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Create a Little Chaos - Recap

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With Angie from Matsing out of the running, it is Tandang Tribe: Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, RC, Lisa and Peter, Kalabaw Tribe: Jonathan, Dana, Dawson, Carter, Katie and Jeff and Matsing Tribe: Russell, Denise and Malcolm left to win it. They are all prepared to go that extra mile to win at all cost.

Day 9

The rain continues to pour down on the Matsing Tribe and they are still trying to keep the mood up and Malcolm says that they have to win and not give up. They feel that it only takes one to make a great comeback. On the Tandang Tribe, they are all getting tired of the rain and Lisa says that they nothing to do but think. Peter says that the weather sucks, but he is in a good spot. Abbie-Maria uncovers the clue of the Idol that RC and her supposedly buried. It turns out that Peter was the one who dug it up. On Kalabaw Tribe, Jonathan says that they have to get busy and Jeff sees that Jonathan is trying despite the kids. Jeff says that they have to do some adjustments with the plan. Carter realizes that it is a guys game and the three guys form an alliance. The girls are suspicious and tell each other that they will stick together.

Back on Matsing, Russell says that 50% of their tribe was useless. Malcolm says that Russell has taken the leadership role and has failed at it. However, he admires his determination. He says that they are doing so badly and that they need the muscle mass. Russell gets nervous and starts to look for the Idol that he has a clue for. Denise walks up and finds him digging under the shelter and takes the information back to Malcolm. She says that he might have the Idol. At the Tandang Tribe, “Skupin” checks on the rice and there is a clear wedge between RC and Abi-Maria because she won’t listen to her. Lisa says that she is going to stand back and let the fire ignite and let them take each other out. That way she is safe.

Immunity Challenge Time and the survivors arrive. They are told that they are going to have to carry rice through obstacles. They have to get six pots and then smash them. The reward for the first tribe gets steak. The second tribe will get spices and a pan. The challenge begins and Matsing gets an early lead. Tandang takes the lead and Matsing is on their tail. The tribes all get their pots on the stands and start to smash them. Artis takes the lead when he smashes multiple pots with one throw. Matsing and Kalabaw are neck and neck and eventually, Kalabaw wins the challenge. This means that Matsing will go to Tribal for the 4th time in a row. Russell loses it and smashes a pot. He starts to talk to God and Jeff tells him that he can’t be Superman and win them all.

Matsing gets back to their camp and it is clear with Malcolm and Denise that they are going to vote out Russell. They work around the camp like it is nothing and Russell feels that he is next to go. He talks to Denise and tells her that the reason why he feels that he cannot fail is that he was beaten up once and that instead of giving up, he stood up for himself. He says that it all stems off of that. Malcolm talks to Denise and tells her that they are going to try to make Russell as comfortable as possible and then vote him out.

Tribal Council Time and the Matsing Tribe come in for yet another meeting where they have to vote one out. They bring up the fact that Russell was talking to God after the challenge and Russell says that you have to believe that you can do anything. Denise says that she should stay because she will give her all, but will be happy either way with what happens. Malcolm says that he has youth on his side and that he is a stronger player then Russell. They say that Denise is a big threat. The voting begins and afterward, the votes are tallied. Malcolm and Denise realize that Russell doesn’t have the Idol. It is Russell with 1 vote and Malcolm with 1 vote. The 4th person voted out is Russell.