She Annoys Me Greatly - Season 26 Premier "Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites #2" cast is introduced - Recap

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A new season of Survivor kicks off and this time they are in the Caramoan Islands with Fans versus Favorites. The Fans: Michael, Laura, Eddie, Julia, Matt, Allie, Shamar, Sherri, Reynold, and Hope and The Favorites: Malcolm, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Phillip, Erik, Andrea, Brandon, Francesca and Corinne arrive on the island and Jeff tells them that this is their second Fans VS Favorites. They have their first challenge right away and are told that the winning tribe will win fire and beans.

The first round begins and it is Erik & Dawn and Julia & Shamar who fight through to get a ring. Shamar is too big for Erik to take and the Fans get the first point. Eddie & Hope and Brandon & Andrea go up on the second round and they grapple. Eventually the Favorites get a point. Sherri & Michael and Phillp & Brenda go up against each other and Phillip pulls Michael’s leg to get him to the pole and scores another point for the Favorites. The next round begins and Matt & Laura take on Cochran & Francesca. They drag one another and Francesca wins the point. With the score 3:1 Corrine & Malcom go against Reynold & Allie. This could mean a win for the Favorites. They race to the pole and the Favorites win the first challenge.

Day 1

The Fans get to their island and they are the Gota Tribe. Shamar says that it is disappointing that they lost, but realizes that he just has to do his best. They see that they have rice and a machete. Matt is focused on getting the shelter built. The other tribe members pitch in and Shamar says that they need fire more than Shelter. Matt says that they have to work on the shelter too and says that Shamar is lazy. Reynold says that they have to have comradery in the camp or things are going to go south quickly. The Favorites get to their island and they are the Bikal Tribe. Malcolm says that he made a great first impression by winning. Phillip says that he is ready this time. They work on the shelter. Francesca still feels that Phillip is a crazy person. Andrea, Francesca and Dawn talk to each other and feel that Cochran, Brandon and Phillip are good to be in their six.

Francesca says that it is alright, but secretly, she wants to align with everyone. Francesca goes up to Phillip and he is annoyed with her. Francesca can’t read him. Back on the Gota tribe, Matt continues to work on the shelter and Shamar wants to be the Marine that saves the day and comes in and helps them start the fire. They congratulate each other when they get the fire going. Back on the Bikal Tribe, Phillip says that this group looks good and he talks to Corrine and Andrea and says that he is the Specialist. He gets his six. He talks to Erik and tells him that he joins him or he is gone. Erik doesn’t like that. On the Gota tribe, they start to align and Reynold aligns with Allie. That night, Eddie & Hope align and tell each other that it is great. Laura sees that Allie & Reynold are getting a little too cozy. She says that romantic alliances are never good and that they are going to be targeted right away.

Day 3

The Bikal tribe gets up and Phillip is hard at work. Cochran feels the heat and doesn’t like how his feet are sunburned and swollen. Corrine laughs about he looks like a lobster. On the Gota tribe, Allie, Reynold, Eddie and Hope talk to one another and feel that they are good in their feelings for each other. Laura talks to Sherri about the hook up between Reynold and Allie. Michael joins the group, but says that he wants to go where it is best for him. He talks to Matt and tells him that the ladies are talking and says that he will be open to another alliance.

Immunity Challenge time and the tribes get in. They are told that they are going to have to break boxes to collect sand bags. They will have to make their sandbags land in their spots. They begin and Phillip & Cochran and Laura & Sherri are first to race to the top. They race and Gota tribe gains a little lead. However, Erik catches up for the Bikal. The Bikal tribe gets to the toss first and Malcolm & Dawn and Reynold & Shamar are the tossers. Bikal is in the lead, but it is Gota gets ahead with Reynold's quick tossing. The Gota tribe wins the first immunity!

Bikal tribe gets back to camp with the knowledge that they are going to Tribal tonight. Cochran and Francesca talk to either vote off Phillip or Corrine first. Corrine comes over and gives Cochran a wet buff to pour the water on his face. Everyone gathers and Francesca tells them that Phillip is the one. Andrea doesn’t like the idea and goes to Phillip with the news. They feel that Francesca has to go. Brandon & Erik talk and Erik tells him that Phillip is dangerous. Brandon talks to Francesca that Erik is on board to vote Phillip out. Cochran and Dawn talk and she says that she can trust him. They weigh their options. Brandon and Erik get a weird vibe from Andrea and feel that they have to vote her off. They tell Francesca the plan.

Tribal Council time and the Bikal tribe arrive. They light their torches and get fire. Brandon says that they are all chiefs here and says that it is great. Francesca says that she and Phillip had an infamous fight last time, but Phillip says that they have squashed that. Jeff tells Francesca that she doesn’t have much experience here and she says that it is always important to hear things. Andrea says that everyone is paranoid that things are going to go wrong. Cochran says that they have seen circles form and breakaway. They vote and it is Andrea with 4 votes and Francesca with 5 votes. The first person voted out of survivor is Francesca AGAIN! The episode ends.