Don't Be Blinded By the Headlights - Recap

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After the elimination of Zane from the Matsing Tribe, survivors on the Tandang Tribe: Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, RC, Lisa and Peter, Kalabaw Tribe: Jonathan, Dana, Dawson, Carter, Katie and Jeff and Matsing Tribe: Russell, Angie, Denise, Roxanne and Malcolm are ready to continue. On Night 3, the Matsing Tribe talk about the Tribal Council and Russell says that he is going to step back from leadership. Later in the night, Angie is cold so she snuggles up with Malcolm. Roxanne sees this as a threat.

Day 4

The next day on the Tandang Tribe, the rain did a number on camp and while going through the rice, RC finds the clue to the Hidden Idol. She shares it with Abi-Maria and they can’t believe that it is in the camp. However, Abi-Maria starts to be suspicious when RC starts talking to “Skupin” and how they change subjects when she comes up. Abi-Maria approaches her and she reassures her that it is nothing and the same could be thought of Abi-Maria and Peter. Abi-Maria tells RC not to mess with her or she will be dead to her. On the Kalabaw Tribe, Jeff struggles with the weather and his knee hurts. He wants to take it easy.

Jonathan wants to look for the hidden Idol, but can’t seem to get the others out of camp since it is raining. The other tribe members decide later to go to the cave and this means that Jonathan can start looking for the Idol. He looks for it by uncovering things and when the tribe comes back for a moment, he pretends to have lost a contact lens. They leave again and than he realizes where the Idol can be. He says that there is something on top of the rice box. He takes it out and it is the clue. He puts it away and celebrates his find.

Day 5

The survivors wake up and Angie and Malcolm are still cuddling. Roxanne doesn’t like that and talks to Russell and Denise that they are a big threat. Malcolm sees that there is something up. The rain continues to come and on Tandang, they start talking about French fries. Lisa says that she feels withdrawn. She walks off by herself to have some alone time. “Skupin” says that she must be looking for the Idol because she knows that she is going to need it. Abi-Maria says that Lisa is not connecting with others. Lisa cries and says that she was on her own since the age of 12 and that she needs to be able to open up and learn. The others laugh about Lisa.

Day 6

On the Matsing Tribe, Russell says that they need fire and Malcolm sees that Roxanne’s mind is not in the game. Roxanne breaks down because of the weather. The sun comes out and she starts to pray. She speaks in “tongues” and Denise says that is going to be a problem. Russell agrees that was a little crazy and had thought that she would have a stronger character. Denise says that it is all about her getting through the challenge.

Immunity Challenge Time and they are going to have to pull a sled to collect puzzle pieces and one will be the caller so that they can solve it. The reward for this is Blankets and a tarp for 1st place and a tarp for 2nd place. Abi-Maria and Dawson sit out from the other tribes. Jeff & Carter, Peter & “Skupin” and Russell & Angie are up first as they pull their sleds. Matsing is in last place so far and they try to push. They all get their puzzle pieces and begin to work on the puzzles. Tandang manages to finish first and Kalabaw finish second. This means that Matsing will be going to Tribal again.

The Matsing Tribe get back to camp and they are upset. Russell feels that they gave up again and that they have to get their stuff together. Russell says that Angie and Roxanne were a problem. However, Russell believes that he needs Roxanne because she tells him all about what people are saying. Roxanne says that Angie and Malcolm are a problem and says that Angie is using her “assets” to get what she wants. Angie and Malcolm see that Roxanne is running her mouth and it makes Malcolm nervous. He knows that he shouldn’t be cuddling, but he is only a man. Russell tells Denise that Angie isn’t that innocent. Denise doesn’t know what she is going to do.

Tribal Council Time and Russell says that he has come here to kick butt. Roxanne says that everyone is working too hard at camp and Denise says that they have to work in order to survive in challenges. Jeff asks Angie the same question about what she could change at camp. She says that they could have cookies. Malcolm defends her statement and Roxanne says that Malcolm and Angie are a couple. They deny it. Jeff tries to tell Angie that Roxanne just threw her under the bus, but she is not fazed by it. They believe in their alliance. The votes are tallied and it is Angie with 1 votes and Roxanne with 2 votes. The 2nd person voted out of Survivor is Roxanne. The episode ends.