Not the Only Actor On this Island - Recap

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With Katie voted out last week, Tandang Tribe: Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, RC, Lisa, Peter and Malcolm and Kalabaw Tribe: Jonathan, Carter, Jeff and Denise are left to battle it out to be the sole survivor. On Night 16, Kalabaw get back and Denise is not happy that she had to go to tribal. Jeff says that Katie had it in for Jonathan. However, Jonathan begins to think that there is something going on and has to keep his eyes and ears open to anything.

Day 17

On Tandang, “Skupin” says that this is the day last time that he fell into the fire. A boat comes up and they get a note saying that the tribes are merged. They have 10 minutes to get the things that they want in a boat and get taken to their new island. On Kalabaw, they get the same note and do the same with their provisions. The now merged tribe gets to their new place and they enjoy a feast. The merged tribe starts to strategize on who is the better players as they talk to one another. Jeff doesn’t reveal that he is a former MLB baseball player and Lisa doesn’t reveal that she was a child actor.

Pete says that “Skupin” and RC are the main targets. “Skupin” is happy to be in the merge and says that they have the numbers. “Skupin” sees that Pete and Abi-Maria are quiet. RC tells Lisa and Abi-Maria that she doesn’t think that they have been the best of friends and says that it is clear that they are not a happy family. Later, the tribe starts to build their shelter and Lisa, out of the kindness of her heart, decides to lay out everyone’s clothes. She finds Malcolm’s hidden immunity idol. Malcolm realizes this and tells Denise that he has to go talk to her. She tells him that they are secure and that she won’t tell anyone about it.

Day 18

The new day comes and Lisa goes out swimming with Jonathan. She tells him that she knows that he knows that she is a child star and that she hopes that he will keep it to himself. He tells her that he will. Jonathan says that Lisa is a nice woman. Jonathan talks to “Skupin” and tells him that he and RC can come over to the former Kalabaw and change things around. He agrees that it would be interesting to change it up. RC talks to “Skupin” and says that she doesn’t like the former Tandang tribe and that they are going to have to take them out. At the same time, Malcolm, Peter, Abi-Maria, Artis and Jeff talk on how RC and Jonathan are going to get 4 votes each. This way the idol is out of play.

Immunity Challenge time and the merged tribe get there. Individual immunity is up for grabs and the last man and woman left standing will be able to be safe. They have to hold on to a bar to keep their bucket up. After 5 minutes, “Skupin” is out and so is Peter. Jonathan drops his bucket. Lisa’s bucket falls and Malcolm’s too. RC drops her bucket. Abi-Maria drops hers and Denise wins the first immunity. After 15 minutes, Artis drops his. After 25 minutes, Jeff drops his and Carter wins the other immunity idol.

Day 19

The merged tribe call themselves Dangrayne and get back to camp. RC says that “Skupin” and she are going to have to turning the tides. He goes up to Jeff and tells him that he will vote out Peter because neither Abi-Maria, Aritis or Peter deserve to win the game. Jeff is still die hard sure that he wants to vote Jonathan out because Jeff doesn’t want a returning player winning this game. “Skupin” says that he will vote for Jonathan. Jeff and Carter talk and Jeff says that he likes to get out Jonathan and Carter says that they should keep Jonathan around. Jonathan comes up and tells them that he hopes that they vote according to loyalty.

Tribal Council Time and they get in and take their seats. Jeff Probst says that they have never had a tribe never go to Tribal Council and “Skupin” says that there are fractures in their former tribe and RC and Abi-Maria talk and it is revealed to RC that she dug up the clue and RC says that she didn’t. Peter smiles. Lisa says that those who flip are weaker. Peter says that there are two who are going to be up for a vote. Jeff says that they all are scrambling. The votes are tallied and Jonathan plays his idol. The votes are read and it is 5 Jonathan (don’t count), R.C. with 3 votes and Pete with 2 votes. The 8th person voted out and first member of the jury is RC.