Whiners are Wieners - Recap

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With Artis out of the competition, it is down to Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Lisa, Peter, Malcolm, Jonathan, Carter and Denise to get the title of soul survivor. On Night 25, Peter says that he didn’t see that coming and Abi-Maria says that Tandang was supposed to be strong. “Skupin” says that he wants to control the game and get to the end. They want to take out Peter and Abi-Maria next.

Day 26

The tribe gets up and Lisa tells Abi-Maria that she has been loyal and that she was never good with breakups. Abi-Maria says that she was upset with her saying that the other tribe gave her more attention than her and Lisa says that it is true. She tells Lisa that she wanted to have Lisa keep her loyalty with her and Lisa tells her that she doesn’t trust her and that is the biggest problem.

Reward Challenge Time and the tribe find out that they are going to have two teams. They have to flip over tiles and get 3 all turned over at one. They will get to win a day at a Spa and have a nice feast. They draw for teams and it is for the Red Team: Abi-Maria, Carter, Malcolm and Peter and Yellow Team: Jonathan Denise, Lisa and “Skupin”. Carter gets a point for the Red Team. “Skupin” scores for the Yellow Team. Abi-Maria gives a point to the Yellow team accidentally. Peter ties it up. The final round is against “Skupin” and Malcolm. The winning team is the Red Team because “Skupin” gave the point to the Red Team accidentally.

Abi-Maria, Carter, Malcolm and Peter get to their reward and they want to just have fun. Malcolm tells them that they need to not talk strategy and just to enjoy the day. Peter likes that idea. They enjoy a nice bath and massage along with a giant feast. Back at the camp, they are cooking beans when they see the others return from the reward. Right away, Abi-Maria starts to gloat on how much fun it was and that they had a lot of food. The other tribe members are clearly upset with the gloating. Abi-Maria announces that she is done in the kitchen.

Day 27

The next day, Abi-Maria continues to stay on strike in the kitchen and “Skupin” says that they need to stick to the 6 that they are in and then go at it until the last person standing. Everyone agrees. However, Malcolm wants to take “Skupin” and Lisa to the Final Four with him and Denise. “Skupin” thinks that he can trust Jonathan more. They go to him and he tells them that he is not going to choose any sides right now and that they need to stick to the Final 6 first and then go from there. “Skupin” and Lisa shake hands with Malcolm and Denise for the Final Four.

Immunity Challenge Time and the tribe get in. The first 5 to get their buoy through an obstacle course will go to the 2nd round. The final 3 will go to the final round. They begin and Malcolm, Jonathan, Denise, “Skupin” and Carter moving on to the next round. Skupin, Carter and Denise move on to the final round. They jump to it and after maneuvering his buoy, the winner of the Immunity is Carter.

They get back to camp and Jonathan says that they are going to keep it simple. Split the vote 3 and 3 and than Abi-Maria will play her Idol. Peter and Abi-Maria talk to one another and bring up Malcolm’s name. Abi-Maria talks to Lisa, but she tells her that she made an alliance with the others and that they are not changing anything. Peter scrambles and talks to “Skupin”. He plants the seed that Malcolm is the biggest threat and that they need to get him out on “Skupin’s” vote. He thinks that Peter’s plan has merit and that he would technically be in control of the game if he does this.

Tribal Council Time and the tribe members sit down. Abi-Maria smiles at Artis and Jeff brings it up to the tribe that this might be early Jury manipulation. They tell him that they are not worried about that. Peter says that he has been trying to get people to turn against Malcolm. Abi-Maria blames her Culture of her attitude being perceived as harsh. Everyone smiles and Denise says that no one is like Abi-Maria and she is rude. Abi-Maria says that she has friends. She says that she is emotional. Denise says that Abi-Maria is the unlikable one and Jeff says that it is Cultural that she does not understand. Abi-Maria cries and tells Jeff that people are being rude to her. Denise gives up on talking to Abi-Maria. The votes are tallied and before, Abi-Maria plays her immunity idol. The votes are read and it is 3 for Abi (which don’t count), 2 votes for Peter and Malcolm 2. Next person voted out is Peter.