Million Dollar Question: The Winner is Announced! - Recap

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With Abi-Maria sent home last week, it is down to the final four! “Skupin”, Malcolm, Lisa and Denise remain on the island to fight for their spot into the Final 3 to be voted on. On Night 36, the tribe gets back to camp and “Skupin” says that he feels alive since getting rid of Abi-Maria. He says that he is not happy for her loss, but just happy that she is gone. Malcolm didn’t like how Abi-Maria threw him under the bus. “Skupin” says that everyone is saying that Malcolm is a shoe-in to win, but he feels that he has a better story than Malcolm.

Day 37

Denise gets a letter and is wondering what it means. They get to the Reward Challenge and Jeff tells them that they are going to have to race through an obstacle course and will have to get pieces to solve a dragon puzzle. The winner wins an advantage in the final Immunity Challenge tomorrow. The race begins and it is Malcolm and “Skupin” in the lead. The game goes on “Skupin” seems to have the upper hand as he reaches the puzzle first. Everyone gets started on the puzzle and in the end the winner of the challenge and with an advantage at the challenge is Malcolm!

The tribe gets back to camp and Denise tells Malcolm that he is good at puzzles. Lisa says that it is going to be impossible to beat him with an advantage. Malcolm says that he has a better chance at beating Lisa and “Skupin” rather than Denise. Malcolm talks to Denise and says that she could go to the Final 3 with him, but he doesn’t commit. Lisa talks to Denise and she tells Lisa that she is going to vote Malcolm if he loses the challenge tomorrow. They tell “Skupin” the news and he tells them that it sounds good. “Skupin” says that he can beat Malcolm in physical challenges and needs to see what is going to happen.

Day 38

“Skupin” tells Lisa that Denise could be more of a danger than Malcolm. Lisa says that it would be good to keep Denise because she hasn’t played the game and only allowed Malcolm to do it. They get tree mail and have to walk the Comrade walk. They walk up to the name plates on the torches and they remember Zane, Roxy, Angie, Russell, Dana, Dawson, Katie, RC, Jeff, Artis, Peter, Jonathan, Carter and Abi-Maria, the fallen comrades. They get to the wooden hut that is built and they burn it in honor to those who played.

They get to the final Immunity Challenge. They are going to have to balance a ball with pieces of wood. The winner will have a spot in the Final 3. Malcolm’s reward is that he has an extra chance. The challenge begins and after the 2nd round, Malcolm drops his ball. They resume with Malcolm having his 2nd chance. Malcolm even with an advantage, he is the first out. Denise is out of the challenge too in the 2nd round. In the 4th round, Lisa drops his ball and “Skupin” wins the Final Immunity!

The tribe makes their way to camp and Malcolm says that his fate rests in the hands in Lisa and “Skupin”. They sit down and Malcolm tells them to vote for Denise and they agree. Denise talks to Lisa and “Skupin” and says that Malcolm is the one to vote out. “Skupin” says that it is going to be hard to get to a decision. Denise talks to “Skupin” alone and

Tribal Council Time and the tribe get in. “Skupin” says that they have to weigh the options. Denise says that they are looking at all the layers and says that it doesn’t make it easy. Malcolm says that people are not so tight in the beginning and then they have to be disloyal. Denise says that she and Malcolm were tight and then they have to be against each other. Lisa says that her alliance with “Skupin” has been push and pull and says that it is hard. Jeff says that Malcolm could be the biggest threat and they discuss amongst themselves. They vote and the votes are read. It is Denise with 1 vote and Malcolm with 2 votes. Malcolm is eliminated from the game.

The tribe gets back to camp and they are not happy for having to vote out Malcolm. Denise says that he was sure that he was going to go to the Final 3. “Skupin says that they are going to have to plead their case the best.

Day 39

The tribe gets up in the morning and hike up to the cliff. Lisa says that such a deep connection has been built and Denise says that she is thriving out here. “Skupin” says that they are not going to forget this. They get to tree mail and have a feast waiting for them. They cook it up and enjoy the meal. “Skupin” says that he knew that he could get to the end because he had the same mentality before. Lisa says that the togetherness between them is great. She says that when she was on “The Facts of Life”, she had fun, but this is a rare privilege to be able to be there.

The Final Tribal council is underway. Opening statements begin with Denise. She says that she is not going to apologize for being in the Final 3 because she had time to build alliances and that she had value. She says that at the end of the day, she has survived EVERY Tribal Council. She says that she deserves it. Lisa says that they all played the game and it is up to them to decide. She says that her strategy was strange, but feels that she didn’t follow her heart because her brother helped her see that. At the end, she finally got it and threw a punch that knocked out the champion. “Skupin” says that everyone wanted returning players to not go through and says that he played his guts out and says that he had to respect the core of the game.

Jury has an opportunity to address the Final 3 and first up is Artis. He says that he cannot congratulate them. He says that he made alliances and he held true and says that Karma is a Bitch. Carter addresses them and says that Lisa was the easy target and she is still standing. “Skupin” was in the same. Carter says that they played a good game and asks “Skupin” about him voting out. “Skupin” says that he was so likable and says that he was the one to win if he went to the end. Pete comes up and says that Lisa is hiding behind not knowing and Lisa says that she had no clue that Artis was going home. He asks Denise why she deserves it more. Denise says that she was forced to play a strategic game because she needed to find a reason to stay in the game.

RC stands up and says that Lisa is so smart and sneaky and she is not surprised that she is still there. She asks “Skupin” about her elimination and he says that he thought that Jonathan was going home. Malcolm stands up and tells them that Lisa is amazing. Malcolm asks Denise how she deserves this without appeasing everyone. Denise says that she was playing the game every step. She tells him that “Skupin” and Lisa didn’t play the game. Jeff says that he is a little bitter, but he can handle it. Jeff tells “Skupin” that there are three types of people and asks who he is. “Skupin” says that his neck was on the chopping block. He asks Lisa how he floated along. Lisa says that he never floated in the middle and says that he was the first one to make a major move. She defends herself and says that she was vocal.

Abi-Maria comes up next and says that her heart is broken and asks Lisa why she deserves it. Lisa says that she was true to the end with the alliance until it disintegrated. “Skupin” says that he deserves the vote because there is no one close who did this game. Denise says that as much as there are some things she agrees. She apologizes to Abi-Maria and says that their personalities didn’t mesh. Penner is the last to address the Final 3 and he says that they have all given their hearts and souls into the game and says that he congratulates them. He says that Denise has shown that she is a bitch. “Skupin” has never had his name written down and says that he avoided it by scheming and says that he is great to keep that up. He reveals that Lisa was on the “Facts of Life” and Lisa asks him if he revealed what he did when he was a teenager. He says that one of the them has ridden the other two. That is the end of the Jury comments and the voting begins. The votes are collected and they take a moment of silence for the victims of the Connecticut massacre. He reads the votes and it is 1 vote for Lisa, 3 votes for Denise and 1 vote for “Skupin”. The winner of Survivor: Philippines is…Denise Stapley!