Hell Hath Frozen Over - Recap

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With Peter eliminated from the game, it is Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Lisa, Malcolm, Jonathan, Carter and Denise who are still in the game. Abi-Maria talks to “Skupin” and tells him that they were really mean. Denise talks to Jonathan that Abi-Maria is going to next. However, if she miraculously wins an immunity idol then they will have to vote someone else out. Little does Jonathan know, that Denise is thinking that Jonathan is going to go next if that happens.

Day 28

They get tree mail and Abi-Maria breaks down. Malcolm feels sympathy toward her a little bit. They get the envelopes and it is all about the food auction. They get in and take their seats. First up for bid is breakfast. Denise spends all her $500 on it. “Skupin” spends his $500 on wine and cheese. Malcolm spends $200 on Doughnuts. Penner spends $100 for a covered box. It turns out to be fried chicken. Carter spends $200 for a covered box. It turns to be a baked potato. However, he can trade it for Rice and Beans for the tribe. He trades it. Lisa spends $320 for a covered box. It turns out to be sandwiches. Abi-Maria spends $500 for an advantage in the game. Carter spends $200 for a covered box. It turns out to be Veal for the entire tribe.

The tribe gets back to camp and Abi-Maria is on cloud nine and demands an apology. Jonathan says that her bluntness was too much. Abi-Maria says that she is sorry that she was honest. Jonathan hugs her. Abi-Maria walks off and reads the scroll that she bought. She knows that the tribe are going to have to suck up to her because she has this huge advantage in the game. She opens it up and it says that she is going to get to move to the Final Round in the challenge and have a 1 out of 3 chance at winning the Immunity Idol.

Day 29

The tribe gets up and Abi-Maria has a feeling that she is not going without a fight. She says that she is has been honest with people, but now she is going to have to lie a bit. She starts to plant the seed that there is a 4th hidden Immunity Idol and says that she has it. She tells Malcolm first. He laughs at the information that she has, but it is clear that he is worried that she might be telling the truth on this.

Immunity Challenge time and the tribe get in and are told that they are going to have to answer questions correctly to avoid getting weight added to them. Abi-Maria gets to move to the Final round and lies and says that there is more to the message then she reads. The round begins and Denise and Lisa have 5% of their body weight as they begin to entangle. Denise, Carter, “Skupin”, Malcolm and Jonathan move in to the next round. Denise and Carter miss the question and get more weight added. Carter, Jonathan and Abi-Maria are in the Final round. After moving through, the winner of the Immunity Idol is Abi-Maria.

Day 30

Malcolm talks to Denise, “Skupin” and Lisa and says that they are going to vote out Jonathan next. Lisa says that she isn’t cut out for this game because she isn’t good at this. She talks to Jonathan and tells him that the others have it in their mind that they are going to vote him out. Jonathan talks to "Skupin" and tells him that he is the swing vote. "Skupin" understands where Jonathan is coming from and says that it would change things up. However, he is conflicted.

Tribal Council Time and the tribe get in. Abi-Maria says that it feels great to have the Immunity. Jonathan says that they would be dumb not to vote for Malcolm or Denise because they are the treats that could win the game. Lisa says that this is a tough decision and cries. Jonathan says that he hopes that people understand that by not voting with him, they are giving $1 Million to either Malcolm or Denise. The votes are tallied and is is Denise with 3 votes Jonathan with 3 votes. The 12th person voted out is Jonathan.