people and says that she is 100% crazy. Kat says that as of right now, she is healthy. When Jeff asks about the comment when Alicia compared Christina to her special needs kids, she breaks down and says that she is not that type of person.

The Sprint $100,000 prize is up for grabs and it is down to Kim, Tarzan, Troyzan and Chelsea are in the running. It is Kim who wins the money as player of the season. Jeff says that people thought that Troyzan played a great game too. He says that he was outplayed though. Jeff asks if Leif was a representative for Little People and he says that his community was proud. He wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to his wife. Jeff asks Monica if it was hard for her to be away from her kids and she says that she wanted to get to the visit so that she could see her husband cheering her on. However, she says that at the airport, it was the best feeling. Bill talks about the comedy that he did in the city and the cast gave him a standing ovation and he says that he tries as hard he can to practice his craft.

Jeff asks Christina about the bullying and she says that when Matt left, she had to stop talking. She says that they are all competitive. The location for Season 25 is revealed. They show the trailer of the next Survivor: Philippines where 3 contestants who were medically ejected from the game, will be able to have another shot. Jeff says that people can vote on the things of the season. That is it for Survivor: One World!