There's Gonna Be Hell To Pay - Recap

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With Allie voted off the Gota tribe last week, it is down to Gota: Michael, Laura, Eddie, Julia, Matt, Shamar, Sherri, Reynold, and Hope and Bikal: Malcolm, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Phillip, Erik, Andrea, Brandon and Corinne. On Night 5, Reynold tells the tribe that he doesn’t like any of them. Shamar argues with Reynold and Eddie that their plan didn’t go through. He starts to argue with the entire tribe. The argument goes to Matt and Shamar starts to argue with him.

Day 6

A new day arrives and on the Gota Tribe, Reynold and Eddie talk and Eddie says that Shamar is going to step on too many people’s toes. Sherrie tells Shamar to chill out today and that he needs to allow the insults to roll off. She says that Shamar is the closest person that he has right now. Shamar says that he feels like the black sheep and says that he starts to question how much he should be in the game. At the Bikal tribe, Phillip says that he knows how to take care of himself now and starts to exercise. He gloats that he is more in shape than others half his age. Corrine says that Malcolm and her are the outsiders and so Corrine wants to align with him. In the process of them looking around, Corrine finds the idol. Together, Matt and Corrine celebrate. Matt likes that he is aligned with Corrine.

Later, Phillip is balancing a bowl on his head and he says that the air cools him off. Cochran tries it and says that it is great. He likes how he can watch and play Survivor at the same time. Andrea sees Corrine and Malcolm talking and goes up to Phillip. She tells him that she can’t be trusted. She talks with Cochran and Brandon and tells him that their plan is to send home Corrine. Brandon listens, but in the back of his mind, he is not on board with it. He says that he will play until the game tries to send him home. Then the Russelll Hantz side will come out. On the Gota tribe, Shamar is really thinking that he is going to go home. The other tribe members tell him that he is going to have to pull it together and to give it his all. Shamar says that they are loyal and says that he respects it and says that he will stay. Reynold doesn’t like how Shamar tried to make himself the “hero”.

Day 7

Immunity Challenge time and the tribes make their way up to it. They are going to have to race into the water to a cage. Inside they are going to have to get a chest and push it to the platform. They are playing for comfort in the form of chairs, pillows, blankets and a tarp. The challenge begins and the Favorites get the lead. They eventually get even on the challenge and it is dead even. Brandon and Eddie are in it to win and Brandon gets it. The Favorites get their crate on the platform and win the Immunity and Reward.

At the Gota tribe, they talk about the plan and Shamar tells Reynold that he needs to stop talking to him. Laura, Sherri and Matt talk and they agree to vote out Hope or Eddie. Sherrie tells Shamar that the guys are going to vote for Eddie and the girls are going to vote for Hope. Shamar says that he set. However, he tells Hope their plan and that if she wants to save herself, she should vote Eddie. She says that it is a great plan. Shamar laughs and word gets back to the others that he told Hope the plan. Laura starts to scramble and talks to Reynold to vote out Shamar. He tells her that he is on board with it. They have a plan now to vote out Shamar.

Tribal council time and Reynold talks about the yelling that has been going on. Jeff asks Shamar about the temper and he says that he is the scapegoat. Jeff says that it is a social game and Shamar says that everyone is evil. Hope reveals that Shamar told her the plan and Shamar says that he didn’t say that. Matt says that Shamar’s personality is rubbing people the wrong way. Julia says that Shamar is too much and Shamar says that he is taking all the heat. Sherrie says that she gets Shamar and says that in his mind, they are ganging up on him. Hope says that she would think that she would go home, but says that Shamar just brings too much negative energy. They vote and the votes are 3 votes for Shamar and 3 votes for Hope and 3 votes Eddie. The three way tie. They vote again and it is Shamar with 1 vote and Hope with 3 votes. The third person voted out is Hope.