Shot Into Smithereens - Recap

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With Jonathan voted out last tribal council, it is down to Michael “Skupin”, Abi-Maria, Lisa, Malcolm, Carter and Denise as they rush to the finish line. On Night 30, the tribe get back to camp and Abi-Maria says that it is clear that there is an alliance of four and that Abi-Maria and Carter are going to have to be together. Lisa says that tribal was tough and says that Malcolm is playing a good game. Denise says that she is proud that Lisa stood up for herself.

Day 31

The reward challenge is underway first thing and they are going to be paired up with their loved ones. “Skupin’s” son, Carter’s mom, Denise’s husband, Lisa’s brother, Abi-Maria’s mom and Malcolm’s brother are there. The challenge is going to have to toss muddy bags to knock down 5 targets. The winning survivor will be able to take their loved ones back to camp. After throwing, Malcolm wins the reward. They have to choose one other survivor. Malcolm says that Lisa is going with him. He gets another pick another and he chooses “Skupin”.

The tribe gets back to camp and Lisa says that they are on Day 31 and it is surreal. Lisa’s brother says that he is proud of her for getting so far in the game. Malcolm’s brother talks a lot and it worries Malcolm that he may be irritating people. Lisa talks to her brother of to the side and he tells her that she is going to have to start playing the game with her head and not her heart. They talk to “Skupin” and his son and tell them that they are thinking that they need to blindside Malcolm and hope that he doesn’t play the Idol. They like how the plan is going to be formed.

Day 32

The Survivors wake up in the morning and they say goodbye to their loved ones. Lisa says that her brother helped her to understand what is important. Lisa, “Skupin” and their loved ones pray for the win if it be “god’s” will. Malcolm laughs about it and says that they are going to rely on the power of Jesus to help them through the game. Lisa says that whoever wins the Immunity Idol is going to be according to His will. They joke of what Jesus would look like on Survivor and “Skupin” jokes and says that he would look like Malcolm and Lisa jokes that he would play like Carter.

Day 33

Immunity Challenge time and they are going to have to use hooks to pull up 3 bags. After that, they are going to erect a pole long enough and strong enough to push the button to release a flag. After everyone gets through the first hurdle, Abi-Maria takes her time. After fighting with pulling out bags and building poles, Malcolm wins the Immunity Idol!

The contestants get back to camp and Lisa is not happy that they are not going to be able to play their master plan and vote Malcolm out. Malcolm is happy that he automatically is guaranteed to be in the Final 4 because he has Immunity and also the Idol he can play the next time. Carter goes up to Malcolm and “Skupin” talking and says that all this time, they have been talking about playing with people who deserve to be in the game and not the ones they can beat. They tell him that they are considering the other option.

The talks of who is going to stay and who is going to go continue and Abi-Maria talks to Lisa about whom she voted for last time. Lisa admits that she wrote Abi-Maria’s name down and that she is not ashamed of it. Abi-Maria continues to tell the other tribe members that she has found the 4th hidden Idol and that she plans to play it. Little do they know, even though they suspect that she is lying, there is no hidden Idol and that she is only trying to convince them of the lie.

Tribal Council Time and they all sit down. Malcolm says that he feels safe and says that the Final Four is himself, Denise, Lisa and “Skupin”. This means that Carter and Abi-Maria are on the chopping block. Carter says that he deserves to be there. “Skupin” says that to vote off Carter is almost like voting off his own kid. Lisa says that she would sit next to someone she thinks that she can beat. Abi-Maria says that she is surprised and says that she has the 4th Idol. Everyone smiles. Denise says that she doesn’t believe. The voting begins. The votes are tallied and Abi-Maria doesn’t play her make believe Idol. It is Carter with 3 votes and Abi-Maria with 1 vote. The next person voted out is Carter. The episode ends.