Honey Badger - Recap

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With the historical elimination of Francesca last week, it is Gota: Michael, Laura, Eddie, Julia, Matt, Allie, Shamar, Sherri, Reynold, and Hope and Bikal: Malcolm, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Phillip, Erik, Andrea, Brandon and Corinne who are left. On Night 3, the Bikal tribe gets back to camp and Dawn tells Brandon that she is sorry that she didn’t go with the plan to vote Phillip out. He tells her that it is alright because it was the stupidest move to make and that she will go home for it. Dawn doesn’t get a grip on her emotions and cries away from the camp. Meanwhile, Brandon says that he is going to go all Russell Hantz on these guys and says that he wants to go out with a bang.

Day 4

The Gota tribe gets up and get to work. Shamar is lazy and staying in the shade why people are working hard. Allie says that Shamar needs to go if they go to Tribal. Sherri talks to Shamar and says she wants him on their alliance, but he doesn’t know that she is going to keep him around because she feels that he won’t get any votes. On the Bikal tribe, Brandon talks to Cochran and tells him that he had time to think of his plan to sabotage the tribe and says that he wouldn’t be a good person if he did that. Cochran says that Brandon is not to be trusted.

Phillip walks over and calls Brandon the middle management of the tribe and says that he is on a need-to-know basis. Brandon walks over to the other tribe members and says that Phillip is a bully and how he thinks that he is the leader of the tribe. Dawn says that she knows how Brandon feels about being bullied and that she feels that everyone has their own role.

Day 5

Immunity Challenge time and the tribes make their way to meet with Jeff. They are going to have to dive in the water and gather rings. After that, they are going to have to ring them. They are playing for the reward of a complete Fishing kit. Laura sits out for the Gota tribe. The challenge begins and the Bikal tribe is doing a great job and gain on the Gota tribe. The Bikal tribe gets a huge lead on the Gota Tribe. Malcolm tosses for the Bikal tribe and after some tossing, Phillip rings their final ring for the tribe. They celebrate the win of Immunity and Reward!

At the Bikal tribe, they are happy that they are not going to Tribal and Dawn is excited. Phillip goes up to Malcolm and says that Corrine is the dominatrix and Malcolm is the enforcer for Stealth’R’Us. He introduces his team of CFO’s for the spy company. Phillip: The Specialist, Cochran: The Intelligence, Malcolm: The Enforcer, Andrea: the Eliminater, Corrine: The Dominatrix and Dawn: Tru Grit. They all feel that Phillip is crazy, but go along with it. On the Gota tribe, they are not happy of the win, but Reynolds says that they don’t need the gear. Reynolds calls Shamar out and Allie says that she prays that Shamar is going home. Shamar says that Reynolds put himself out there in front of everyone.

Later, Matt tells Reynolds and Eddie that he is with them and says that he wants to discuss things with Mike first. He talks to Sherri and says that Phillip should be going home. However, Sherri says that they have to keep him around because he is just angry and that if he knows that he is not going home, then he will calm down. Reynolds goes around the trees and searches for the Idol. He manages to find it and is excited that he is safe. He gets back and Laura sees a bulge in his pocket. She is scared that he might pass the Idol to Allie and that if that happens, then Shamar is going to go home.

Tribal Council time and the tribe get in and light their torches. They start to talk about the time on the island and Shamar is called out by Reynolds again. Eddie says that Shamar spent 19 hours under the shade while the others worked hard. Laura says that she saw that “someone” has a bulge in their pocket and looks directly in Reynold’s direction. Reynolds takes it out and says that he is going to play it now since they exposed it. He says that he thought that they were voting to beat the Favorites. They vote and Reynolds doesn’t play the idol of course. The votes are read and it is Shamara with 4 votes and Allie with 5 votes. The second person voted out is Allie.