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Kill or be Killed - Recap

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With Hope out of the competition, it is down to Gota: Michael, Laura, Eddie, Julia, Matt, Shamar, Sherri and Reynold, and Bikal: Malcolm, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Phillip, Erik, Andrea, Brandon and Corinne to fight to remain on the island. On Night 7, Eddie asks where they are going to go from here and says that it is not smart to keep the weak around. Reynold asks Laura why she went back on her plan and she says that she had a change of mind at the last minute. Reynold tells them that he is not happy with them and says that he wants nothing to do with them.

Day 8

On the Bikal tribe, Phillip goes around the camp and talks to other people who are not in the alliance. He goes up to Brandon and tells him that he is in Stealth’R’Us and that his name is ‘The Conqueror”. Andrea sees how Phillip is doing this and doesn’t really like that he gave Brandon a name. Brandon laughs and says that he is lying to Phillip and that he can’t even tell. Phillip gives Eric the name ‘The Silent One’ and Brenda gets the name ‘Serenity’. It seems now that the entire tribe is part of Phillip’s corporation now.

Reward Challenge time and the tribes are told that they are going to win a bushman who knows how to live on the island and make their life easier. They are going to have to swim out and carry two people from platform to platform. The Fans gets their bearings, but it is the Favorites that get the lead. They work hard to get to the end. Eventually the Favorites win the challenge.

On the Bikal Tribe, they have the bushman come and they are excited. They watch him walk around and fix up their shelter, team them how to cook rice and in a big way, elevate everyone’s mood. The Gota Tribe gets back to camp and Michael is not happy that the favorites won again. Shamar is upset too, but goes back and lies down in the shelter. Eddie doesn’t like that everyone is busting their butts while Shamar lies down. The tension increases when Shamar tells them that he will stay, but they have to give him rice every day. The other tribe members are clearly upset with him. That night, a storm goes into camp and the rats come. They are not having fun and Shamar is not feeling well because he scratched his eye.

Day 10

The next day, Shamar gets up and his eye is really swollen. He says that it hurts and the other tribe members don’t feel that it is a big deal. Jeff comes on the island and has Medical look into Shamar’s eye. After putting in a dye to tell where it is cut, they find out that one of the two cuts is next to his pupil and that needs a specialist. They decide that they are going to have to pull Shamar from the game. Shamar tells the other tribe members that he is sorry that he has to leave. They tell him that he has to do what he has to. As Shamar leaves, Reynold is happy that Shamar and his attitude are gone.

Immunity Challenge time and the tribes get there. They are told that they are going to have to swim out to get keys. Then they have to knock off all the blocks with the sandbags. After a huge lead, the Favorites get all their keys. While the Fans are still trying to swim back, Phillip has begun tossing the sandbags. Reynold manages to open the box and starts tossing at rapid speed. It is close, but Phillip eventually wins it for the Favorites once again!

The Gota tribe gets back to camp knowing that they are going to have to vote out another tribe member after losing Shamar. Matt is not happy that Laura kept them from winning the challenge and that Reynold could have won it. He talks to Michal about it, but Michael thinks that keeping the main alliance is good. Reynold wants to believe Matt when he tells him the plan, but he has been burned before. He tells him that he is solid and that he will play the Idol regardless. Laura knows that her name is being thrown around and is worried. Matt tells Sherrie the plan and she doesn’t like how the men are picking off the women because they think that they are stronger than the women.

Tribal Council time and the Gota tribe get in and take their seats. Matt says that now that Shamar is gone, the tension is gone, but they lost a big guy for the challenges. Laura says that if they vote with strength then their alliance and loyalty is gone. Eddie thinks that this is funny because that is what Survivor is all about. Reynold says that he doesn’t want to have to argue about this. They vote and the votes are tallied. Reynold plays the Idol. The votes are read and it is Reynold with 1 votes Laura with 3 votes. The 5th person voted off is Laura.