Persona Non Grata - Recap

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With the Elimination of Laura and the medical-evac of Shamar, it is down to Gota: Michael, Eddie, Julia, Matt, Sherri and Reynold, and Bikal: Malcolm, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Phillip, Erik, Andrea, Brandon and Corinne. The Fans seem to be really struggling in this game. On Night 10, the Gota tribe guys talk that they had to vote Laura out because she was the weakest player. Reynold says that he used the Idol to flush it out and now they can get together and win. On the Bikal tribe, Brandon talks about how he left his wife and kids to play a game. He says that was the dumbest mistake. Malcolm says that he doesn’t want to lose the numbers and tells him to sleep on it.

Day 11

At the Bikal Tribe, Brandon has a clear head and says that he is going to toughen it out and he is going to push through. Reward Challenge Time and they are going to have to hold on to a rope while coconuts are added to the bags. The winning tribe to hold on the longest will win a barbecue. Phillip & Brandon are holding for Bikal Tribe and Michael & Matt are holding the net for the Gota Tribe. As the coconuts are added, Brandon fails to hold on. Next, Matt fails to hold on to his net. The challenge gets close, but Michael looses his grip and the Favorites win yet another reward.

The Gota tribe gets back to camp and Eddie was thinking that they were going to win the challenge and bring the tribe closer. Michael says that they need to try something new. Sherri keeps her mouth shut but secretly wanted to rub it in their faces that strength is not what they need. All the tribe members begin to hunt for the Idol since it was flushed out. Reynold manages to find it again. He tells Eddie that he has it and Eddie laughs. The Bikal tribe celebrates their win and Andrea says that it would seem that everyone would be happy for the win, but Brandon is not happy that Phillip is taking ownership of the win. Brandon and Phillip have a talk about how he is and Phillip tells him not to bite the hand that feeds him. Brandon apologizes to Phillip. However, Phillip is not forgiving just yet.

Day 13

At the Gota Tribe, Michael tells the tribe that they should work together, but Matt says that his feet are horrible. They do not like the storms that are continuing to hit their shelter and everyone is wet and unhappy. On the Bikal tribe, Brandon tries to start a fire and succeeds. He gloats to himself that Phillip doesn’t run anything because he feeds himself and not Phillip. Cochran comes back with tree mail and Phillip realizes that Brandon is unstable with the way he is reacting. He tells Andrea that he is contemplating throwing the challenge so that they can send Brandon home. Andrea tells Brandon that Phillip is not happy and Brandon says that he will give him a reason to vote him out. He goes over to the rice and beans and dumps them in the dirt.

Immunity Challenge time and the tribes make it up to Jeff. The Bikal tribe is really unhappy and Jeff asks what is going on with the Gota tribe. Reynold says that the Favorites have all the rewards, but it is still hard no matter what. Jeff asks if Brandon is alright and he tells him that he is not. He tells the Fans that they can’t allow Phillip to get to the end of the game. Corrine says that they respect the Fans and that is why they are going to forfeit the Immunity to go to Tribal Council. Brandon gets loud and Jeff calls Brandon over to him. Brandon makes fun of Stealth R Us and says that he had a rough time when he got home for not speaking his mind last time. Jeff says that it might be in the blood.

The argument between Brandon continues as Phillip tells Jeff that he doesn’t know where Brandon is getting this hatred from because they have never been mean to him. The Bikal Tribe surrenders their Immunity to the Fans and Phillip brings Brandon’s kids into the conversation. Brandon boils over and Jeff is holding him back from going after Phillip. Jeff sees that the feeling is mutual especially when Andrea and Dawn start crying. They decide to have a Tribal Council right there and take a vote. Everyone on Bikal Tribe votes Brandon out. The 6th person voted out of this game is Brandon. Jeff has him leave right now and walk far from the other tribe members. The episode ends.