25th Season Reunion Show - Recap

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The Reunion Special is underway and Jeff Probst says that the winner is Denise Stapley. He asks what was going through her mind and says that she always had to fight for her life in the competition. Jeff says that Malcolm was sure that he was going to the Final 3 and Malcolm says that changed when Lisa said what she said. Jeff asks the jury if they would have voted for Malcolm and they say that they wouldn’t, but that they would have voted for Denise either way. Jeff talks about her clients’ thoughts about her being exposed. Denise says that her clients have been amazing and says that they have dug deep with everything. Lisa says that she betrayed Malcolm too. Jonathan says that he felt that he played a good game at the point and says that he played an open game with Lisa.

Jeff talks about Jonathan’s alliance with Jeff and he says that he doesn’t know that he had it in for him. Jeff says that he was only trying to keep the heat off of him. Jeff asks “Skupin” about his end game and “Skupin” says that he played the game well and says that he deserves the $1 Million too because that is the mind-set. Lisa says that she learned the both sides of her and says that is worth the $1 Million ($600,000 after taxes). Jeff says that he wanted to win because the game draws him in. Jeff says that Jeff was in the World Series and that he learned something from him. They take a look at “Skupin” getting hurt on the island. He says that the small injuries because he played hard. Jeff gives “Skupin” the mask that cut his face.

Jeff address Lisa and asks if she was concerned about the appearance and says that it was about the conflict and says that her beliefs were hard because it is hard to translate. She says that her journey was to always wanting to have her parents’ approval and wanting to reflect God’s love. It was an internal conflict and says that it is alright to accept everything. The appeal of Survivor was the love of the game and says that it didn’t matter that it was or wasn’t acceptable. Jeff asks what her brother said to her on the island and she says that he told her to get into the game. Jeff talks to Russell about the game and how the rain came all the time. He says that it was the most tender moments was Dana’s evacuation. She says that she never went to Tribal Council and it could mean that she can come back.

Jeff asks about his thinking about the challenge at the end and he says that he knew that he was toast. Jeff says that he has been liked through the season and compares him to Ozzy and his ability to do things. He says that he had fun and that he will take away the best moment of touching the whale shark. He says that he is pissed that he lost, but
Jeff talks to Abi-Maria and she says that she has a lot of growing to do. She says that she realized that she wears her emotions on her sleeve. They see a clip of Abi-Maria calling “Skupin” stupid and RC says that Abi-Maria was her downfall and Pete says that he had fun to cause the drama, but RC is not happy with the move that he made. They reveal that the winner of Sprint’s $100,000 is Lisa.

Jeff talks to Angie and she says that she has fun time. Zane says that he made a bad move to get voted out. Roxy says that she had a fun experience and says that her moment of speaking in tongues is her memory of the game. Katie says that they had a fun time too and says that it was great. Artis says that when he is not smiling, he looks like he can take heads off. Carter says that the first part of the game was great and then the second was hard. Dawson comes up to Jeff and kisses him on the lips. He says that she doesn’t kiss anywhere near as good as his wife. They watch the preview of Survivor: Caramoan where the fans are going to have a chance to compete against Favorites of Survivor. They close the night with Jeff presenting Denise with the check of $1 Million.