Dead Man Walking - Recap

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With RC kicked off last time on Survivor, Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, Lisa, Peter, Malcolm, Jonathan, Carter, Jeff and Denise are all one tribe and ready to push it to the end. On Night 19, the Dangrayne Tribe get to camp and Jonathan is upset that Carter and Jeff didn’t vote the way he wanted. Denise comes up and admits that she voted for Jonathan. He is clearly upset. Jeff says that he is going to use the former Tandang tribe as much as he can. “Skupin” talks to Jonathan and tells him that they need to wait for someone to screw up. Jonathan is determined now.

Day 20

A new day comes and Jonathan goes out fishing. Lisa says that others feel that “Skupin” and Jonathan are next to go. Jeff says that it is a numbers game and feel that Artis, Peter and Abi-Maria are a team and it is going to be fun to break it up. They go to a Reward Challenge and they are going to have to divide into teams to dive in the water and collect fish traps. They will solve a puzzle. The winning team will get a river cruise and a feast. The Blue Team is “Skupin”, Artis, Carter, Abi-Maria and Peter and the Yellow Team is Jeff, Malcolm, Jonathan, Lisa and Denise. They start and it is neck to neck. However, Lisa slows them down and the Blue Team take the lead. When “Skupin” messes up, Denise takes the lead for the Yellow Team. The Blue Team gets the puzzle unlocked followed by Malcom. The winner is the Yellow Team!

Peter and Artis are trying to get the fire going back at camp and Abi-Maria cooks the beans and rice. They talk and “Skupin” hears Abi-Maria giving away the game plan. Peter gets worried that she is talking too much and talks to her about it. He says that they have to get rid of the former Kalabaw tribe members. Malcolm, Lisa. Jonathan, Jeff and Denise enjoy their reward and feast while on their cruise. Jonathan is trying to turn the vote that is clearly on him over to anther member of the former Tandang tribe.

Day 22

The next day, Lisa says that after Jonathan was to go home, it will make sense to go to the final with Abi-Maria and Peter because they are not worthy of the votes. She starts to talk to people Lisa tells “Skupin” that Malcolm has the immunity idol and he asks her what is going to happen if Jonathan were to go home. Jonathan comes up and tells them that he is going to win the Immunity and be safe at Tribal tonight. “Skupin” knows now that he is determined and that he is going to try everything to win the idol.

Immunity Challenge Time and there is only one. They are going to have to collect puzzle pieces. The first three will be able to try to solve it. The race is on and they try their hardest to get the pieces out. Peter, Jeff and Jonathan are through to the Final Round. The puzzle solving begins and Peter and Jeff are in the lead and Jonathan seems that he doesn’t have a chance. It is Peter and Jeff neck to neck, but Jonathan catches up and wins the immunity idol!

Dangrayne gets back and Jonathan is all smiles. He is happy that he is not going to be on the chopping block anymore and everyone starts to scramble. Lisa tells Peter that Malcolm has the hidden immunity and that they need to flush it out. Peter in turn tells this to Malcolm and he lies about having it. Peter believes him. Now Malcolm is worried and they start to talk about who they are going to vote off. However, secretly, everyone says that they need to vote off Peter and bite off the head of the snake.

Tribal Council Time and the tribe all sit down. They start talking about how Lisa threw Malcolm under the bus and revealed that he had a hidden immunity. Abi-Maria is upset about this because they always felt that Malcolm was part of the Peter, Abi-Maria, Artis and Lisa alliance. Malcolm shows that he has the idol. Abi-Maria shows hers when Jeff asks if anyone else has one. The tribe members are all shocked. Malcolm says that he is playing his. Everyone looks at each other to clarify that they are going to vote as they decided last minute and Lisa says that they should do Plan B. The votes are read and NO ONE plays their idols. They are Abi-Maria with 1 vote Jeff with 4 votes and Pete with 4 votes. The 9th person voted off is Jeff.