Gouge My Eyes Out - Recap

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With Carter voted out last Tribal Council, the Top 5: “Skupin”, Malcolm, Denise, Lisa and Abi-Maria are left on the island. On Night 33, they all return to camp. Abi-Maria thanks them for keeping her. Lisa says that Tribal was hard and says that it doesn’t seem fair that they had to vote off Carter, but it is a game. “Skupin” says that it is ironic that Abi-Maria is still in the game. Malcolm listens in on Lisa, “Skupin” and Abi-Maria and says that he knows what Lisa is thinking now and that she wants to go to the Final 3 with someone she can beat. He knows where her head is at and that is why she is a big threat to him.

Day 34

The tribe gets up and Abi-Maria walks off by herself. The others talk about her threat about the Idol. They say that she would have played it last council if she was so sure that she was going to go home. Abi-Maria says that she needs to try to get Denise voted off because she and Malcolm are very dangerous together. She goes over to Lisa and tells her that she is going to have to be careful. Lisa asks her why and Abi-Maria says that Denise and Malcolm are going to go to the end together and that Lisa isn’t going to be in the Final 3 with “Skupin”. Lisa says that she doesn’t believe Abi-Maria, but she needs to keep Abi-Maria around to make sure that she gets her vote in the end.

They get to a reward challenge. For this one, they are going to have to race through to collect rings and get 5 rings on the board. The winner is going to be able to choose 2 others to go with them on a helicopter ride to whale watch and have pizza. They race and everyone has a good start. It is “Skupin” and Malcolm in the lead. After tossing the rings, the winner of the challenge is “Skupin”. He chooses to take Malcolm and Lisa to go with him on the reward. Abi-Maria is clearly crushed because it is clear that Lisa is not on the bottom of the alliance.

At the tribe, Denise and Abi-Maria are stuck with each other. Abi-Maria pretends to be nice to Denise and Denise just wants the day to go by quickly. On a boat in the ocean, “Skupin”, Lisa and Malcolm are with their Pizza and cookies. They enjoy it and “Skupin” tries soda for the first time in 30 years. He acts goofy and Malcolm likes this side of him. They go whale watching and get into the water with a whale shark. “Skupin” manages to get headbutted by the whale shark. He is alright and they laugh about it.

Day 35

The tribe gets up in the morning and Denise isn’t feeling too good. It is clear that she was bitten by something in the middle of the night. The other tribe members rush to her aide and they are concerned about her. She says that she has a burning sensation and pain in her neck. Abi-Maria is concerned, but it is an act because this may give her an advantage at the Immunity Challenge later on. The tribe all prays over Denise and ask God to heal her and give her the strength to play the game.

Immunity Challenge Time and the tribe get in. They have to race across a bridge and collect pieces to a maze. Malcolm is in last place when he falls and has to start over. They make their way across the bridge and they get moving on the maze. Denise gets closer to solve it, but messes up. Malcolm comes from behind and wins the immunity!

Day 36

The tribe gets up and Abi-Maria is upset that she didn’t win the Immunity Idol. Her plan is to continue to bluff with her “Idol”. She talks to “Skupin” about how dangerous it is going to be for him if he takes Denise to the Final 4 with him. She says that no one is going to vote for her and that she is the perfect person to bring to the end. “Skupin” really is considering that option. He goes over to Lisa and she says that Abi-Maria is right and that they really should be thinking of voting off Denise. However, there is the fact that Malcolm could win the Idol next time and they might need Denise to knock out Malcolm. They are torn. Denise asks if Malcolm will give her the Idol and he says that she isn’t going to need it going to Tribal council.

Tribal Council Time and the tribe get in and take their seats. Lisa says that Abi-Maria has been playing the game well. Jeff says that everyone hates her on the panel, but there have been people before her that were hated and eventually won. Denise says that the original Tandang Tribe won because of luck. Lisa says that all her tribe members won because they were strong. Malcolm says that they are considering a lot. However, Abi-Maria runs her mouth and says that Denise or Malcolm is going to win. She calls “Skupin” an idiot and a moron. The voting begins and no Idols are played. The votes are read and it is Denise with 1 vote and Abi-Maria with 2 votes. The next person voted off is Abi-Maria. The episode ends.