Got My Swag Back - Recap

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After Russell was voted out of the competition, it is down to Tandang Tribe: Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, RC, Lisa and Peter, Kalabaw Tribe: Jonathan, Dana, Dawson, Carter, Katie and Jeff and Matsing Tribe: Denise and Malcolm. On Night 10 at the Matsing Tribe, Malcolm and Denise get back to camp and they don’t know what to expect. They feel that they are not counted out just yet though.

Day 11

At the Matsing Tribe, Malcolm and Denise get up and find tree mail. They talk about what it could mean and that they have to find the Idol in the camp. Malcolm finds the Idol on the basket of rice after searching for a little bit. This could mean that if their camp is decimated, then they can have a fighting chance going forward. Denise realizes that it is Malcolm who has the Idol and that she hopes that they can use it together later.

Reward Challenge Time and the Matsing Tribe is decimated. Malcom goes with Tandang and Denise goes to Kalabaw. The challenge is to knock off the other team’s idol. First round is between Malcolm and Jeff and Jeff wins a point for Kalabaw. Dana and Artis square off and Artis gets one for Tandang. Lisa and Katie go up against one another and Katie wins for Kalabaw. This puts Kalabaw in the lead 2 to 1. Jonathan and “Skupin” and sqare off and “Skupin” wins a point for Tandang. Next is Denise and RC and Denise wins a point for Kalabaw. Carter and Pete square off and Pete scores a point. Dawson and Abi-Maria battle and Abi-Maria wins and says that Dawson pulled her hair. For the win, Malcolm and Jeff battle and Malcolm wins the challenge for Tandang. They win the reward of Coffee and Chocolate muffins.

At Tandang, the tribe makes their way to their shelter and Malcolm feels that he got his Swag back. Lisa says that it is great to have Malcolm because he doesn’t bring any negative energy. RC sees this as her downfall because she sees that Malcolm is already palling with Peter. She says that she was bullied when she was younger and she is not going to allow them to walk all over her. She has a plan to flirt her way into Malcolm’s appreciation, a strategy that has worked for Abi-Maria to Peter.

Back on Jalabaw, the tribe welcomes Denise and she is more than welcome to help. Jeff is freezing and Dana is really sick. She runs off and starts to vomit. Jonathan knows what she is going through and it is never a good thing. Jeff Probst and the medical team get there and examine her. The doctor says that it is not life threatening and that they could wait and see 12 hours and see where it goes. However, because of the pain, Dana decides that enough is enough and that it is time to leave the game. This clearly upsets Katie the most because of the fact that Denise was supposed to give them the numbers that they needed to win over the men. They tell Dana that she is not a coward and that she has to do what she has to.

Immunity Challenge Time and it is an obstacle course. They rush through and Tandang takes the lead. Katie slows down Kalabaw when she can’t get over the mud hill. Tandang continues to take the lead despite Kalabaw’s efforts to take the lead. Both tribes start to work on their puzzle and Tandang has an early lead on Kalabaw. After shuffling the pieces the solution “Live to play another day” is solved by Tandang and they win the Immunity Idol.

Day 13

The Kalabaw Tribe gets back to camp and it is not a good feeling around. The tribe point fingers at Katie for slowing them down and she admits herself that she was the weakest player on the challenge. Dawson says that Katie isn’t going to go home. Jeff and Denise talk and Jeff asks where her allegiance lies. She says that she is with the guys. Jeff tells Carter and Jonathan the news and they realize that they have the numbers with them if Denise stays true to her word. Dawson hints around that she knows that Jeff is a professional athlete and loves that it is making Jeff nervous. Jeff says that it might be good to get rid of someone who has dirt on him.

Tribal Council Time and Kalabaw Tribe come in. Dawson says that it was horrible to lose Dana from the competition, but they understand. Jonathan says that they would have won if Dana was there. Katie says that she feels like the biggest idiot and Dawson says that Denise is a better competitor and says that she tries to be optimistic to others. The votes are tallied and it is Denise with 1 vote, Dawson with 3 votes. The 5th person voted off is Dawson