Little Miss Perfect - Recap

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With Jeff sent home last week, Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Artis, Lisa, Peter, Malcolm, Jonathan, Carter, Jeff and Denise remain on the island. On Night 22, the tribe members get back and “Skupin” is happy that Lisa used her big move. Jonathan tells Abi-Maria that he was the one who voted for her because she pissed him off. Jonathan realizes that he is the one who blew it because he didn’t vote for Peter. However, he says that there was another person that messed up too. Lisa is forgiven for the reveal of Malcolm’s Idol and she tells him that she can’t believe he is being nice. She says that she feels that the game is bigger than her.

Day 23

Jonathan gets up and says that he will probably go home if he doesn’t win the idol, but says that there are a couple on the former Tandang Tribe that they can get. Jonathan talks to Lisa and tells her that he knows what she is going for and the fact that she wants to please people to be liked. It is from being a child actor and says that it is clear that she is a good person and this touches her. She cries and hugs Jonathan. Lisa is unsure how she is going to play the game now. She wants to be loyal, but those she is being loyal to are not being loyal to her.

Reward Challenge Time and the tribe members come to meet their challenge. They are going to have to be divided and will have to go through an obstacle course. They will have to get 12 balls in a basket. The reward is to give school supplies to a village and will be fed by the village. They break up into teams. For the Yellow Team: Artis, “Skupin”, Lisa and Peter. For the Red Team: Carter, Jonathan Denise and Malcolm. Abi-Maria will sit this out and has no shot at reward. Jonathan helps the team by digging all the bags up. The Yellow Team get behind and the Red Team gets all the balls in before the Yellow can. This means that Red Team wins!

Jonathan, Malcolm, Denise and Carter go to the village and deliver the supplies. They love every moment of it. They play a game with the village and have a blast. Malcolm realizes that he needs to re-evaluate his career and go back to what he was doing before serving drinks to women. The village feeds the survivors a huge feast and they love it. They talk strategy and how they have to get “Skupin” and Lisa on their side. This will allow them to take out the Artis, Abi-Maria or Peter. Back at the camp, Peter is upset that they lost. Peter hates that he has to be nice to “Skupin” and Lisa for the numbers. Abi-Maria opens her mouth and tells Lisa that she is gullible and naïve. Artis just wishes that she would be quiet. After that talk, Lisa considers switching sides.

Immunity Challenge Time and the tribes get in. They will have to balance balls to get them in 6 slots. First to get all in, wins the immunity. The challenge begins and no one seems to be able to get the balls to stop. However “Skupin” and Peter manage to get the game going and “Skupin” and Pete are neck to neck as they continue to balance. Pete fails by dropping all the balls and “Skupin” takes the opportunity and wins the Immunity Idol for himself!

Day 25

The tribe gets back and Jonathan is going to have to scramble to stay in the game. He has a plan to stay in the game, but needs “Skupin” and Lisa on board to be able to do it. Abi-Maria is worried that Lisa and “Skupin” might turn on them. Peter tells her not to worry. Denise tells the alliance that they need to vote out for Artis because Abi-Maria is too selfish to give it to him. They agree that they will do it. Jonathan talks to Lisa and tells her that she needs to understand who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. He gets in her head a bit. “Skupin” tells Jonathan that he is on board, but wants to make sure that Lisa is.

Tribal Council Time and the tribe members come in. Lisa tells Jeff that the other alliance showed more grace than Abi-Maria. She tells Jeff that there is more maturity over there. Abi-Maria is clearly pissed, but she plays it off as interesting. Denise says that to think that everything is smooth is dumb. Artis says that he knows that he could be blindsided at any time. Jonathan says that there could be a way to tip the balance. “Skupin” says that having the Idol is an unbelievable feeling and says that he came out first for the money, but the game got bigger than the money. The votes are tallied and it is Artis with 4 Jonathan with 4. The 10th person voted out of Suvivor is Artis. The episode ends.