This Isn't a We Game - Recap

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With Roxanne from the Matsing Tribe gone, Tandang Tribe: Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, RC, Lisa and Peter, Kalabaw Tribe: Jonathan, Dana, Dawson, Carter, Katie and Jeff and Matsing Tribe: Russell, Angie, Denise and Malcolm are left to battle it out as sole survivor. On Night 6, the Matsing get into camp and Angie is upset that Roxanne threw her and Malcolm under the bus. Russell says that Malcolm and Angie are a threat and if Denise goes with the young ones, then he is going to get kicked out of there.

Day 7

The new day arrives and on the Tandang Tribe, the Abi-Maria is tired and RC says that they need to get the Idol. Abi-Maria says that she needs to rest her knee and RC tries to tell her that she is not a liability. RC says that she needs to stop fighting with her. RC talks to “Skupin” and tells him that she is losing it. Abi-Maria tells Peter the clue and he says that he agrees with Abi-Maria, but really it is just so that he can give the information to everyone. Peter goes up to Lisa and tells her that they should get rid of “Skupin”. She says that she would have liked to blindside RC, but goes with his plan. On the Kalabaw Tribe, Jonathan plays it off that he doesn’t have the Idol and Jeff says that he still is going to vote for him even if he has it.

At the Matsing Tribe, the survivors realize that their raft has drifted into the ocean. Malcolm talks to Denise and says that there was no cuddling tonight. Denise says that they have a stronger player with Russell. At the Immunity Challenge, the tribes are told that they are going to have to dive down to release puzzle wheels and then will have to solve the puzzle. The first tribe gets a fishing kit. The second gets a smaller kit. The challenge begins and Kalabaw gets their pieces first followed by Tandang. Matsing gets theirs too. All work on the puzzle and it is Kalabaw and Tandang finishes second.

Kalabaw Tribe gets back to camp to find a canoe. They are happy that they have the chance to fish and get some real food. Jonathan goes up to Jeff and tells him that he has the Idol. Jeff tells him that they can be friends in this until it benefits one of them. They shake on it, but Jeff has other motives. The Tandang Tribe get back and laugh at Skupin’s cut and Artis has “Skupin” in his sights. Abi-Maria talks to Peter and tells him that they have to find the Idol before RC does. Peter and her look and eventually, Abi-Maria finds it. Peter feels that his alliance with Abi-Maria, Lisa and Artis will be enough to take out “Skupin” and RC.

The Matsing Tribe get back to camp upset about losing yet another challenge. Malcolm feels that he is in the goon-squad of the tribes and feels that Denise is the only worthy player. They say that they are going to have to do something that will change the game. Angie comes over and tells them that she never said that she could do the challenge and says that it seems that Russell didn’t try hard enough. Denise says that she is torn because Russell looks strong, but he faultered at the challenge. Russell walks alone and says that his weakness showed today and prays. He tells himself that the Will of God will determine his position in the game. He feels that this time was going to be different because last time he almost died. He wants to give it his all and is not out of this game.

Day 8

Russell gets working around the camp and Angie says that she would have went, but she would have been slow. Malcolm says that this is a toss-up and he needs to keep himself neutral. Angie says that she feels bad and Malcolm says that Russell gave up. They talk more as a tribe and Russell says that at the end of the day, he is going to rely on those who are loyal to him.

Tribal Council Time and the Matsing Tribe get in. Jeff says that they will down to 3 after this, but that will be alright. Denise says that she is happy to be there and will fight. Malcolm says that he was between tears and screaming and says that it is heartbreaking to go to Tribal all the time. Angie says that she is concerned that she is leaving and says that she knew that she couldn’t do it. Russell says that he has the life experience and than belittles Angie. They vote and afterward, the votes are tallied. The votes are read and it is Russell with 1 vote and Angie with 2 votes. The 3rd person voted out of Survivor is Angie.